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Darling romantic comedy, one of the best I've seen lately..don't really care for the title
Amy Adler7 February 2011
Trump (Brian Hooks) is a successful West Coast businessman. Lucky man, he is also engaged to a beautiful gal, Shalae (Tiffany Lowery). But, one day, the IRS pays a visit to Trump's office, with bad news. There is a good deal of tax money owed and Trump can't pay it. His biz goes under. When Trump breaks the news to Shalae, it isn't long before she decides they are "incompatible" and dumps him. Can you say gold digger? Having no other choice, Trump moves back to his grandpa's house in Bakersfield. Next door, there is quite a lovely aspiring designer, Malika (Jazsmin Lewis), who has also moved back in with her mother. However, Malika once had a run-in with Trump and wants nothing to do with him. Likewise for him. Over the course of softball games, picnics and walk, nevertheless, these two hate-birds may have changed their minds. Unfortunately, into this mess returns Shalae, when it appears Trump's fortunes may be changing for the better. Which one of these two gorgeous gals will become Trump's wifey? This is a great romantic comedy, very funny and sweet. As the main players, Hooks, Lewis, and Lowery are terrific and the supporting cast is great, too. The California setting is sunny, the costumes are lovely, and the camera work well done. In addition, the script has some terrific lines and plots while the direction never tires. To be honest, the only minor objection to the movie's success is that the "n" word is used, once, by a black character. What a shame. But, if you are looking for a new view in the romcom category, believe me, you could hardly do better than Wifey. It's immensely enjoyable.
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