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Another one for the ... desert

Author: kosmasp
30 December 2010

As with the second one continuing where the first one left off, this does continue where the second left us. And again it does make sense, to have seen the movies that came before this one. One welcome addition (survivor from part 2) in this one, is Oded F. He really grounds things and his role seems to get expanded (though you never know in a movie like this, now do you?).

He was also commenting on part 2, though I haven't listen to any audio commentary for this part (they are entertaining, even if you didn't quite like the movies ... if you liked them you will relish them anyway). But the setting is good and the tone seems to really fit the movie. There are quite a few good scenes and it is a continuation that fits with the rest of the movies.

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Costa Del Zombie

Author: ( from United Kingdom
12 November 2010

Sunshine? Sand? Las Vegas? Sounds like the perfect holiday... but not in Resident Evil Extinction! This is the world where ravenous zombies attack in broad daylight.

Resident Evil Extinction definitely takes the zombie genre in a new direction, breaking the conventions of the usual films in this category. Gone are the days where zombies roam dark, fog laden roads, where the survivors have only everyday items as weapons, where the zombies are the primary threat...

The film uses wide camera angles to show the isolation of the last strand of survivors in this desolate environment. The cinematography is beautiful, from the wide open plains of the Nevada desert to the confined spaces of an Umbrella Corporation facility.

The soundtrack follows a similar style from the last two films, with pounding techno-rock numbers that really get the blood pumping and mirror the relentless action that's on screen.

Overall, this film follows the style over substance feel that the series has followed since day one however, it's one of those films you can watch with little thought. Pure entertainment! Worth a watch.

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Being a maniac of Resident Evil: Extinction

Author: ehco58302003 from Taiwan, YiLan
12 April 2010

The series of "Resident Evil" is the most classic movies among many which are also adapted from games. Surprised, in every sequel, the qualities of movie-making are above the average. Every time I watch it, it always can heavily strike terror into me. I think that the acting of the characters, the absorbing plot, and the excellent special effects are surely the causes of it being so popular.

In "Resident Evil: Extinction", I find it quite astonishing that Alice can exert her mental supernatural power. This is totally different from its original settings. Before it, Alice showed her body strength to fight against the dead-walking all the way. In this 3rd sequel, Alice is not only a woman but already a savior of the whole world. It seems to be something excessively exaggerating to me. I like Alice who defeat all the dead-walking and save the survivors by her own strength, not supernatural power. Despite of something I dislike, I, just like a maniac, still love this movie very much. I really appreciate the bravery of Alice. Not fearing anything, Alice can survive on her own. I really wish to become her someday.

I have already seen it many times. I enjoy every scene and the development of the story. After I watch it, I often feel excited and joyful. As long as you have once seen this movie, I bet you'll fall in love with it unless you don't like action sci-fi movie.

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Alice, just what the doctor ordered?

Author: amesmonde from Novelist of The Final Version
18 March 2010

Alice along with a group of survivors attempt to travel to Alaska via Las Vegas to escape a zombie apocalypse.

I'm not a player of the Resident Evil games, so all the films including this 3rd instalment are non-bias. I'm not a fan of 'super' zombie's, however, I enjoyed this one more than the second.

It was good to see zombies in a desert wasteland setting but the film has a cheap look to it in parts. Oded Fehr, Iain Glen and Mike Epps return, Ali Larter is a welcomed new addition as Claire, but the rest of the acting from the supporting cast isn't too wonderful.

Milla Jovovich (despite a odd hair-cut) once again is just what the doctor ordered as Alice who develops her 'powers' throughout. There are plenty of tussles, zombie action, killer birds and it has some great ideas, themes and a surprise electrifying closing.

Under Russell Mulcahy direction it has it's moments. There is one stand out segment at a gas station, but again, like it's predecessor it lacks the pulsing, foreboding, suspense and mood created by Paul W.S. Anderson in the first Resident Evil.

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

I gotta shotgun

Author: m-vinteuil from New Zealand
18 December 2009

Whereas it is easy to sympathise with Alien, Terminator, Matrix (etc.) fan boys for feeling shortchanged and insulted as they watched their beloved franchises complete the circle from B-movies masquerading as A-movies to ending up as D-movies, I'll never understand the Resident Evil crowd's objection to these flicks. The original video games were not brain food with lines like "Jill sandwich" and "you, the 'Master of Unlocking'" delivered by the most stilted voice actors heard since the Zelda CD-I games. Also, considering Romero and Co. have botched the simple concept of the zombie genre, it's fun to just escape into the post-apocalyptic fantasy land where slow moving flesh-eaters 'live' again.

It helps that I never enjoyed the entirety of Mad Max, Alien Resurrection, The Matrix, Land of The Dead and any number of other movies this steals from. And that they only chose to steal the good stuff and trim away all the talky bits. So instead of all that cod philosophy horsesh*t and exposition meetings with the Yoda Oracle that bore you to tears, you get Milla Jovovovovavich able to bend time and space until Umbrella turn off her power switch. Simple.

The film starts off with a clone Milla biting the dust: 'Evil corporation constantly cloning until they find the perfect specimen' cribbed from Alien 4. Steal from the best, I guess. This was cool. A concept so illogical that it pulls you into the fantasy. Cut to a Mad Max rip off of a truck or bus or whateverdafu*k pimped out in faux-Megaweapon armor dicing the head of a zombie as the kids aboard Dead Reckoning cheer. This was also cool... just because. Some other stuff happens like that annoying comic-relief character from the second movie getting bitten and Milla acting a more likable lead for once. Both very cool. Come to think of it, this movie is perfect at quickly dispensing with secondary characters you had just assumed would become permanent fixtures. "Mar, I don't like her... oh cool she's enveloped by crows!" it took him two movies to get there, but Paul Anderson now knows that people don't want to be annoyed by those on screen.

Although this movie lacks fundamentals like a fortified mall or a Tenpenny Tower safe zone, a Milla ginger muff shot, and a scene of a drunk sniper in a cowboy hat taking gleeful potshots of ambling zombies fueling every ten-year-old boy's dream lifestyle (they used up all three by the second pic), it does have Super Milla64. An indestructible super badass who's super motorcycle boots drove me to cross dressing with super envy. All the wire work in the climatic super duper zombie showdown in a very sandy Las Vegas elicited the same "woah!" from me as when I first saw Ted Theodore Logan bouncing off the pillars wasting regenerating video game enemies with unlimited ammo. And that's kinda the point.

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Easily the best in the Resident Evil series

Author: long-ford from India
18 February 2009

This film was surprisingly watchable and I rate it the best in the Resident Evil series. The film carries on from where 'Resident Evil: Apocalypse' stopped. The action is better staged and the VFX much better than the previous two films. There are some genuine scares and there's a chilling scene that works well as a homage to Hitchcock's 'The Birds'. Milla Jovovich has very few lines as always, but carries the film with her presence. The story is needlessly complicated and the climactic action sequences a letdown. Still watchable at least on television/DVD.

Overall 6/10

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

"A cross between the Mad Max Series and Night of the Living Dead"

Author: rbrb
1 July 2008

My summary title is thanks to professional reviewer Philip French and appropriately sums up this flick and my account of it.The opening scene shows the female lead nude in the bath and in the version of the movie I watched on cable has her naked body "bubbled out" and when any actor smoked a cigarette there was similar censorship; yet countless scenes of bloody killing with heads and bodies blown to bits are left untouched! This film is part of a series itself but basically the world is infected with a virus, zombies walk the earth, our heroine has supernatural powers,a few "goodies" are trying to survive in the desert, there is a mad scientist who is part of an evil underworld etc and whatever. Some clever special effects makes this "nonsence" more or less watchable. 6/10.

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Not as good as the first two.

Author: Martin (ThatsGoodInnit) from United Kingdom, Wales
25 March 2008

I was very hyped for the release of this film, especially as i enjoyed the first 2 so much, and have played the computer games. Also i like Milla Jovovich a lot easily the best Female Action Superstar around today, she can kick Ar"". Very sexy and hugely enjoyable for all the boys. She's made a big impact on the action flick scene, and raised expectations for all future flicks, it's gone of the days where action men dominated the movie scene, we now want to see hot chicks with guns, and major cool action stunts and Milla always delivers, you want more and more. This movie does have it's high points and continues the story from the first 2 films, which is good, and often takes you back to the first and second films, the film has evolved from much more than just a zombie horror flick it has become a series like the games, and has been left wide open for a 4th because more needs to be answered, and I'm dying to see what the creators come up with next. And yes we do get a lot of blood, a lot of guns, a lot of zombies with more dogs and crows!!!! it was nice to see the cast from the second film return. I don't have anything that bad to say about it really just didn't quite reach the mark the second did, but still highly enjoyable. It was nice to see Ali Larter from Final Destination, i find she looks a lot like Milla, and before now got them both mixed up. I feel they could've used Ali more, but most likely didn't want to take the shine off Milla, not that you could! these films are her own.

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Not very good

Author: Mattias Petersson from Stockholm, Sweden
25 January 2008

So the "Resident Evil"-movies have reached the trilogy-mark. Apparently the first movie trilogy based on a video game. I have to question if this is something admirable or not. The first two movies were mediocre at best, and this third installment is no exception.

First of all the story (if it matters). The world has been completely destroyed by the virus, almost all humans are zombies and the whole ecosystem has failed because of the virus. Basically the world has been turned into one giant desert. In this wasteland a few human survivors roam, among them Alice (Jovovich). Meanwhile The Umbrella Corporation has continued their research.

First of all i can say that this is probably the best-looking of the three movies. The sets are very nice and the world does feel desolate. But mostly the positive comments end there. Like in previous movies, the action scenes are the major problem i have with the movie. I don't understand what's so hard about making decent action scenes. Here we have crappy choreography, boring fights and firefights that look like people are just running around shooting randomly. There is a lot of blood and gore (obviously), but not even that manages to spice things up. I wouldn't go as far as calling the movie boring, but the more quiet moments in the movie are actually the ones that work best. And for an action movie, that's not a very positive remark.

What surprises me most about this movie is that they let Russell Mulcahy direct. There are a few directors in the industry that i wonder why people hire, Mulcahy is definitely one of those. Incidentally, so is the even-worse Paul W.S. Anderson. If you look at Mulcahy's track record, there is very little (if anything) to be impressed of. He has churned out almost exclusively crappy movies. And you can also see that in the last few years he's mostly had to settle for directing TV. Why they would hire him for this movie is impossible to understand. But i guess that it's yet another sign that the bar is not raised very high when making a Resident Evil-movie...

In the end i found this to be about as enjoyable as the first two movies. That is: not very. It's not utter crap, but it's still light years away from better action movies. The problem nowadays is that there are other zombie-movies being made that are so much better than these. "28 Days Later", "Dawn of the Dead" and "28 Weeks Later" for that matter, have raised the bar for the genre. Resident Evil doesn't even try to catch up. Which is kind of sad. I rate this 3/10.

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Another great addition to the series!

Author: Prolox from Canada
22 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Third film in the popular killer zombie series, inspired by the video game of the same name, has MILLA JOVOVICH returning as the female zombie butt kicker here helping a small band of survivors look for civilization & a way to stop the zombie madness, however the diabolical scientist behind the project that created the chaos has now joined the undead, with incredible powers thanks to his new serum that may destroy her & the band of fighters before they achieve that goal! RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION was a really fun zombie picture that has loads of action great special effects, good suspense & lots of mind blowing visuals capped off with great direction & acting & you have a definite winner in this entertaining series! the zombie make-up is excellent, the story very interesting & the film keeps it's viewer hoked from beginning to end as it constantly pulls something new out of it's sleeve to keep us entertained. Fans of the series will find plenty to like, while those who didn't care for the first are advised to stay away. Either way, this is definitely an entertaining thrill ride & worthy of repeated viewings. Followed by RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE

**** stars

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