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Watch this at home and get free therapy!

Author: mamamiasweetpeaches from New York, NY
21 April 2005

I'm sure NANNY 911 isn't everyone's cup of tea. I myself had heard friends rave about the show a good few weeks before actually checking it out after my sister INSISTED I watch to learn how to get my little child to sleep in her own bed. From the first episode I watched I was HOOKED. This show is Must See for anyone with small children, a lot of rambunctious kids or even a snotty spouse who isn't pulling their weight around the house. The advice is priceless...and free! An hour of your week well spent. The premise of the show is some family that has a lot on it's plate and cant deal calls the show. There are three nannys on hand and going bu what your problems are they decide which nanny is best suited to offer advice. They send her to your house and she observes the way the family functions...or rather...doesn't function. Then she sits everyone down and tells them what the problem is. Mostly she never blames one person ..because as we all know...being a family is like being in a team and everyone has to work together to make things run smoothly. So the nanny points out the problems she can see with each member of the family and day by day they work on improving the situation. There are rewards and minor punishments and stuff like that to let the family know when they have done right or wrong. Usually by the end of the show the family has made major improvements or at least minor improvements. Then for their troubles of showing their crazy dysfunctional family on TV they get a prize such as a trip. Watching this show has been a real learning experience for me. I'm not newly wed or even a new mom....I've been married 7 years and have a 6 year old. But the advice I've learned from watching NANNY 911 dis-proves the old adage "You cant teach an old dog new tricks". You can! I feel my patience and communication with my husband and daughter has improved by putting what I learned from the show to use. NANNY 911 is a winner!

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Your Kids Are Monsters. Your Husband's No Help. Who You Gonna Call? Nanny 911!

Author: ( from U.S.A
7 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is perhaps the one reality show that actually helps anybody. It's not a bunch of dumb teens having sex and only in it for the money. This show features a league of the world's best nannies out to rid the world of spoiled brat children and inattentive lazy parents. There's head nanny, Nanny Lilian who is nanny to the British Royals, then there's Nanny Deb with 22 years experience under her belt. Next there's Nanny Stella and Nanny Yvonne, both with 15 years experience under their belts. Each week these four receive a video featuring a dysfunctional family in America. They feature some of the most rotten bratty little kids ever, as well as inattentive, lenient parents. For there really is no such thing as a bad child, only a bad parent. When a parent shows no discipline or lets their kid know who's the boss, there's no stopping them! After surveying the tape, Nanny Lilian dispatches Deb, Yvonne or Stella to help solve the conflict.

Nanny Deb is perhaps a cut above the rest. She has great problem solving techniques, and plus she's been a nanny longer than the other two. I remember one time she visited a Long Island family living in a house that was half renovated and just a total dump! Power tools lying about, exposed electrical sockets, not a fit environment for children. This couple was constantly fighting, ready for divorce, and their kids were misbehaving. The eldest boy, Connor, took an immediate dislike to Deb. He told her to go home to her own country, and Deb just stood there with this hilarious look on her face! This family seemed hopeless. Mom and Dad were about to split. But in the course of just 7 days, the kids were well behaved, Mom and Dad were getting along. It was a miracle! And, I remember one time Nanny Stella was pitted against two four year olds who still used bottles, sippie cups and pacifiers. It wasn't a big thing when she took away the bottles and sippie cups, but when she took those pacifiers...Those kids screamed. And SCREAMED. It was inhuman! They screamed all night along, keeping their nerve-shattered parents up to listen to it. Nanny Stella slept soundly. But you will believe that by the end of the week, everything worked out. The kids got along just fine and all was well; Nanny Deb was sent to a house that was an utter mess. Clothes and toys covered the entire floor. Mommy made the kids' beds for them, even dressed them, and they were 4 years of age. But believe it or not at the end of the week, the house was much cleaner and the kids took care of themselves.

At times, the parents disagree with the nannies' methods. One such father did nothing but scream at his kids so Nanny Yvonne cornered him and told him that they were going to try her method. And obviously since HIS method hadn't worked up to now, Nanny's method would work. And it did. That's right, by the end of the show you hardly even recognize this family! Then after a tearful goodbye, the nanny departs. Sometime later, the family receives a special reward from Nanny 911. Usually a redecorating of their homes or toys for the children. Well they certainly earned them; Nanny 911 is a very good show. It's very helpful and it makes everybody a better person. I think anybody who has bratty kids and can't control them should apply for this show. I've seen a ton of bratty kids and their lenient parents who do nothing but cry about it on Maury Povich. Their kids are monsters. They curse at their parents, often hit them, destroy stuff. Just spank them! Can't? Why not? "I'm afraid they'll hate me". Lady, your kids curse at you, hit you, don't listen to you. You think they don't hate you now? Also, an important piece of information before you plan on having children: THINK AHEAD! Having more than one kid can cause the problems the ones on Nanny 911 have! You have up to 6 kids in a small house, sure trouble is abound! These days any idiot can be a parent, and that's not a good thing, for child or parent. I like kids, don't get me wrong. I like them a lot. But I can't STAND the little monsters who don't behave. The ones who cry in Wal-Mart, who yell and destroy things. Somebody ought to spank the parents. Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, Nanny 911. I recommend this show. Tune in! That and Hell's Kitchen are the best reality shows on the air today. Nannies Deb, Yvonne and Stella are very good at what they do. They are life savers. But you know, I'd like to see a show where Nanny Lilian responds to a call. She's head nanny, nanny to the British Royals, but let's see how she would respond to these raunchy American children. What do you say? Wanna see that? Maybe some day. But for right now, tune in to Nanny 911! And take the teachings to heart. Because someday, this WILL happen to you.


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A great show for parents and kids in need of desperate help

Author: schultzclan6 from United States
20 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Nanny 911 is the greatest guide for parents struggling to keep their family together and kids who are very bratty and spoiled or just punks. Although I am no punk, nor in desperate need of help, this show is still great.

The nanny has to clean up whatever family is in a mess within just a week! Can they do it? Well, it works every time (when it doesn't, Marriage 911 comes in because usually the parents have the largest struggles.)

This show provides humor, drama, tension, real life, and a happy ending- everything a good Reality-TV show needs. However, it does seem strange that the family improves slowly, and at the very end the family drastically makes a turn and becomes super.

And the very end is always very touching. The nanny usually breaks down over the kids, wishing them the best and having to leave them.

But she always leaves a little gift- or sometimes big ones! If your family needs some advice, or you want to find a good hour of entertainment without any garbage in it, dial up Nanny 911!

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In defense of Nanny Deb

Author: nikkiwalker from United States
14 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I actually had the honor of having Nanny Deb come "help" our family last September. Obviously, I have never met Jo on Supernanny, but I have to say that it is unfortunate that anyone would call Nanny Deb icy. She is the most wonderful, sensitive and special woman I ever met. Since the show she has continually checked in with us and has been available for me if I needed advice. She cried when she said goodbye and was so loving, supportive and appreciative of my daughter's spunk that it helped to remind me how fortunate I am to have a child with such a sharp personality. Nanny Deb is very loving and icy is the furthest adjective that would come to mind.

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Interesting, but monotonous.

Author: scs0 from USA
24 January 2007

This show is entertaining, but will eventually grow stale. How many times can you watch two stubborn adults who'd rather be friends than parents to their kids get called out on some of the most basic things? The solution to these households usually boil down to one of the following:

1) Say what you mean and mean what you say. In nearly every show the parents consistently make threats but never carry them out. Gee, I wonder why the kids don't listen?

2) The parents don't back each other up. Gee, ya think the kids may learn to exploit that? It cracks me up when it's over something irrelevant too. Dad says "no" to getting a cookie and then Mom says "OK". Even if the Dad was being too strict it's more important for the parents to display solidarity. Obviously, the kid picks up on this weakness and learns how to manipulate the adults.

The most amusing part of the show is when one of the parents break down because Jr. is unhappy. You'll often see a child flying into a tantrum when confronted with one of the Nanny's new rules. This tantrum is often accompanied with some of the phoniest sobbing you've ever heard. Then one of the doormat parents, usually the mother, falls for and surrenders to this blatant display of manipulation. Child 1; Parent 0. The Nanny will then confront the parent and the parent will be all offended by the requests of the Nanny! You might think the Nanny was requesting the parents turn their house into a military boarding school! This would be hysterical if it wasn't so sad. For every 1 of these brats that a Nanny fixes, millions will pour into society.

This is an important show because these kinds of spineless parents are becoming the norm. It seems like whenever I go out I run into a wild brat accompanied with a parent who completely ignores what the kid is doing. It bothers me more to see a parent doing absolutely nothing than it does to see (and hear) a bratty kid running wild in a public place.

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Don't confuse Supernanny with this show.

Author: jshaffer-6 from United States
5 January 2007

I don't know how two shows with the same premise can be so totally different. Perhaps it's the nannies. Supernanny Jo from Supernanny is a pleasant, friendly and outgoing young woman. All the nannies from Nanny 911 are stiff and icy, even with these young children. In one episode, Nanny Stella had to show the children how to hug and cuddle, and she looked extremely uncomfortable doing it. This was a family who seemed unable to show any affection, although they had 6 children under age 5. If you want someone to come in and TELL you how to do it, then you need Nanny 911. If you want someone to come in and SHOW you how to do it, then you need Supernanny.

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Rather trashy fly-on-the-wall documentary

Author: Chris Gaskin from Derby, England
7 June 2005

Having a few days off from college recently and as I was flicking through the channels to see what was on, I came across this rubbish on ITV, who screened several episodes recently as part of their new morning line up to replace the chat show Trisha.

Nanny 911 is about baby-sitters going to look after children who seem to suffer behaviour problems.

Nanny 911 doesn't make pleasant viewing and most of the time, all you get is children shouting and screaming. A rather noisy programme.

How you can call this entertainment I will never know. A load of rubbish.

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