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5 Jan. 2007
Nine Wives
The search for a pedophile polygamist takes an interesting genealogical turn when a quilt is found.
12 Jan. 2007
Finders Keepers
The search for a yacht ends up splitting Charlie's loyalties when two agencies ask for his help.
2 Feb. 2007
Take Out
Multiple robberies at upscale restaurants bring Don's team in once it escalates to murder. Elsewhere, both Charlie and Don must do some soul searching as one tackles a psychiatric review and another questions the ethics of a pharmaceutical company that wants to use his name.
9 Feb. 2007
End of Watch
The discovery of a presumed dead police officer's badge brings the LAPD and Don's team together to solve the mystery of what happened 17 years ago. Elsewhere, Alan is served in a lawsuit, and he has to determine if his calculations were wrong when he consulted for a golf course.
16 Feb. 2007
One of David's childhood friends is accused of murder while sparring in preparation for an All-Out Fighting bout, and Charlie has a contest of his own trying to defend Larry's chair in a Texas Hold 'em qualifier.
16 Feb. 2007
One Hour
The son of a multi-millionaire Latino hip-hop-Song producer is kidnapped. The kidnapper demands $3.2 million for the boy's release, but Granger and his crew only have one hour.
9 Mar. 2007
An old colleague of Charlie's asks for help because of the untimely deaths of some coworkers, but when she also turns up dead Don and Charlie are started on a trail that may threaten the very democracy they've vowed to protect.
30 Mar. 2007
Pandora's Box
Charlie splits his genius between solving a plane crash and the burglary at his home.
6 Apr. 2007
Burn Rate
As letter bombs begin targeting people surrounding a previous serial bomber investigation, Don and Charlie must sift through a number of false leads to find the real killer.
27 Apr. 2007
The Art of Reckoning
Don finds himself negotiating with a hit man to find an assemblyman's son, and Larry has difficulty adjusting to terra firma.
4 May 2007
Under Pressure
The threat of a terrorist attack in L.A. puts everyone on high-alert as Don leads a special task force, and butts heads with Charlie and Alan.
11 May 2007
Money for Nothing
A shipment of medicine and cash bound for Zambia is hijacked, and Don and his team find themselves working against a banker focused on retrieving his money at the cost of the people being held for the code to access the safe.
18 May 2007
The Janus List
When Charlie and Don are specifically asked for by a bomber who's rigged a bridge, it puts them on a trail of espionage in- and outside the states, and a devastating betrayal.
28 Sep. 2007
Trust Metric
Peter MacNicol returns as a regular cast member. Colby is being interrogated by a man named Agent Kirkland, who passes him a handcuff key and gives him escape instructions. Don and his team get information about and from Colby and must figure out if that information is reliable then realizes that everything about Colby being a double agent may not be what it seems.
5 Oct. 2007
Hollywood Homicide
The death of a Hollywood wannabe leaves leads to a famous actor, his friends, and a possible double. At the office, David has difficulty dealing with Colby's return.
12 Oct. 2007
A car crash into a building has ties to street racing and possibly a cold case.
19 Oct. 2007
Charlie is uncomfortable when the team has to use a numerologist to solve the current case, that has religious overtones.
26 Oct. 2007
Robin Hood
The perfect bank heist almost stumps the team when the profits are donated or returned to their rightful owners, and Don struggles with management issues.
2 Nov. 2007
In Security
Don is devastated when he thinks he led a killer to a secured witness, and Charlie sets out to prove he wasn't responsible.
9 Nov. 2007
Amita's life is put in danger when she consults on a case involving an on-line role-playing game.
16 Nov. 2007
A wealthy man's daughter is kidnapped, and Megan is astounded by his behavior while the team tries to rescue her.
23 Nov. 2007
In this episode, it is discovered that someone has stolen, recreated and sold several copies of an extremely rare comic book. Christopher Lloyd plays the original creator of the comic book, who no longer benefits from his past creations. Having thought that his comics wouldn't be worth much in the future, he either lost or sold his entire collection and regrets it now that he and his wife live on very little. His young friend and fellow comics artist, played by Ben Feldman, publicly humiliates the rich man who owned the original before it was stolen.
14 Dec. 2007
Chinese Box
David is held hostage in an elevator at the F.B.I. building, and Don keeps brushing aside Charlie's suggestion to save David as an all-out assault is planned.

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