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Philadelphia Inquirer
An enjoyably cheesy teen melodrama with a touch of indie edge.
New York Post
It isn't a really good movie, but there's real talent in it.
It doesn't belong at a megaplex. It should be playing on a Clear Channel station.
Chicago Tribune
There is a good movie here--Strait actually sings the songs that stand on their own, and he's appealing, despite the rock movie cliches.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The trouble with Undiscovered isn't that it's actively annoying but it's so dramatically listless it seems determined to become Unremembered.
The music is surprisingly good and there's a skateboarding bulldog that you've just gotta see to believe.
New York Daily News
On paper, the "rising stars" of Meiert Avis' low-flying romantic comedy Undiscovered are Steven Strait and Pell James, but the real star is Tyson the Skateboarding Dog.
Miami Herald
Too inert to be titillating, too generic to be engaging.
The Hollywood Reporter
An entirely dispensable, soapy caricature of a love story that comes complete with a jukebox full of music industry cliches plus Ashlee Simpson's big feature film debut.
Entertainment Weekly
As Brier's comrade-in-lip-gloss, Ashlee Simpson, dressed to look like a teenybop girl version of Crispin Glover in "River's Edge," is the real deal -- in fake cred.
The movie plays more like a WB network teen drama than something audiences should be expected to pay to see.

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