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None, except you see some naked dead bodies, but without any nudity.

Extremely graphic and disturbing imagery throughout.

Many people are found dead, ripped open with intestines hanging out.

An extremely disturbing sequence at the beginning where man is tied on some device ripped open but still alive and groaning.. His brain, liver, kidneys ,heart and lungs are in jars next to him. You press the button which electrocutes him and he dies(mercyfull kill).

When you shot someone there is some blood splatter.

Man has his almost whole body covered in blood and many cuts and bruises. It is heavily implied that he deliberately mutilated himslef.

Creature kills young girl. Not seen, but you later see her body, covered in blood.

Dead man is found crucified with his chest cut open.

A man is killed by falling into the grinder. You see body parts lying on the floor. Very disturbing.

In one sequence as walk through the asylum blood start dripping from the ceiling in huge amount.

Very near end of the game you shoot the pool with energy weapon which electrocutes Hydra. She violently twtitches and dies. This may be a little disturbing.

Main character violently hangs himself at the beginning of the game. We only see legs twitching and hear choking sound. Same scene appears at the end as some sort of twist ending.

3 F-words. Some uses of God's name in vain and few uses of bastard.

Morphine is present in the game.

Character is shown smoking briefly.

Strong psychological horror. See Violence & Gore section.

Creature called shoggot have incredibly frightening look. It appears as giant slime with multiple eyes and tentacles.

The ending is distressing.

This game is not for kids. Definitely.


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