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• Criterion Close Isabelle Huppert makes her picks!

• i09 Netflix odd email phishing scam promotion of The Punisher (I received this too and was like hmmmm... clever but gross and no thank you)

• Gr8ter Days Ann Wedgeworth, a favorite of the National Society of Film Critics prizes in the late 70s and early 80s (Handle with Care, Sweet Dreams) and a Tony winner for a Chapter Two (which later became a film albeit without Wedgeworth) and a TV regular has died

Boy Culture It only took 50+ years but the Star Trek franchise just got its first gay kiss via Star Trek: Discovery thanks and out actors Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz

• Playbill Broadway hit Come From Away, which is about passengers stranded in a small Newfoundland town during 9/11, is going to get a film version with the Broadway director and writers transferring over

• Tracking Board Mahershala Ali and Carmen Ejogo (Yas!
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Link Trip

Decider this Tiffany Haddish Oscar nomination could happen. 'Let's do this!'

Guardian when should cinemas turn their house lights on? During credits? After them?

Movie City News Jodie Foster talks at length about The Silence of the Lambs

NathanielR... you've maybe already seen my anger about this topic when it comes to Call Me By Your Name, which is absolutely not over when the credits begin no matter what the house lights or your fellow moviegoers think. Stay in your seat. Respect the art.

IndieWire Paul Thomas Anderson explains why there will be no cinematographer credited on his new film Phantom Thread

EW interviews Beanie Feldstein who is so wonderful in Lady Bird

GQ Dacre Montgomery on his shirtless dancing audition tape for Stranger Things 2

Guardian a new exhibit on 100 years of Australian film in pictures from the silent pictures through The Babadook

Variety Critics Choice Awards return to the CW.
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Smackdown '44: Agnes, Aline, Angela, Ethel, and Jennifer Jones

Presenting the Supporting Actresses of '44. A low class maid, a French baroness, a patriotic nurse, a weary shop-owner and a "Chinese" village woman battled it out for Oscar gold. We're here to re-judge that contest. 

The Nominees 

from left to right: Barrymore, Jones, Lansbury, MacMahon, Moorehead

Oscar was still besotted with recent nominees Jennifer Jones & Agnes Moorehead (both on their quick second nominations) but joining the party were two veterans who'd never been honored (Ethel Barrymore & Aline MacMahon) and one very fresh face who would go on to an enviably long cross-platform showbiz career, now in its 73rd year (!) -- Angela Lansbury in her film debut! 

Notable supporting roles for women that the Academy passed over in 1944 were Mary Astor (Meet Me in St Louis), Shirley Temple (Since You Went Away), Dame May Whitty (Gaslight), and Joseph Hull & Jean Adair (Arsenic & Old Lace). Can you think of any others?
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The Link and I

Link time. Here we go...


/Film Deadpool 2 and X-Men Dark Phoenix have both wrapped, both due in 2018

/Film Turns out Beyoncé was offered Plumette before Gugu in the recent Beauty & The Beast movie. Insane that they offered Beyoncé a teensy part when Belle was right there. Wtf, Bill Condon?

Coming Soon Gong Li will lead Martin Campbell's next thriller Ana -- the tone is said to be similar to La Femme Nikita.  We'd be super excited because Gong Li is always welcome in leading roles but Campbell's new one The Foreigner with Jackie Chan isn't exactly winning raves

Film Society Helen Mirren named as the honoree at next spring's Chaplin Award Gala in NYC. Robert De Niro was the honoree earlier this year


Into Todd Haynes talks about Wonderstruck and about meeting with Barbra Streisand to talk Gypsy !!!

Variety it's official The Current War has moved to
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Link what you made me do

Cartoon Brew it turns out the new animated film Leap is actually a previously internationally released animated film named Ballerina, reworked by the Weinsteins for the Us with a new voice cast. The difference: the reviews are terrible this time

Variety Orland Bloom to star in and produce an urban fantasy series called Carnival Row which has humans and mythological species interacting (sounds a smidge like the new Will Smith project Bright)

The Guardian James Cameron interview on Terminator 2. But the part that's getting quoted is his dismissal of Wonder Woman (though he says he enjoyed it)

Variety... but naturally Patty Jenkins has fired back

IndieWire lots of female directors hitting the festivals this year. Here's a list of 20

Nerdist we haven't heard anything about that ill-advised movie remake of The Birds (1963) in a while. But now there's news that another adaptation of the source novella is aiming to be
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des liens

Nicks Flick Picks returns with "the fifties" i.e. the best of what he's seen after 50 movies in a given year

Boy Culture new images from the buzzy indie Patti Cake$ 

Variety interviews creatives on why they love working with Netflix

People a stuntwoman has died on the set of Deadpool 2

Vanity Fair Anya Taylor-Joy is joining director Robert Eggers (The Witch) for his remake of silent horror classic Nosferatu. So happy they're reuniting but why remake a movie that's already been remade so spectacularly? (Werner Herzog's Nosferatu is something else!)

lots and lots more after the jump including Girls Trip, James Cameron, Dee Rees, Riz Ahmed, and a fun tidbit on mother!
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Infinity Link

• Coming Soon Glow, Netflix's addictive series about the gorgeous ladies of wrestling has been renewed for a second season - yay!

• Metrograph NYC's coolest repertory movie theater has a series on Fire Island set films this weekend including Barbara Hershey in Last Summer and seminal queer indie Parting Glances

• Show-Score I did a piece for their new series on 'first times' with my experience sitting in the back row at a musical

• Variety here's a new possibility for the animated category at the Oscars this year -- Big Bad Fox and Other Tales from the director of Ernest & Celestine

• Coming Soon filming has begun on Avengers 4 which doesn't have a title yet but will end Marvel's Phase 3 in May of 2019

• Variety looks back at Fast Times at Ridgemont High as it turns 35

• Gold Derby Meryl Streep is an Emmy nominee this year. Whaaaa?

• La Times New AMPAS president John Bailey
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Link on a Hot Tin Roof

Av Club Rip voice acting legend June Foray

Variety Amazon is moving into being their own distributor now after partnering with other distributors before. They'll try it out with Woody Allen's Wonder Wheel which they seem to have high hopes for.

Screen Crush It's official - Emoji Movie is worst reviewed wide release of the year

/Film a photo tour of the Jim Henson exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image

Deadline Anne Hathaway circling the Barbie movie that Amy Schumer abandoned

Coming Soon Warner Bros considering "formidable" Oscar campaign for Wonder Woman

off cinema

Variety Jack O'Connell talks about his nude scene in the new revival of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and why he hasn't watched Paul Newman in the film version

Playbill Ellen Greene shares a scrapbook from the original run of Little Shop of Horrors

Chicago Tribune recommended theater shows on a budget
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Justice Link

Boy Culture want to see a web or tv series sequel to Boy Culture  (2006)?

Film School Rejects a new short film starring Oscar Isaac available to watch online

Deadline a huge list of in-development franchises - what's the next big sci-fi fantasy hit?

Coming Soon Nicholas Hoult is in talks to play the Lord of the Rings author Jrr Tolkien in a forthcoming biopic. Those unfamiliar with Tolkien but for book jacket photos, Hoult seems like odd casting but the movie will be about his youth and service in World War I (which of course informed his iconic books)

Av Club Raising Arizona was on the cover of a Serbian biology textbook!

/Film Wonder Woman 2 is aiming for a December 2019 release date. Patty Jenkins still not confirmed to return as director

Mnpp has a new crush in François Arnaud

Towleroad Ezra Miller kisses a male fan at Comic Con.
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Ten Little Linkies

morning news items, or recommended stories / essays

Boy Culture Comic gold Teri Garr interviewed about her Ms (which sadly ended her career, she's now confined to a wheelchair) and her famous co-stars (still loves Dustin Hoffman, was not a fan of Gene Wilder)

• Forbes asks that the internet stop trying to make the most powerful woman in the movie world (that'd be Wonder Woman) into a victim with constant outrages. She's a hit, enjoy her.

Eight additional stories after the jump including a Downton Abbey reunion, Emmy hopefuls, Batman Returns and more...
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The Link Has Two Faces

Your Weekend Must Read

Emily Yoshida at Vulture gazes at Ingmar Bergman's Persona but she sees way beyond that, too, to the dream space shared by cinema's curious subgenre of female identity swapping.

Two women talking: a recipe for witchcraft, an unnatural feedback loop, a cursed redundancy. Ingmar Bergman’s 1966 masterpiece Persona is a landmark for many reasons, but its legacy, which has show no signs of age in the 50 years since it was released in the U.S. and the U.K., is how it stared that anxiety in the face and opened up a loopy, meandering conversation that’s still going on to this day...

More Linkage

Keyframe 'The Year of Nicole Kidman' don't force her to prove herself all over again

Variety Cannes lineup is "high on "awards intrigue, low on safe awards bets"

/Film Aquaman is overflowing with villains, 3 already for a first solo film?
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Link Blog Repeat and Repeat

The Muse another movie that believes shark lives are worth less than dumb humans endangering themselves

Coming Soon The Glass Castle sets a release date for August. Yay. We love a counterprogrammed adult drama in the summer

Film School Rejects on the proliferation of streaming services. A bursting bubble?

Gothamist Rooftop Films in NYC announces their summer lineup which includes buzzy titles like Beach Rats, Menashe, and The Big Sick

Mnpp Who wore it best? Darren Criss or Max Greenfield

EW First images of Naomi Watts in the Netflix series Gypsy

Film School Rejects on highlights from the Godfather 45th anniversary reunion -the original cast showed up!

/Film Edge of Tomorrow is getting a sequel (with both Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise returning) and its riffing on the original film's tagline for its title: Live Die Repeat and Repeat

Collider why Rian Johnson asked Jj Abrams to make a small
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Isle of Links

So much news to catch up with. Deep breaths...

Vanity Fair Brie Larson is this month's cover girl. Talks awards season madness, Hollywood friendships, and Captain Marvel

Slate a breathless take on early footage from Marvel's Black Panther including kudos for what sounds like Angela Bassett's best movie part in a long time

Coming Soon Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs, his second animated feature, got a teaser poster and a release date

EW Faye Dunaway breaks her silence on February's Oscar Best Picture mixup

Av Club release dates for upcoming Disney pictures including Star Wars, The Lion King, and the bound to be terrible Frozen 2 (because didn't that story feel complete as is. sigh) 

Movie City News David Poland is done apologizing for not liking James Gray movies very much. Here's why.

Deadline Monumental Pictures has announced they're making a big screen version of the Roe v Wade
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Leonardo Nam photographed by Ricky Middlesworth for Los Angeles Confidential

Golden Globes interview Westworld's fab Leonardo Nam

MTV Teo Bugbee on the texting in Personal Shopper

Inverse interesting interview with composer Hans Zimmer who is swearing off superhero movies. Sounds like he had a bad time on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Playbill celebrates Sutton Foster with a gallery of all of her stage work

Variety random selection of drunk scenes in honor of your St Patricks Day hangover

/Film Alicia Vikander to headline Ben Wheatley's Freakshift. Is the director about to break out with Free Fire?

The Guardian Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has 26 (!!!) films in development

People Surprise! Film star Amanda Seyfried and stage and tv screen star Thomas Sadoski eloped! She'll be giving birth any day now, being 8+ months pregnant

Boy Culture Paris Jackson is looking more like Madonna than Michael Jackson 

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The Links with the Feuding Stars, Too

Baby Jane Mania

EW Ryan Murphy talks about the first season of Feud. He's already casting the second and hints that a lot of people want to be Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Hmmm. Didn't anyone see Diana with Naomi Watts. That's dangerous ground!

Boy Culture searches for any living actors from Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Get Out

Av Club Jordan Peele (Get Out) has made history with the first $100 million grossing debut from a black filmmaker...

Vanity Fair Did you hear that Samuel L Jackson criticized the movie for casting a British actor in the lead? More on this and a great quote from the British star Daniel Kaluuya after the jump...
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Links: Atomic Blonde, Underwater Armageddon, La La Lynch,

Pajiba at what point exactly did Dev Patel get hot?

Variety Billy Brown, who previously sexed up Viola on How to Get Away with Murder, will costar with Taraji P Henson in the new thriller Proud Mary which has nothing to do with Tina Turner 

/Film Van Helsing reboot gets a new writer 

Coming Soon Charlize Theron's Coldest City gets a title change. It's now Atomic Blonde

Nyt Whoa. I thought that little kid (Shailene Woodley's boy) on Big Little Lies looked familiar. Turns out he's that child theater critic who does all the popular Broadway Youtube reviews


Boy Culture interviews old Hollywood actor Carleton Carpenter who talks Debbie Reynolds, Cary Grant and being bisexual in Hollywood in a new memoir called "The Absolute Joy of Work"

The Playlist has ranked every best picture nominee of the 21st century. Weirdly they made a huge accounting error that kept Moulin Rouge!
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Matthias of Linkland

In Contention Lion is using T****'s unconstitutional travel ban its advertisements

Boy Culture 70s star and Battlestar Galactica hunk Richard Hatch has died

Awards Daily Jazz talks to Joel Harlow about the Oscar nominated Hair and Makeup of Star Trek: Beyond

Towleroad a close-up of Glenn Close returning to Sunset Boulevard

Cottages & Gardens the Grey Gardens estate is up for sale

Variety Stanley Tucci has directed a movie about Alberto Giacometti starring Geoffrey Rush and Armie Hammer

Tracking Board the Coen brothers are polishing the remake script for Scarface (which was made twice already in the 30s and 80s)

Towleroad Finland is the first country to release their own national emojis and one of them is for the gay artist Tom of Finland

Mnpp "Smile like Trevante Rhodes"

New Yorker Oscar Spotlight: The Actresses

World of Reel a synopsis of Nicolas Winding Refn's new Amazon series
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I'm so glad we had this link together

Decider Joe Reid on the repetitive lie that Oscar shuns popular movies

Interview shared a Winona Ryder interview from 1990. I can't tell you how formative this was for me. I had the photoshoot plastered all over my bedroom. I was obsessed with her quotables.

Playbill Broadway aimed Moulin Rouge! will be trying to cast its Satine (!!!), or at least a temporary Satine for readings and such, on February 17th at an Equity-only audition

Mnpp Great Moments in Movie Shelves visits The Royal Tenenbaums game closet 

Av Club IMDb is shutting down its message boards 


Deadline file this under "it's about time" - Sarah Paulson is finally getting lead roles in features! She'll headline Lost Girls, a serial killer drama in which she plays a mother searching for her daughter

i09 revisits Suspiria before the remake by Luca Guadagnino

The Guardian we need to be listening to Middle Eastern cinema right
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Link by Day

Coming Soon Beauty and the Beast has an original song called "Evermore," sung in the film by Dan Stevens and in the end credits by Josh Groban. Uff, I've never liked Disney's "do overs" in the end credits. They're always worse than the in-film version

Variety Beauty and the Beast also got character posters

Mnpp a pic of Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal we'd never seen before!

The Playlist on 30 breakouts of the Sundance Film Festival 

David Poland La La Land backlash and why you should give the movie its due


Boy Culture celebrities pay tribute to Mary Tyler Moore

MTV Teo Bugbee on Mary Tyler Moore in Ordinary People (1980) 

The Daily Beast Lois Smith has a breakout role at 86 in Marjorie Prime

Film Mixtape Chris Feil's top fifteen of the year

Art of the Title looks back at Madonna's Who's That Girl (1987) opening credits. Loved those

/Film Sing
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Linky Pudding

Buzzfeed It's official Will & Grace (& Karen & Jack) is returning to NBC for a ninth season. The series ended on May 18th, 2006 over 10 years ago but their recent one-off election special got everyone excited again.

Av Club supposedly that long hinted at Eastern Promises sequel will start shooting in only two months and supposedly Viggo Mortensen and Vincent Cassell will return. We'll believe this when I see it but would be happy to do so

Criterion Ira Sachs on Rainer Werner Fassbinder's classic Fox and His Friends

Arnaud Trouvé offers up César nomination predictions. If you can read French you'll enjoy it more

THR It's Octavia Spencer for "Woman of the Year" and Ryan Reynolds for "Man of the Year" at Harvard's annual Hasty Puddings celebration. Someone cast them in a rom-com together!

Coming Soon Sony Pictures Animation slate to come from The Smurfs onward

About Last Night a long
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