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Sex & Nudity

  • [Season 1]
  • In Episode 13, a man is seen on top of a woman, with movements under the sheets suggesting some sexual activity.
  • [Season 4]
  • There is a scene of sexual violence featured in Episode 12 where a victim recounts, in a flashback, being raped. The sequence shows a man straddled on top a woman with brief body movement to imply the rape.

Violence & Gore

  • [Season 1]
  • All 13 episodes contain mild to moderate violence; from vivid ideas of heinous violence through verbal descriptions, implied and brief shots, to moderate explicit portrayals of violence in action.
  • For example, in the first episode, a rapist is shot several times with bloody consequence.
  • [Season 3]
  • All 24 episodes contain mild to moderate violence; from vivid ideas of heinous violence through verbal descriptions, implied and brief shots, to moderate explicit portrayals of violence in action.
  • [Season 4]
  • Mild to moderate portrayals of violence consist of fistcuffs and gunfights that sometimes lead to deaths.
  • In one scene, a woman previously subjected to sexual violence [see Sex & Nudity] is strangled in the neck by the man. The sequence of sexual assault, while intermittent, is prolonged, detailed and better suited for a young mature audience.
  • Shooting sequences are found in most episodes, although some are more impactful than others as they are either prolonged, bloodied or with shots of the wounded and dead.
  • For example, Episode 6 contains a scene where a mother and her son are being gunned down by an assassin. While the son manages to flee with few gun wounds, his mother dies after getting shot at repeatedly. The audience sees intermittent shots of the bloodied aftermath. Although the sequence is intense, there is no dwelling on cruelty or infliction of pain. Parental guidance can be advised for this scene.
  • There are also episodes that contain implied torture scenes.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 'Numb3rs' is an American police-procedural drama set in Los Angeles, that follows Special Agent Don Eppes of the FBI and his team in solving critical crimes. Their work becomes much more efficient with the help of Don's brother Professor Charlie Eppes who is a mathematician. With his ability to use the science of mathematics with complex equations, he is able to help the FBI solve most the trickiest crimes committed by skillful criminals.
  • [Season 1]
  • Age advisory applies for some portrayals of violence and a sexual reference. Consumers, especially younger viewers, may nevertheless find the stories disturbing, and are advised that violence is the central theme in this series.
  • [Season 2]
  • Some mature content and disturbing scene.
  • [Season 3]
  • A scene containing strong impact is featured in Episode 22, where a group of men are seen praying prior to a suicide where they release an explosive gas material when the FBI barge into their room. These men are extremist Muslims who present a distorted view of Jihad and use religion to justify their violent act.
  • A more mature audience would be better able to view and sieve through the right from wrong.
  • [Season 4]
  • There is also an episode revolving around a crime involving suspected terrorists.
  • The central theme of violence run through every episode and as such, parental guidance is advised.
  • [Season 5]
  • Some violence and sexual references.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In 'Numbers: Season 4', FBI agent Colby Granger rejoins the team after escaping from jail. Don and agent Liz break up halfway through the season, but Don later rekindles a romance with ex-lover Robin. Amita's parents come to visit, while Megan is conflicted by her work hence she leaves the team to move back to Washington D.C. At the season finale, Charlie goes head-to-head with Don about a case, where Charlie sends information to scientists in Pakistan, causing his security clearance to get revoked therefore forcing him to give up on FBI work altogether.

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