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Charlie Kenton: How the hell do you know Japanese?

Max Kenton: Video games.

Charlie Kenton: What do you want from me?

Max Kenton: I want you to fight for me! That's all I ever wanted!

Charlie Kenton: Max, Max, I... I really want you to know... no, I need you to know that...

Max Kenton: I know. Don't worry. Your secret's safe with me.

Max Kenton: The People's Champion? Sounds pretty good to me.

Bailey Tallet: 1200 miles for a kiss.

Charlie Kenton: Worth it. So worth it.

Max Kenton: So what do we do?

Charlie Kenton: We fight smart, be patient and pray. Seriously, pray!

Charlie Kenton: Are you kidding me with those eyes?

Max Kenton: His name is Atom. Can we get him a fight?

Charlie Kenton: I don't think he was ever a boxing robot.

Bailey Tallet: He's a G2, built in early 2014. He's a sparring bot.

Charlie Kenton: They must have built robots like this one that could mirror the fighting style of any other robot.

Max Kenton: Okay, so can we get him a fight?

Charlie Kenton: Are you not listening? He's a sparring bot. Built to take a lot of hits, but never dishing out any real punishment.

Bailey Tallet: You can always try sell him off for parts.

Max Kenton: Can't you get him a fight?

Charlie Kenton: "Why can't you get him a fight?" God, you don't quit, do you? You want me to put him in some bottom-rung scrap-fest to the death? I saw how scared you were at Crash Palace. Yeah. The places that will let you fight this robot will make you pee your little pants.

Max Kenton: Excellent. Get him a fight.

Charlie Kenton: Stubborn kid.

Bailey Tallet: Surprise, surprise.

Charlie Kenton: You know you're taking him home in pieces.

Max Kenton: We'll see.

Max Kenton: We can't win, can we?

Charlie Kenton: We'll see.

Max Kenton: Shut up! You're not helping!

Charlie Kenton: Actually, I think I am.

Max Kenton: You screwed me!

Charlie Kenton: Nice mouth.

Max Kenton: You know where they're going right now?

Charlie Kenton: How old are you? 9? 10?

Max Kenton: I'm 11.

Charlie Kenton: Okay... are you sure?

Max Kenton: Yes. I'm sure I'm eleven.

Ricky: Your friend's a real dirtbag, kid.

[throws dirt at him]

Max Kenton: He's my father!

[looks at Charlie]

Ricky: Well, looks like a little less than an inch of your life. Right, buddy?

Charlie Kenton: I don't want your money, Marvin.

Max Kenton: Charlie, help him! Fight back!

Charlie Kenton: Not yet.

ESPN Boxing Commentator: Kenton must have hardwired this bot with the will to go on.

[Ambush is being destroyed by the bull Black Thunder]

Charlie Kenton: Ricky, enough! Enough!

Ricky: I can't hear you from the sound of your robot being destroyed.

Charlie Kenton: I really need the money.

Max Kenton: I know. Let's work.

Max Kenton: Charlie, I think there's a whole robot in there!

Bailey Tallet: This is what's left of Noisy Boy?

Charlie Kenton: That's it. His head does make a nice addition to the front of the Crash Palace.

Max Kenton: Holy shit, it's Tak Mashido.

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