First Snow (2006) Poster


Plot Keywords

friend reading
prediction soothsayer
psychic snow
salesman partner
coca cola sandwich
hot dog surveillance
lookout guitar
shopping center washing one's face
hallucination nightmare
gun held to one's head parole officer
jogging prank
apology husband wife relationship
drug use computer
vending business telemarketing
telephone hangup stalled car
recording radio
listening to a radio mail
candle business meeting
overhead projector american indian
native american toy gun
boy suitcase
prologue bet
basketball dying
photograph broken wineglass
wine underwear
heart disease palm reader
palm reading echo cardiogram
heart defect heart valve
heart doctor
auto mechanic dallas texas
garage brother brother relationship
mother son relationship gun
oklahoma city home movie
answering machine bartender
shared bath bath
friendship search
telephone call bra
filling station gas station
restaurant cafe
eating food
crossing self sunglasses
money laundering watching tv
violence winter
destiny voice over narration
sex kitchen
flashback diner
bathtub bar
tumbleweed traveling salesman
suicide shot in the head
obscene finger gesture manic
jogger fired from the job
clairvoyant cigarette smoking
childhood friend chain smoking
cell phone car trouble
car radio breaking and entering
bag of money abandoned factory
trailer house target sheet
reunited friends paranoia
motel fate
blood weather report
new mexico money
jukebox fortune teller
ex convict drinking
desert business deal
broken down car boyfriend girlfriend relationship
title spoken by character number in title
surprise ending

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