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Sex & Nudity

There is no explicit reference or depiction of sex or nudity in the game.

The player may undress some party members to their underwear, but not more than that.

One of the outfits the players obtains from a quest appears to be an erotic dancing costume, and may be considered moderately revealing.

There are mild references to slave trade and prostitution.

One of the party members belongs to an alien species that participate in ritual duels that require combatants to be nude. The player character refuses to fight nude, and hence ritual combat between the two takes place with both in underwear.

There are a handful of implied references to sex and in one scene, we see the player character get intimate with a character of the opposite gender, and the two sit down in a meditation animation, and fade to black. Other interpretations may be derived from this scene.

Violence & Gore

Violence is frequent in the game, but purely sci-fi. It is not particularly intense or overdone, the combat animations are fairly simple.

There is no blood or gore during combat.

There is one instance of blood in the game, where we see a small pool of blood in a city square. It is static and only related in a quest about crime investigation.


Some mild profanities, such as "hell", "damn", "scum" etc.

There are references to "spice", which is a mild-altering substance in the Star Wars universe.

A drink known as "juma juice" is seen in the game, which appears to be parallel to alcoholic drinks. It is required in a quest for the player to buy juma juice and feed it to two hounds, who sleep after drinking it.

No explicit depiction of alcohol, drugs or smoking.

There are no "shock" scenes, but some environments may be considered as grim or frightening.

The game maintains a very grimy and dark atmosphere for a Star Wars game, which may make children uncomfortable.

The game touches upon numerous discussions intended for mature players, such as war, life, morality etc.

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