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It's terrific! Shot by the brilliant cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle ("Dogville," "28 Days Later," etc.) and anchored by amazing performances from identical (but not conjoined) twins Harry and Luke Treadaway, Brothers of the Head is not a freak show, or a knockoff "Rocky Horror" camp celebration. It's a work of powerful atmosphere and significant mystery. Plus, it rocks.
The Hollywood Reporter
A work of terrific imagination, visceral punch and gothic beauty.
Like a good rock record, Brothers of the Head isn't easily explained. But its original fusion of real and surreal will cling to your cranium for years.
New York Daily News
This is a very tender portrayal of young people caught up in a blisteringly fast and cynical world, and though their music is hideous, they are a compelling act.
Despite some excitingly shot concert footage, one scene begins to feel very much like the next, and it's all rather predictable.
Bizarre, edgy and haunting tale.
Village Voice
The golden-hued footage is lovingly faked by ace cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle, and the straight-faced result is as improbably touching as the Farrelly brothers' underrated "Stuck on You."
A fake documentary that barely lets on that its fiction, this devilishly clever film tells the story of conjoined twins who create a minor sensation in Britain on the eve of punk rock.
The A.V. Club
Brothers isn't nearly as haunting and singular as "Last Days," because the faux-documentary format too closely mirrors the Behind The Music trajectory of a thousand other rock-band flameouts.
New York Post
"This Is Spinal Tap" took the mockumentary up to 11. Brothers of the Head brings it back down to about four.

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