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11 Jan. 2008
Breaking Point
Charlie's life is put in danger after he gives an interview about the case he and Don are working on together, attracting the attention of the kidnappers of an investigative reporter.
18 Jan. 2008
Don's team tracks a serial rapist who uses his position as a cop to entrap his victims.
4 Apr. 2008
Black Swan
A meth lab bust yields a surprise arrest that stymies the team when they can't figure out why he was in the area, and Megan disagrees with what Don chooses to do to get his answers.
11 Apr. 2008
A.U.S.A. Robin Brooks is back in town, and her involvement in Don's case brings back memories as they try to keep witnesses alive. Meanwhile, David attempts to bond with a young man who's in the chief suspect's thrall.
25 Apr. 2008
End Game
Clay Porter returns to the U.S. when his father and sister are taken hostage, and Don embarks on a deadly cat-and-mouse game to try to catch Porter and rescue his family.
2 May 2008
Atomic No. 33
Larry finds himself fighting his own bigotry when he assists Don and Charlie's investigation into the poisoning of cult members.
9 May 2008
Pay to Play
The murder of a rapper puts Charlie to work analyzing the mathematics of the music business in the same week that Amita's parents come to town, and Megan has asked for a week off without discussing it with Don.
16 May 2008
When Worlds Collide
When one of Charlie's friends, a scientist at the university, is arrested for terrorist activities, it puts him at philosophical odds with Don. And as he works to prove the man's innocence, his beliefs may jeopardize his career.
3 Oct. 2008
High Exposure
Charlie's loss of clearance may endanger Don's life when he and Ian Edgerton begin tracking suspects in the murders of two rock climbers.
10 Oct. 2008
The Decoy Effect
The team races to find a group of kidnappers who have their victims drain their bank accounts using ATMs, and Charlie's attempt to reinstate his clearance is slowed by an agent with an agenda that may include Don.
17 Oct. 2008
Agent McGowan makes his move against Don, and Colby gets a little too involved with one of the suspects in a cop killing.
24 Oct. 2008
Jack of All Trades
Charlie and Don's fates hang in the balance as the team tracks a white-collar criminal through Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Alan finds out that one of his old planning projects may disappear with a new development by the city.
31 Oct. 2008
Scan Man
The death of an agent kicks everyone into high gear, but that slows down when their prime suspect turns out to have Autism Spectrum Disorder, Charlie steps on toes re-establishing himself as the resident expert, and Don looks for deeper meaning.
7 Nov. 2008
Magic Show
Charlie's skepticism of magic is revealed when a stunt goes wrong and a magician disappears, leaving David to pick up the pieces of his love life.
14 Nov. 2008
Charlie Don't Surf
The father of a childhood friend of Don and Charlie asks for Don's help when his son, a former pro surfer, is found dead.
21 Nov. 2008
Thirty-Six Hours
Two trains collide, a passenger train and a freight train carrying toxic chemicals. Don, Charlie and the team are brought to the scene, investigating a potential crime.
5 Dec. 2008
Conspiracy Theory
The team descends into a bit of madness as working with a conspiracy theorist to solve bombing case exposes each of their own peculiar beliefs. Meanwhile, a mysterious stranger saves an agent's life.
19 Dec. 2008
Charlie and Marshall Penfield work on their collaboration issues when Charlie must consult with him on a case involving robbery, murder and revenge.

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