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Chicago Tribune
Brims with intelligence, compassion and sensuous delight in the textures, sights and sounds of life--all the way from the Taj Mahal to Pearl Jam.
Moving and marvelous new cross-cultural family saga.
An engaging and moving film with a universal story about the bonds of family as told through two generations of a Bengali family.
It's a tearjerker, sometimes, and sweetly funny at other moments. It's near perfect.
It has been said that all modern Russian literature came out of Gogol's “Overcoat.” In the same way, all of us came out of the overcoat of this same immigrant experience.
Miami Herald
A rarity, a film that preserves the depth and integrity of its source while bringing the story to life in an indelible way.
Wall Street Journal
This immensely pleasurable film is anything but dry. It's a saga of the immigrant experience that captures the snap, crackle and pop of American life, along with the pounding pulse, emotional reticence, volcanic colors and cherished rituals of Indian culture.
This is a generational family saga everyone can relate to, and Nair gives it her special magic.
Showing the intricate dynamics of family relationships is something Mira Nair does as well as any director working today.
New York Daily News
The Namesake is suffused with radiant grace, and manages to be old-fashioned yet immediate, epic and intimate.
The Hollywood Reporter
It is hard to imagine a better cast or production values so the film should find audiences among sophisticated urban adults.

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