Saw II (2005) Poster


Plot Keywords

nerve gas death
trap serial killer
killer murder
antidote detective
shouting argument
man crying crying man
elevator man on fire
fire torture device
torture dirty syringe
syringe in arm bathtub
father police officer
police furnace
woman crying crying woman
blood on shirt spitting blood
boxer briefs male underwear
bare chested male brutal violence
bare chested male bondage pig mask
game of death slow motion
lifting female in air lifting an adult into the air
famous theme villainess
characters killed one by one blood spatter
brutality goth
gothic lifting someone into the air
psychological torture survival horror
violence kidnapping
flashback father son relationship
sole survivor extreme
bodily dismemberment violence against a child
trapdoor shot through a keyhole
shot in the head safe
police brutality juvenile delinquent
junkie hypodermic needle
crooked cop arsonist
evil doll playing god
mind game vomit
severed foot heroin
drug use drug dealer
coward racial stereotype
razor blade violent cop
vcr toilet
tape recorder surveillance camera
suicide attempt special forces
shot to death sadism
police raid panic
oxygen mask nightmare
gore drug addict
cop killer cancer
crematorium throat slitting
syringe stabbed in the chest
shot in the eye self mutilation
saw pistol
knife in the chest impalement
electrocution dripping blood
corrupt cop corpse
child in peril burned alive
broken leg broken finger
booby trap blood
baseball bat sequel
second part surprise ending

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