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As a dramatic short-movie not that good

Author: Kaazul from Austria
14 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all I want to claim, that this is a review. My only intention is to write about a film I saw and not about the consequences (Unfortunately, the death of the Director).

The Movie has a pretty good start, with a nice shot. After that, the story has a good start with the main actor looking deeply in the camera. But after 2 or 3 Minutes I start thinking, why? Why do I have to watch a monologue (that isn't that good, except for 3-4 brilliant phrases) 8 out of 10 minutes in a dramatic(not documentary) movie. Nevertheless, the movie is getting really impressive in the last minute. Until then, either the camera and the editing shows no rhythm. A little more thoughts in this would have made the movie a lot better. The story is really strong, but the monologue isn't (all the time). When you make an 8 minute monologue, it has to be good over the whole 8 minutes! To end my review the most impressive pro: The costume and the projected verses are fantastic. The costume as a burqa where you can see her female parts shows the duality of the character in a really good way.

After all, i would say 5-6 stars.


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Theo van Gogh vs. Hirsi Ali

Author: jop_jeffrey from Netherlands
25 April 2006

In the movie you can see Islam is a beauty of a religion. But it has important bad things. Hirsi Ali, a Dutch politicus, asked Theo van Gogh to make this movie to let people see what is Islam. In the movie is told that men are dangerous about women. The Islam in the Netherlands were absolutely not happy with this movie. Theo van Gogh were killed shorty after making this. Hirsi Ali has been treated several times, according to the Dutch FBI, she isn't safe now either. Other politici who are treated: Geert Wilders, he is a right-extreme one in the Dutch government. If you want to know how came he in the government: He has support from half Holland, probably because there are 1 million Muslims in The Netherlands. I can only say one thing in Dutch: "Theo had gelijk..." It means: "Theo was right..."

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Theo van Gogh's fatal movie

Author: rbverhoef ( from The Hague, Netherlands
28 January 2005

This is a short Dutch film about Islamic women trying to explain how they live following Allah and his holy book and how miserable it makes them. It was written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Dutch politician who fights for human rights, women rights, Islamic women rights. Here she has written a pretty powerful short movie although it has some weak points.

The movie itself, directed by the murdered Theo van Gogh, shows us an Islamic woman almost entirely covered by a black piece of clothing and a veil. We can look through the clothing, showing us the naked woman underneath. The woman where it is all about. While showing us this, the woman and other women tell their story of how they live with the holy book as their guidelines. They also tell that the men take advantage of certain passages in the book so the women end up beaten and raped.

Like I said it is powerful and things like this happen, I can believe that. But the movie shows no other side, quite logical since it wants to make a point, but therefore it seems exaggerated. For some women it is probably as described in the movie, but here it all seems to happen to one person at the same time, making it all less believable. Still, the issue needs attention, in some ways, and a movie like this could be a good thing to start with. The director who is murdered for making this short definitely did not deserve it, not because it questions certain aspects of the Islamic faith.

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Author: Mohamed basem from Egypt
5 October 2015

At the outset, all of fighting Islam does not know Islam for what it is that Islam is not as you think he is the terror that Islam is a religion of peace and on the word Islam translated (peace) How can religion be named Peace and be the blame for terrorism, religion and why the first thing you think of him when you hear the word Muslim and that its meaning (peaceful) as a terrorist and suppressor of freedoms Islam gives the right of all individuals in any place of the freedom of choice to choose the religion that he deems it right and no one is forced in any time or place to come to Islam without his will, how some claim that Islam is a religion of terrorism and Islam is not to blame for that from some individuals extremist thought and became a terrorist, and that Islam prohibits killing the soul without the right that Islam is the one who ordered the Muslims in war time fighting not to cut the tree or kill a child or kill an old man not until the woman how my owners thought and openness to Civilizations have terrorism and Islam is the religion of Islam is the one who said that in time of war, how the case may be the time for peace Look at the history of the world and will know who they are terror (Islam is a religion of peace) and this is the greeting of Islam: peace be upon you.

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not convincing

Author: khurram712-1 from Pakistan
23 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

for me..partly because i am is biased.The horrible story of a girl that was forcefully married,beaten up by her husband and later on impregnated by her uncle is blamed on Islam!!!.Come on...all three acts are unlawful acts in Islam.These are ills that are present in every society.I hope some people would have seen the movie if i take it for real..would i blame Hinduism for killing newly born girls and then marrying one female to four brothers who beat up her as well.the only issue that she mentioned in the documentary about face veil is worth considering..and by the way it is not mandatory to cover face according to some Islamic Scholars.I am not a very practicing Muslim but its natural for any Muslim to feel offended when documentaries like Fitna and Submission put Islam and Prophet Muhammad S.A.W(the love of these two entities is embedded in Muslim blood) in bad colour..but again it doesn't mean that i should start chasing Ayaan or Dutch Director with a sword.

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A provocative short film that incites hatred

Author: replenish-734-673388 from England
10 May 2010

In a nutshell. There are 2.4 billion Muslims in the world, to suggest that every Muslim women experiences domestic violence, rape and harassment due to scriptures of the Quran / Muslim faith is categorically untrue.

What the film does expose is extremely barbaric isolated incidents in the pockets of our society. This is a cultural issue that will be weeded out through a combination of education and social pressure.

We have an obligation to think about this for ourselves, many stories have been published in the media and have arguably had an impact on forming public opinion. Let logic and rational prevail over ignorance.

Pros: Raising and spreading awareness. Cons: The cause of the issue is way off the mark.

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isn't about Islam

Author: joshwolf from Netherlands
6 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just for the record: this isn't about the whole Islam this is about some woman in the Netherlands (and the rest of Europe)that are 'tortured' by there men, but because they must listen to there men according to the Islam they don't do anything about it.

I don't think Hirsi Ali and van gogh were right but I do think u shouldn't say this is a film against the Islam.

This is not a good movie, its boring and not interesting to watch, I think because Van Gogh didn't wright it but that the politician Hirsi Avli wrote it, so u cant expect that much from it.

Sorry for the bad English, I'm dutch and I'm still in school and English isn't my best subject.

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wrongly executed..

Author: Michiel van der Heide from Netherlands
6 March 2005

I've had my opinion.. before I read all of these comments I've just been reading…

I'll give my personal opinion about this film first, after that I'll respond to some things said in the other comments.

I find Ayaan Hirsi Ali a brave woman to (try) and make problems discussable like she does. She's a politician.. this is a thing that brings doubt to her actions, as a politician she should maybe use different platforms, and not make subjective movies. But besides that, I think she made a huge mistake coming to van Gogh with this. Don't get me wrong, I have a GREAT respect for what van Gogh did, he made several real nice movies, and he did it all on his own. I'm in film school, and I've always loved this dude, not caring crap about what people think about him.. just saying what he wants… but remember this guy is an ARTIST! He CAN say what he want, he does not have to carry the responsibility.. if there are people allowed to spill what they think.. it's artist.. I think most can agree with me on that..

But because Ayaan came to Van Gogh, it became a POLITICAL message. Van Gogh is known for his "disliking" of the Islam, or at least the radical part of it.. when Ayaan went to van Gogh instead of someone else.. she already lost a big shot at reaching open minds with her movie… no Muslim will respect her for going to an (in their eyes) Muslim-hater.

You can't forbid what she did, I'm just saying.. she did not play it smart at all.. people will only defend, just what I'm reading now, their culture… maybe if she brought things differently people would think first before jumping into defense (no offense here, but this is what happens). (BTW I think the movie is still of great artistic value).

Oke on to some of the comments I've read here.. I agree that most Europeans don't know much about the Islam.. I myself have read about a lot of religions.. I'm far from an expert, but I have my own ideas about things.. that's what I find troubling about mass religion… they block your OWN thinking.. don't tell me you understand the Quran… I din understand the bible one bit when I've been reading it.. it's only until I studied a bit of Buddhism, and the religions of nature people (like Indians) until I understood my own religion… I'm sure it's been said before.. but all religions are the same… not in the base, in EVERYTHING. They might tell some things differently, but the base is the only thing that matters..

I think people should find this out themselves.. and read about other religions.. people say, read about Islam before you judge, I completely agree.. but as a Muslim, read about other religions as well! In my opinion.. if you don't understand it's all the same MSG, you didn't even begin to understand anything about your own religion.

And comments like: what if Jesus was called a pedophile?

I think they have some meaning to it…. Not that I agree with it at all.. you can call Jesus whatever (I'm still a Christian BTW). I don't care AT ALL, that's not the point you see.. and I think Europeans are more liberal thinking ON THIS PART. Islam will 2.. but the immigrants mostly don't yet.. and that's exactly why we should be careful with how we approach them.. I think discussion is possible.. but with respect.. we have to keep minds open, or try to slowly and gently open them..

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Muslim girl message

Author: sara fahmy from Egypt
8 January 2005

I am 20 years old Muslim girl,living in a Muslim country(Egypt), studying advertising & graphic design ...respecting the European culture that respects the other ... My religion gave me complete freedom to live a real life ... The image of the abused Muslim girl which the film reflects is totally not true, it seems that the people who worked on producing that kind of film didn't know a single right word about Islam or the Islamic civilization & culture , they were ignorant about the human rights in any Islamic state such as the security of personal freedom,the freedom of expression,the protection of honor& freedom of conscience & conviction as god says in the holy Quran "there should be no coercion in the matter of faith). Just read the holy Quran to know more about Islam & to know the other... Hope my simple words can make difference in knowing what a Muslim woman's life is...

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Not like the demons she portrays us like...

Author: mats-siba from Sweden
6 January 2006

Yes I am insulted. You see, when I treat my wife with love and respect I do it because I know from studying the Qurân that the love we share is a gift from God. I know that the security and comfort we fell together is something God planted in us when He created us. Ayan would also know this if she had even the slightest interested in what the Qurân REALLY says about women. But she's not. Thats where I am insulted, because I cant take the blame for what her family put her through - in the name of Islam, the clan or whatever - some 20 years ago. Neither can my religion. But still she's battling the most positive factor, i.e Islam, in millions of peoples lives all around the world, instead of dealing with her family who are the real culprits. We really aren't the demons she portrays us like, and no, we wont apologize for that.

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