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First Snow is essentially a short story with a metaphysical twist, but Pearce puts his fears more up front than any actor I can think of.
The Hollywood Reporter
The actors, all strong, give the lyrical but never artificial dialogue the ring of life. Pearce is riveting as a go-getter who finds himself trapped between a murky past and a future defined by ambition.
A haunting neo-noir about a man told by a palmist that his karma is about to run over his dogma.
Chicago Tribune
Movies like First Snow rise or fall on characters and atmosphere, and Fergus gets them both. But though the story's resolution does have irony and even a certain power, it lacks the charge, the Serlingesque "gotcha," that it needs.
Knowledge is not always a good thing and observing how one individual handles this unusual fantasy-tinged situation provides enough compelling drama to make Mark Fergus' debut feature a source of suspense, intrigue, and philosophical musing.
It's a slow, moderately involving descent into the inevitable, with Pearce gamely trying to figure what's going on. Better him than me.
Miami Herald
The story falters only at the end, but it's the ride, not the destination, that you remember and savor the most.
Fergus' thriller benefits from Pearce's high-strung performance and the stark New Mexico landscapes, but the story is familiar and the pacing much too measured for a slight tale of ineluctable fate.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
First Snow is, above all else, one man's particular journey. Pearce is a valid and compelling guide but he can't carry the full load of the movie's excess baggage. For the movie to completely resonate it has to strike the spiritual-angst note through his performance. Pearce comes close but no ... well, you know.
A neo-noir thriller long on atmosphere and short on production values.
It's déjà vu all over again for Aussie actor Guy Pearce, returning to motel rooms in the American Southwest to sort out metaphysical issues in the thriller First Snow, to somewhat less original effect than he did in "Memento."

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