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310 out of 426 people found the following review useful:

A taught thriller

Author: vmwrites from Pompton Plains, NJ USA
28 October 2005

Saw II follows on the heels of Saw, as another taught, tense thriller. The mark of a great thriller/shocker/horror movie is the number of twists and turns, and this is what identifies Saw II as one of the better members of its genre.

This is NOT a movie where people walk backwards into dark rooms. This is NOT a movie where people pull sheets off bodies. That's all too predictable for Saw II. In fact, there's virtually nowhere in this film, where you can say that you've got it figured out.

Few movies keep me on the edge of my seat. This was one of them. There was no one dozing off during this flick. And the number of folks who walked out to take/make cell phone calls was the lowest I've ever seen.

Like Saw, this sequel is more than a little bloody in some places, but that's to be understood. It was never promoted as a walk in the park. If you're in the mood for a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this is worth a try.

And this movie left more than a few folks in the audience waiting for another sequel.

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282 out of 522 people found the following review useful:

One of the best movies I have seen in a long time.

Author: stealthskr17 from United States
28 October 2005

The first Saw really through me through some spins and caught me off guard for originality, Saw 2 is leagues above the first. Saw 2 runs with the same game based theme as the first, with clues for both the characters and the audience about what might happen next, but it takes the game to a completely different level. Just when things start to come together there is another twist to leave the viewer on the edge of their seat for what may come next. Without seeming to give everything away the movie was made to give it all away, but no one can catch all the clues because they have been pulled so deep into the movie. I highly recommend this one.

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194 out of 355 people found the following review useful:

Too Gory for Popcorn

Author: stupidmunk from United States
28 October 2005

This movie has just mad a quantum leap in horror films. after watching this movie i had the chills walking to my car, and lets say that i more than enjoy a scary movie. this movie kept me up for at least and hour after watching it. it was one of those movies were you cant let it out of your mind.

The movie had one of the best openings that i have seen in a long time. after a few minutes into the movie i had to put down my popcorn. i don't have a weak stomach and this movie got me to put down my popcorn, that is huge.

With a great blend of suspense, acting, and oh yes there was a lot of blood. this movie great deserves another watch, i would pay to see this movie a couple of times. not to mention one of the best twists i have seen in a movie. i would say 2nd best ending i have seen in a movie.(#1 was Fight Club). you definitely have to see this movie.

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84 out of 136 people found the following review useful:


Author: pirateonweekends from United States
5 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, if you've already seen the first one, you will be absolutely disappointed. it in no way lives up to the first one at all. first of all, saw was great because it was two kids on a low budget writing a script. they had to make up for the lack of money with the plot and script. secondly, the plot was really good and thick and everyone was connected in some odd way. the ending had so many twists, it was just brilliant. OK, now for saw 2. they had more money, so they definitely used it. instead of the people being in one room, it was one huge house. having more money took away from the effect, and most definitely the script, the plot and the acting. the plot had an unbelievable amount of holes in it. the people were connected by one stupid little line and the ending was absolutely ridiculous. one of the characters is just a complete idiot and decides to just get mad about everything. so, when he finds out there are numbers on the back of people's necks, instead of just kindly asking them to turn around, he kills them! finally, someone points out that he has a number on the back of his head that he's going to need, so he can't kill everyone. first of all, he tries seeing it with his little knife, then he decides to just cut it off, as any logical person would do. then, the murderer, john some how came up with a lot of money between dr gordon and now. before hand, his technique was simple. the tools he used to murder people could be found at a yardsale. in this one, somehow he got surgical equipment, the brains to do surgery and about five places with 20 computers. at some point in time, the writers seemed to have decided that it didn't matter that he had cancer, he can still do all this stuff. however, when you see him, he's in pretty bad shape. OK, now for the ending. remember the changed druggy, amanda? well, apparently, after she was almost killed, she decided the entire idea was a good one. so, she comes to john as an apprentice and decides to take his place as jigsaw. john becomes her yoda and teaches her the way of murder. at the end of saw 1, john had the memorable line of "GAME OVER". it was so great because of his voice, his appearance, everything. at the end of saw 2, amanda comes in, looking like she just went shopping and got her hair done and put on make up, and in a very little girl voice says "game over". absolutely horrible.

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147 out of 262 people found the following review useful:

A few nice ideas dulled by a lot of stupidity

Author: Plumberduck
4 November 2005

I have the same main problem I had with Saw II that I had with the original (Shockingly enough, not the gaping plot holes). At the core, both movies are about the same thing: Elaborate puzzles that stupid people ignore so they can spend more time yelling at each other.

I really wanted to like Saw II, but I felt like I was being teased. I catch a whiff of interesting puzzle-solving, instead I have a lot of yelling.

It's a personal preference, I know. The movie I wanted to see was about people adapting to their situation and using their brains against that of an evil genius. Instead, I got the evil genius (Tobin Bell is great as Jigsaw, by the way, one of the parts of the film I really enjoyed) going to a lot of work for some people who, frankly, don't seem to appreciate it. The creators seemed to want to make a film about how people's lives are dictated by their unavoidable flaws (driven home by the ending, the last few twists, and the general character of the cop, all of which are the reason my rating is as high as it is), and how panic destroys people.

And the horror... isn't. I don't find blood scary. There are some *shocking* moments in this film, some cringe-inducing moments, but nothing actually scary. That really disappointed me, because Adam's capture in Saw I was one of the scarier scenes I've seen in a movie in a long time. There's nothing for people who actually want to be scared here, just grossed out.

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90 out of 157 people found the following review useful:

Awesome, gory, bloody, what you could expect of Saw II!

Author: xfear26 from Montreal, Canada
23 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The tag line says it all: Oh yes, there will be blood!

I've had the chance/honor of seeing the sequel of a very anticipated movie this year at the world's premiere at the Montreal's Midnight Madness and I haven't been disappointed one bit. Off course, there was some magic that night, considering the fact that there were hundreds of horror fans expecting a gory sequel to the Saw installment and they got served! Without stating any spoilers, let me confirm that the movie is packed with bloody action and gore at its best. Those who liked the Jigsaw's strategy of allowing him the chance of survival to its victims by giving them a puzzle to solve, this time it goes even further. From the start until the end, you'll be given puzzling situation in which you wouldn't like to be part of at any time in your life. Near the end of the movie, the twisted game gets even more spicy...

I wasn't used to hear people applauding at the theater and it created some kind of psycho ambiance in the room that I kinda really enjoyed. The sadistic approach of the Jigsaw killer is still pretty impressive! Without telling you more, go watch it with some friends that will be able to tolerate blood in gallons and you'll be served! I give it a 9/10 for its originality, gory moments, interesting story and punch of action. It is rare to see a sequel that beats its predecessor but in this case, it does!

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204 out of 386 people found the following review useful:

It Will Blow You Away

Author: mattdenes from United States
28 October 2005

Why is it that so many critics, movie-goers and film patrons see such bold and unique forms of film as nothing but bloody and un-needed garbage? Isn't it about time to enter the age of the modern horror film, and to realize that audiences these days have already seen it all when it comes to the horror movie, so one-of-a-kind ideas such as the SAW series should be seen as a much needed godsend to the film industry. They say that this is what is takes to scare people these days: untrue. Take the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre for instance, upon close examination, one can notice that it is essentially a bloodless film. So what is it about such movies that scare us? Well, it's the idea, the cinematography, and the boldness to plant such a terrifying seed into the world of movies. It isn't a man sawing his foot off or a man being set on fire that scares audiences, it's the fact that it has NEVER...EVER been done before on the big screen that engulfs the audience into a trance-like cloak of fear over a movie. The people who conjure these ideas for movies are not on the mindset to create something for the SOLE PURPOSE of making someone cringe and fray, they want to be their own level, nay, rank of movies for others to, essentially, build off of. Are SAW and SAW II the last of their kind? By no means, if anything they are merely predecessors of the film noir that is going to eventually rise into the R-rated spectrum. Forgive me for not stressing on the movie's actual content, but I feel it is the very ideas behind SAW that make us have to see it for ourselves. And I highly recommend those of you skeptical about it to do so. Will you be frightened? Yes. Will you see things never before shined onto the screen? Yes. And will you leave the darkness of the theater in a sense that you have witnessed movie history unfold before your eyes? YES.

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145 out of 269 people found the following review useful:

Thank You for this Amazing Movie

Author: vacutainer69 from United States
28 October 2005

I anxiously waited for this film to be released---eagerly anticipating every frame, and I was not disappointed when I "saw" the first screening this afternoon. From the opening scene thru the end? I found myself being transported into the big screen, taken for one of the wildest rides I have ever experienced, and deposited back into my seat knowing I had not wasted my money (nor the afternoon, for the matter). I was kept guessing until the end, and I was not let down with a "cliched and wrap it up" ending...I left wanting more. (Having seen CUBE...I don't see the "ripoff"...I see a very well thought out original script with a deeper story). The acting was very impressive and very believable. A special shout out to the team who came up with the set design and atmospheric lighting. I was moved and mentally manipulated by this film, and when I stepped out of the theater into the lobby and real life I had to take a minute to let my mind unwind before I went out the theater door.

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37 out of 56 people found the following review useful:

Those Who Make Sequels Don't Deserve Life

Author: Cameron Marston ( from United States
5 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let's start by saying what this movie did have, that will take a lot less time. Gore… check. Creepy puppet and various devices used to permanently dismantle people's craniums… check. Pasty cancer victim forcing the "unworthy" to develop some want to survive… check. Alright, now that that's done I can move on to other, more pressing issues.

I know that everybody, myself included, simply adored the twist ending to the first Saw. Finally learning that the "dead" guy who'd been lying in a pool of his own blood for the entire movie wasn't really dead and was in fact an ingenious, if not twisted as hell, cancer victim striving to show people the value of their meaningless lives was a treasured moment in horror movie history. I can't say much about its staying power in the minds of the general public I will always remember watching that body rise from the floor of that bathroom.

Of course the producers couldn't just reenact the twist from the first one, they had to take it a step farther, keep people guessing. So how do you top a twist as well developed and well executed as the one in Saw? If you take a hint from Saw II I guess the answer is to make the ending so ridiculously contrived that nobody would ever dream of guessing it for fear of feeling stupid even in their own mind. Though I'm sure the girl who played Amanda was thrilled to get her second major acting gig reviving the heroine-addict she so briefly portrayed in the first Saw, I didn't appreciate her reappearance quite so much. It was completely pointless to bring her back; she was useless in the first movie and even more useless in this one. When you get right down to it they used her presence as out: this way they could kill off our friend the cancer victim and still keep the series going. At least we can sleep easy knowing "Amanda" won't soon be out of work.

Unfortunately, the real sin in the writing here is that they simply took it too far. All they had to do was leave it with the SWAT team figuring out that the whole thing was staged and that the kid was really in a "safe" place. That would have been more than enough for me. Also, I could have done without Beverley Mitchell crying constantly, but they couldn't have cast the part better. A decade of complaining on 7th Heaven made her the perfect choice for the part.

The one redeemable quality of this film is the thing that made the first one: a truly original and inventive antagonist. This guy ranks up there with Hannibal and John Doe of Seven on my list of awesome villains. This is where the writers showed their true prowess. They managed to do what is rare these days: they created a powerfully psychopathic serial killer that had a defendable philosophy. "Those who don't value life don't deserve life." It sounds cruel, but there is some part in all of us that has to agree with the sentiment if not the deeds carried out in its name. It bothers me that he claims never to have killed anyone because it seems to me that putting people into a situation where they will almost certainly perish and offering them only a slim chance for survival is grounds for a murder charge. I know what he means, but that one statement is the only stupid thing that he says and he continues to say it despite the glaring error in it. That fact aside, this guy continues to impress me. He outsmarts everybody. The beauty in his strategy is that he tells everybody exactly what they need to know in order to walk out of their given situation entirely intact. He just banks on the fact that people never change and they, when put under immense stress, default to their baser instincts instead of taking a second to think the situation out rationally. The sad truth about humankind is that he will never be disappointed.

Overall I enjoyed the movie, but I had pretty low expectations to begin with. I expected exactly what I got: a solid villain and an hour and a half of gratuitous violence and blood. If you're looking for a great piece of cinematography you're going to be sorely upset with what you see; you'll probably be a little motion-sick by the end too. Bring your sense of humor and check your upchuck reflex at the door, especially if you are sensitive about the use of scalpels on eyeballs.

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31 out of 45 people found the following review useful:

Illogical situations all for the sake of shock

Author: Justin from United States
21 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So I just watched Saw 2 not long ago, and basically, it's not worth the money I put down on the DVD. Not that I care cause I had that cash sitting in my wallet for quite some time and needed something meaningless to spend it on, but I think that money could have gone towards something more suitable (like gas money).

Basically, the entire movie is nothing, but twists with the intention of making the audience "think" when the twist ending happens. So people will go back and look at the entire movie and what lead to the ending (much like the first). The only difference is, this one completely sucked, whereas the first was at least watchable. Not that the first one was worth anything more than one viewing ever, but at least it did achieve the whole "twist" ending and was an enjoyable one at that.

So what is the major problem with Saw 2? It's so wrapped up in itself with trying to have twists or shocks, that it's all complete nonsense. Also, the script is really bad, especially for the character of John/Jigsaw/old guy with cancer. Basically, all of his lines are metaphors that are completely irrelevant to the situation at hand to make him seem "wise." His background story for why he does what he does is such crap. He survived suicide so he decided to dedicate the rest of his life to putting people into situations where there is a sure chance of death, but HERE'S THE CATCH! He doesn't actually kill people! OH MY GOD! This movie is genius! pure cinematic genius! Give me a break.

Also, the movie has quite terrible acting. The first had some really bad acting, but compared to this one, the first Saw has Oscar worthy performances. The dialogue was bad enough, but bad actors playing clichéd characters makes not only for a mess of a film, but makes it very boring.

The directing is nothing spectacular either. It's the same typical MTV music video, quick cutting, fancy filter crap that you see in a lot of mainstream American horror movies these days.

Then there are all those twists. What is the point? I really wasn't shocked by any of it, and in fact, I was thinking to myself, "Isn't it obvious?" the whole movie. The ending, I will admit, surprised me. Not to say that's a good thing. Because unlike the first one that had me wondering about the whole movie, the ending in this one had me asking questions and compromising the integrity of the plot. Questions like, "How come it wasn't reported sooner that eight people were missing? How could a cancer patient and a girl achieve all that work? Where are they disposing the bodies? Why are the bodies from Saw 1 still lying around? Why did I actually spend money on this? Why does this movie remind me so much of Cube?" Questions such as that.

Speaking of Cube, this movie borrows HEAVILY from it. Cube (though that had its holes as well) was at least much smarter and more clever as far as its plot. Cube and Saw 2 are a lot alike because it's basically the same situation, only Saw 2 isn't sci-fi, with a bigger budget, and isn't good. People are trapped where they must solve puzzles to get past death traps in a certain amount of time before it's too late. Saw 2 and Cube do share one common bond though. They completely fall apart near the end.

Yeah, there's really not much good to say about Saw 2. Even the DVD packaging is terrible. I felt like I was watching another no named direct to video horror movie made solely for Blockbuster rental, but the difference is those movies have never seen the same promotion that this got. How this movie has a high rating on IMDb is beyond me. I love horror movies (and have seen some really bad ones in my time) and this one is not much better than some of those. This movie is not worth the time. Rent the first one, watch it once, leave the Saw franchise alone from that moment on.

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