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Season 2

9 Sep. 2006
Look Who's Not Talking
The castaways must begin to rebuild their shelter after a big tropical storm destroys everything they had built.
16 Sep. 2006
Eric finds a mysterious box, and the group wonders what is inside it. Daley, as their new leader, invokes a new democracy on all issues, but will it work?
23 Sep. 2006
She Said, He Said, She Said
Nathan is too much obsessed with whether to declare his love to Daley to concentrate on the shelter building according to Lex's back-breaking design. Taylor guesses his feelings and tells Eric, feeling such couple would outvote the lazybones systematically. So they approach Melissa and Jackson. But every indication makes Taylor change her theory.
30 Sep. 2006
The Uninvited
Eric becomes "tired" of carrying water from the well to the campsite and since the only way to purify the water is by boiling it, he decides to hide the lighter (their only source of getting fire) to get out of doing his assigned job. He hides the lighter in the dirty laundry, Daley begins washing the clothes with Eric still thinks that the lighter is in there. But the lighter actually fell out of the clothes and got covered in the sand. Nathan drives the shovel into the sand breaking the lighter. Everyone else wonders how the lighter got there, they ask Eric who of ...
7 Oct. 2006
The Tide
Everyone is still upset with Eric for breaking the lighter and everyone gets a new responsibility except for him. Nathan is still trying to talk to Daley about their "relationship" now that she knows about Nathan's crush on her but she keeps changing subject. They then find that the plane has washed up on the shore and alert the others to their good fortune. They begin to decide whether to move up to the campsite, but realize they need more food, water, and fire before they begin. Taylor begins to make a diary by filming people as they collect food and back at camp, ...
14 Oct. 2006
Where There's Smoke
At the evening of day 15, Taylor forgets to charge the batteries for the flashlights and then she proceeds to light a dozen or so candles by the firepot, using the last of the lighter fuel. A sudden rainstorm erupts and puts out all the candles and the fire. The castaways decide they need a bigger shelter with a solid roof to keep dry and warm, and that would be the downed plane. A discussion ensues about whether they could or should attempt to move the heavy plane up the beach nearer to the fire pit by rolling it on logs and pulling it with ropes. They take a vote ...
21 Oct. 2006
Home Sweet Home
With hopes for a better chance of survival, the castaways attempt to move the plane wreckage off the beach and head for higher ground.
30 Jul. 2006
Day 18 Chilloween
Everybody finds mysterious notes, saying "It's coming". Everyone thinks it's Lex, until it appears to be Taylor, who wants to organize a (gasp) holiday! She wants that everyone dresses up and gives a present to the group. Everyone has problems with this until they finally come around and admit that they like the idea of a holiday. Except Daley, who appears to have bad memories of holidays in general, because they are tied to her memory of her mother. Reversely, Lex has a good association with holiday, because when he and his mother celebrated their first Christmas ...
Jackson is cutting firewood but has a bad stomach-ache. At first they have no clue of how Jackson became sick. Melissa, Lex and Eric come to his rescue. Melissa remembers when she first met Jackson... the first look into their past. Everyone helps out still wondering what is wrong with Jackson. It is revealed that Jackson became sick from drinking unsafe water. Melissa blames herself because she was the one who voted for Jackson to come to the island.
17 Feb. 2007
The Drift
The castaways build and test a raft out on the open water.
24 Feb. 2007
Good Luck Abby
Abby faces hardship in the jungle.
One Breath Away
Lex discovers a wounded chicken and points out that must have been brought to the island by people. He wants to nurse it and hopes for an egg-laying hen. Eric wants to eat it and hopes to hunt more poultry. Now utterly egotistical bitch Abby makes the dispute a test-case for the viability of the democracy she openly loathes. Only Jackson can stop her killing what actually turns out to be a hen.
10 Mar. 2007
See Ya
With discord growing among the group, some of the castaways decide to leave in search of rescue.

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