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The Last Kiss ponders what you give up -- and what you gain -- from sticking with what you've got.
Chicago Tribune
A smart, witty, sexy take on the perils of becoming an adult.
Miami Herald
When it comes to exploring our peculiar blindness as to what's important in our lives, the film is a disturbing but accurate road map.
Haggis' dialogue is virtually without clunkers, and it is delivered with the appropriate weight by a solid cast. Braff's limp performance is countered by Barrett's emotional riveting one (although he's in more scenes than she is).
The Hollywood Reporter
Proving that with solid direction, tight writing and strong performances an American remake can actually be as good as the foreign-language original, The Last Kiss, an unusually perceptive dramedy about contemporary relationships also manages to stand quite capably on its own two feet.
The movie occasionally reveals truths about relationships that, while not earth-shattering, are nonetheless entertaining and worth considering.
New York Daily News
Paints itself into a corner from which it cannot escape. By the end, the movie is still in that corner, tossing out overlapping notes of hope and gloom and counting on viewers to write the ending they want. I'd leave the movie in the corner.
Veterans Danner and Wilkinson effortlessly make Anna and Stephen more interesting than all the youngsters combined.
Entertainment Weekly
An alarming male wallow passing as a fetching date-night dramedy.
Director Tony Goldwyn tries for the lyrical melancholy he brought to "A Walk on the Moon," but as Michael waits for days on Jenna's porch getting drenched (as irritating a scene as any in recent cinema), only the most rabid chick-flick fan will fail to notice that it's the movie that's all wet.
Philadelphia Inquirer
The trouble with The Last Kiss comes down to Paul Haggis' screenplay.

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