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A great story of a boy's fight to save a unique type of bear
penguinpix12 April 2006
Why hasn't this excellent film shown up in theaters and/or on TV in the US? This is great storytelling with an urgent message of how we are losing so much of our natural resource treasures to greed and unbridled development. The cinematography of the British Columbia rain forest and encounters with the Spirit Bear are remarkable. The film is not, however, just a pretty picture. We follow the difficulty of convincing people who have economic interests in development that some things are worth preserving. Having been involved in conservation projects myself, I find the inclusion of the hard fight to win over the public to a conservation cause very close to the mark. Well done! Hope this film gets the play it deserves.
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The Power of One
sonoranfish1 July 2006
This film, made with the financial support of the Canadian government, is based on the true story of a genuine environmental hero. Simon Jackson was only 13 when he began his crusade to save the Spirit Bear, a white version of Ursus Americanus Kermodei, which occurs in about 10% of the black bears which live in a relatively small area in Canada. The only habitat of the Spirit Bear is Princess Royal Island, other adjacent large islands, and nearby coastal British Columbia. This unique temperate rainforest area was threatened by clearcut logging. Simon faced down not only the BC government, and the timber industry, but also the loggers themselves.

His story is one that needs to be told to everyone on this planet---that it is possible for one determined person to change what is happening to our environment, before it is too late. The film is not a millions-of-bucks slick production, but is touching and feels genuine. The footage of the Spirit Bear(s) is truly remarkable. I love Graham Greene and he was perfect in his role of a somewhat disillusioned environmental organization employee and mentor to Simon. My only real criticism is the music, which seemed much louder than the rest of the soundtrack.

For people who know nothing about the campaign to save the Spirit Bear's habitat from destruction by ignorance and greed, the film is very enlightening. For those of us who joined our voices to the thousands who heard about the Spirit Bear directly from Simon Jackson, it is very heartening to see the story disseminated through this film. I can only hope everyone who sees it will feel empowered to lift their voice to protest greed and injustice in the world.
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It is a beautiful film.
flower_pearldede4 February 2006
This film is a beautiful film but it is little bit old.What I meant that the filming and the clothes look old.But anyway it is a beautiful film. This film is really interesting for the ones who eagers to know facts about the past.The story of the bear and having a friend whose father is a part of killing this spirit bear made me to keep watching it. Fighting adults and their ways of thinking about us teenagers made me strong after watching.This story is very real to me and I love it. It is a story of a determination that has came at a cost which made me happy and strong. This is a story that needs to be seen by everybody and I really mean it.
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Inspiring Movie
citrus-salad13 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoyed the beautifully filmed scenery and of course watching the spirit bears. In our world where the individual is often lost in the crowd, it is good to know that one teenager can make a difference! Well done Simon Jackson! Love those bears too. From what I've read, the work to maintain these bears natural habitat is still on-going . As in most based -on- fact movies I suppose some liberties were taken with the facts for more viewer interest, however I know it must have been quite difficult and a discouraging struggle for one so young to fight "the system" This was a thoughtfully made movie and anyone who is interested in saving endangered species and preserving our natural environment would enjoy this film. As for the person who rated this movie with one star and had not even seen the movie, what were you thinking? I highly recommend this movie.
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Amazing Man!!
reigh_leigh26 May 2006
I cannot wait to see this movie. I know Simon Jackson personally and he is an amazing, AMAZING man! I remember when I first met Simon after receiving my scholarship from TD Canada Trust, he told us his story while we told him ours. Simon is a man whom you listen to when he speaks, he has this special thing about himself, I don't know what it is, but I know he has it. Simon is going to make it big, and he'll save his bear.

He's great, just great. He told us about THIS movie and he's very proud, I know it will be a 10/10!

If you're looking forward to seeing a movie in the US about the Spirit Bear, wait until 2008 because the movie industry is going to be taken aback by a "first ever" involving the Spirit Bear! :D
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outdoorchrisb31 December 2015
Pleased to note that the movie is now airing in the US on at least my local PBS station KBYU in Utah. Just saw it today and decided to sign up to IMDb to give a review (my personal first on IMDb) and note of well deserved encouragement for the work this movie represents. Im glad for the preservation actions to protect this rare animal. In writing this, some may think me to be an "environmentalist", etc. Which is not the case, I just like to encourage support for good things when I see them. Although I do love the outdoors and work in related industries. Keep up the good work! This is a good message which I think, if listened to, can increase appreciation of balance in the world we live in between industry and the nature and creation of life on this planet. The movie stirs the spirit towards appreciation for the natural world around us and can help one to realize, remember and appreciate things in our world before we slip to accidentally or intentionally destroy them. Such appreciation, I believe, can help prevent human regret of mistakes that can be irreversible.
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