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KOTOR2-- The Force is with this one

Author: sheepgood307 from United States
15 January 2005

It's hard to try and live up to a game that's been voted "Best Game of the Year" by at least 6 different groups. But this game almost does it. Enhanced interaction and influence with highly developed party members, more upgrades for your weapons, and a fascinating plot leave few weaknesses. If you've been reading the IMDb threads about this game or Xbox magazine, you know this already: the bosses are just not as menacing as Darth Malak was in the first game. Even so, I was playing this for hours at a time, whenever I could muster it in my schedule, and it became dangerous how much emotion I poured into that game. If you've played KOTOR 1, definitely play KOTOR 2.

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Great game, but some real problems...

Author: shortarabguy from California, United States
29 December 2004

This is an amazing game, full of side-quests and chances to choose your outcome in many ways, just like the last game. Unfortunately, the new developer, Obsidian, seems to have forgotten to ruthlessly weed out bugs in the game. For instance, in my experience I found that the game would freeze during the load repeatedly, an...unfavorable aspect of the game. Also, the game has an unkind tendency to do a random choose of what items are dropped by enemies, and what items are given to shops. This has a good side and a very very bad side. On the plus side, the game can randomly give you high-damage items, like weapons or armor, that are over-powerful until nearly the end. On the negative side, you are likely to go through the game and miss at least one thing. While these items are not related to any quest, they are still items that can be very useful. Another problem I had with it is that the new upgrade system is much more, and possibly too complex compared to the previous game, with up to 6 factors in upgrading certain objects. This does not mean that the game is bad. The game is a very fun RPG, and the characters are very funny, while at the same time very helpful. Some new twists actually encourage you to interact with your non-playable characters. There is also a nifty change in the level system which raises the bar of leveling from 20 to level 50, at least. I did find the plot rather confusing at times, but all-in-all it was worth the wait, and worth the money.

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Well worth it

Author: jivemuffin-1 from United States
17 February 2005

This game is a must-play primarily for the dialogue and voicework of Kreia, played by Sara Kestelman. This powerful, matronly role is extremely memorable and worth going through several times just to hear every bit of it. The game itself is very entertaining as well, allowing many routes to many paths, and all are not so obvious, which is a good thing. Majority of the voicework other than Kestelman's is excellent as well, in that it is very immersive. Very rarely will bad voice acting put you out of the game, save for the lackluster performance of Bao-Dur. It may have been a design decision to give him such a boring voice, but if this is the case, it was a poor decision indeed. On the whole though, this is definitely worth your while.

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Simply marvelous.

Author: Kirill Nebogin from Ukraine
21 January 2008

I'm not actually a gamer, but once in a while I can play something which I think is worth it. Well, let me tell you, dear readers, that game, along with the original KOTOR, was a stunning experience! The beauty of the far-away worlds, the masterpiece soundtrack from Jeremy Soule and Mark Griskey and the fantastic story will catch your mind for long days to come. Bioware (the developers of Knights of Old Republic) and Obsidian Entertainment (the sequel) truly did an outstanding job in creating the worlds that one will never forget having once "visited" them. In case you haven't played it yet, whether you like Star Wars or not, type Amazon in browser or get yourselves to the nearest store and get the game. You will not be disappointed.

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Good game, but not sufficiently developed

Author: Sinan Ozel from Turkey
16 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a Star Wars fan and a role playing games fan, I loved the first game. I think that the only reason I was disappointed with Kotor 2 is that I had played Kotor.

The plot line is intriguing, and there is much room for role-play. However, it is apparent that there are many holes and unresolved mysteries in the plot. What happens to the force bond between Kreia and main character at the end? How come main character does not die? What happens to the force-sensitive characters trained by main character? How come the main character defeats "Hunger" in one battle, whereas he was able to destroy the whole Jedi council plus a planet full of force-sensitive sentients? What happened to Revan? What happens to the main character? Why does "Pain" not kill Kreia when she is caught defenseless at the beginning of the game, and why does he become an apprentice again at the end, both actions against the Sith Code? Some of these unresolved issues are apparently intentional. However, there is way too many of them, and it is apparent that most are not intentional, but unfinished.

One critical error is the following: If the main character takes time to work on the memory core of the astromech droid, we have a 3D message from Bastilla. Main character does not seem to recognize Bastilla here. However, main character recognizes Bastilla perfectly when he/she sees her image in the dark-side tomb in Coribban.

I have to congratulate Kristoffer Tabori on excellent voicing of the ironical HK-47 droid. He breathed life into a droid character sufficient to make HK-47 into a main character for a game.

All throughout the game, a strong atmosphere of "unfinished" is embedded. I hope that Lucusarts gives the necessary amount of time to the next sequel. However, certainly worth playing.

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Doesn't compare

Author: (akhan225) from United States(NY)
12 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have been a Star Wars fan for as long as i have been able to watch movies. Once I got a new PC, I was thrilled to begin the Knights of the old Republic. Not soon after, I was playing through the second game when I realized just how good the first one was.

The Sith Lords is by no means bad, if you are willing to overlook a few bugs and minor plot holes, but it doesn't even come close to the complexity and detail of the first one, story-wise. Combat was a little more engaging with new moves and force powers, but these can only sustain a gamer for so long. I was particularly thankful for the ability to open up new conversations with your companions throughout the game, and eventually teaching them to use the force.

Throughout the game there are several bugs. This is probably due to the fact that Obsidian was rushed to put the game on to store shelves for the holiday season. This resulted in parts of the games storyline being cut altogether or shortened and a somewhat disappointing ending. If you are PC version owner of KOTOR II there is always the ability to place mods in the game for added gameplay value once the game is finished.

Some Final Words: -Good free roam game with lots of side-quests. -Massively detailed environments. -Great new Star Wars soundtrack -If I had to rate it: 7/10

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It is such a quiet thing, to fall

Author: petra_ste
30 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Obsidian's Knights of the Old Republic 2 is a compelling RPG set in the Star Wars galaxy, and the sequel to one of BioWare's best games. While KOTOR 2 has some flaws its predecessor lacked, it also features some improvements, like the influence system.

The main character, the Exile, is a former Jedi searching for the surviving Jedi Masters to warn them the Sith have returned. His companions include Kreia, an enigmatic old woman, Atton, who at first seems just a Han Solo clone but hides a few secrets, droids T3 and HK-47 and a few others. Bastila from the first KOTOR has a brief but poignant cameo.

The morality system allows to choose between Light and Dark Side. As a Jedi, the player searches for the Jedi Masters to warn them; as a Sith, to kill them.

Many games start and end strongly but have lot of padding in between: KOTOR 2 is the opposite. The first couple of hours are slow and tedious, as the Exile is marooned on a space station; the final act part feels horribly rushed, with subplots introduced and quickly discarded. However, the middle section (let's say the central 80% of the game) is as great as the first KOTOR.

The influence system is excellent; this was one of the first RPGs to make extensive use of it. The companions' attitude towards the player depends on the choices made: one character may appreciate loyalty, another deception: if you mistreat your allies, this will influence your relationship. You can also train some of them as Jedi.

Characters are memorable, voice acting fine. Special mention to Sarah Kestelmann, who is terrific as Kreia, making her both creepy and yet strangely sympathetic. One of the best Star Wars characters outside the original trilogy. Villains are also fairly interesting.

Force powers are devastatingly powerful - too much so. A couple of them are so deadly, when you use them all enemies literally drop dead. Combat is very much unbalanced.

The game doesn't really end: it stops. "Anticlimactic" doesn't quite convey it. Questions about Revan and the Exile, the fate of the galaxy and the threat from the Outer Rim are left unanswered.

Still waiting for KOTOR 3...


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Better than the first

Author: snakes124 from United States
11 June 2006

this one is much better than the first and i have good reason. First of all my congrats for creating keria. She is the best character besides Darth Vader in star wars history. Because she keeps you guessing in the game about who she is and her character is full of mystery. This game keep me guessing till the end and it full of surprises. The music was better and the graphics and the Jedi robes were better. The story line was awesome. Best Game i Have ever played this game really keeps you going and i personally would love to see them make this game into either a movie or a TV series. Can't wait for them to make a third on. also i wish they came out with soundtrack cause the music is amazing. It really beats out the first one. The first one was great but this one was a lot better. Great Job!!!!

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Brilliant, but different

Author: CaptainSkye99 from United States
6 May 2005

KotOR II, eh? I'm sure most fans of the series were a tad surprised when they heard a sequel would be coming out so soon after the first. We've all heard the horror stories about the "expensive expansion pack" kinds of sequels. KotOR II does NOT fit into that category.

KotOR II's storyline is set 5 years after the event of the original KotOR. While you do not play the same character as the first game, you play a new one that is just as (or maybe even more) interesting. The plot itself can be viewed many ways. While the dialogue is rich and very well written, the plot itself doesn't have much structure (though that's more or less intentional).

Your party characters interact much more, and this time they don't just stand there and do nothing. However, their stories can't be fleshed out as much as the first game, and you may find yourself loosing interest in some of them later on in the game.

Overall this is a fantastic game. Its smartly written, and carries a really groovy "fantasy-esque" feel the changes the star wars experience (for the better). The game starts out magnificent, but towards the end you will start really seeing the holes (the game's development schedule was far too ambitious). Really, the only way to form a fair opinion of this game is to play it yourself.

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Over All Good Game

Author: DIceoFire from United States
24 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Kotor2 one of my fav games for the first level to the end. The games level are hard but can be easyif you stay calm and if you have pacence. There are some bad parts of the game like all the cut content the robot planet, assassin droids base, and love stories. the reason they gave up the cut content is to release it on time. The game was better than the first and was longer, if you have the PC Version of it you can download added content to it to make it longer like planets, weapons, people, and music. The Xbox version of it has cheat nods in it that can be randomly. I have beat the game many time be for and have had may characters. If you can master the first kotor you can be a pro at the game and have the best of characters.

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