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New York Post
If Martin Scorsese were 30 and a Los Angeleno, he'd be making movies much like this one.
Entertainment Weekly
Bale is mesmerizing and Rodriguez keeps up with him as the whole unsafe contraption zooms.
All along, you know something terrible is going to happen, and when it does, you leave the theater shaken and deeply moved.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Bale brings intense energy (and a convincing American accent) to the proceedings, and the film manages to make this borderline Travis Bickle into a sympathetic character - with a sweetheart, and a sweeter life, beckoning from south of the border. Strong stuff.
Miami Herald
Not since "To Live and Die in L.A" has there been such a raw, cynical vision of living and dying in L.A.
With his ersatz-gangsta swagger, the once-again buff Bale gives it his all -- he's got to be the most committed actor in Hollywood -- but the real surprise here is Rodriguez, who has all the talent and charisma of a major star.
Harsh Times occasionally echoes "Taxi Driver," Ayer's own "Training Day," and even "First Blood" in the way it examines the psychological disintegration of a character and the seduction of amorality.
Chicago Tribune
Harsh Times, is almost a good, salty urban thriller.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Harsh Times opens with a deadly nightmare and ends with a vast bloodbath -- in between, things get a little gruesome.
New York Daily News
The result is an angry, violent mess of a movie with a central character threatening to implode right on the screen.
The Hollywood Reporter
The film's unrelenting bleakness and misanthropic tone is likely to be a turnoff to mainstream performances, but it provides its lead actor with another opportunity to display his riveting intensity.

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