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Reviews & Ratings for
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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Great sequel

Author: ctomvelu-1 from United States
6 July 2008

How many second sequels can you think of that hold up as well as the original or even the first sequel? RE: EXTINCTION does just that, thanks to a clever plot, fine performances from several seasoned actors plus some eye-popping special effects and set designs. A ragtag group of Raccoon City survivors is trying to find its way to a place of safety, and ends up crossing paths with Alice, who by now is so powerful she can actually control the elements. Meanwhile, the creeps back at the Umbrella Corp. are still after Alice, mainly for her blood. There are fights galore against an endless army of zombies, but the most amazing battle occurs between the survivors and thousands of zombie crows. For those old enough to remember Hitchcock's THE BIRDS, this confrontation plays out like that old classic on steroids. Oded Fehr from THE MUMMY movies and Ali Larter of the FINAL DESTINATION flicks are on hand as leaders of the caravan of survivors. Milla Jovovich is once again on hand as Alice, but there is reason to believe this will be her final performance in that role should yet another sequel get green-lighted. The end is a real kick in the head, by the way. The film has some awesomely gory moments and is not suitable for young children.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Milla Kicks Some Ass!

Author: fwomp from United States
13 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Call me old fashion, but I just love to see a good looking gal with sharp weapons beheading zombies. The gal is none other than Russian-born supermodel turned action star Milla Jovovich (ULTRAVIOLET). Most will probably remember her from the sci-fi comedy hit, THE FIFTH ELEMENT where she played Leeloo (aka The Fifth Element). The movie was an astounding success and helped launch her into more mainstream films and out of her B-movie dregs.

Milla was also picked up by the Resident Evil franchise in 2002 (films based on the computer game), and she seems to have found her footing in these betwixt-type slasher/zombie movies.

Reprising her role as Alice, a genetically enhanced human-machine, Milla kicks some serious ass. She is reunited with love interest Carlos (Oded Fehr, THE MUMMY series) and her wayward band of zombie dodging wanderers while trying to keep a low profile from the genetic seekers that live in an underground complex in desertville. These scientists are trying to find a way to combat the increasing zombie threat. Problem is, though, is that a power hungry mad scientist named Dr. Ashford (Jared Harris, LADY IN THE WATER) is developing a serum to help cure or tame the zombies' insatiable hunger for human flesh. But the serum goes awry and Dr. Ashford becomes something of a monster himself.

Meanwhile, Alice and her buds are fighting off zombified crows and left-over gamblers in Viva Las Vegas, all while the mad scientists bear down on her.

The movie is what it is: a zombie flick that goes overboard when it comes to the creation of a new creature. But the zombies are realistic looking, and Milla looks (and acts) great as the reluctant desert hero, trying to find out who she is and where life is taking her. You don't have to do a lot of thinking during the entire film; it's all laid out for you in wonderful slash-o-vision.

It would've been nice, though, if the screenplay hadn't incorporated this new creature I mention. That went so beyond anything that it truly spoiled much that had come before.

Still, RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION is a fun film to watch. And a must for Milla fans.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

The best yet!!!! could be classed as spoiler as storyline is mention but twists aren't given away

Author: jaylex_ffxi from United Kingdom
12 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I know that there are a lot of Judas's out there who are extremely stuck up about game-films, and will always give them a thumbs down regardless of seeing the film or not, however to give this film a thumbs down, is almost criminal. Obviously the first film was full of holes and was generally a sloppy mess i'm sure plenty of people will agree with me, apocalypse was actually decent, the stunts and visuals were very entertaining and nemesis debut was warmly welcomed.

Moving onto number 3. One of the best things about this film is the story, it's actually believable because it could happen one day; in fact its a story similar to the 28 days later film. The story is set soon after the sanitation of raccoon city where the T-Virus was supposed to have been obliterated. It wasn't. The T-Virus spreads globally and infects the entire world, drying up lakes and turning the planet into a baron wasteland. Caught up in the midst is a convoy lead by Claire Redfield, Carlos Olivera and LJ, the remaining umbrella corporation lead by Albert Wesker, and of course, the heroine, Alice. Professor Isaac (the bad dude) is trying to find a cure for the T-Virus to end the zombie infestation but runs into a few complications.

This film boasts action more than any of it's predecessors and will not fail to impress you with it's improved fight scenes, the only real downside is the absence of one important character and another, but not so important character, Jill and Angela, which is disappointing because they were a likable characters. There are quite a few dramatic scenes, so it's not all blood, guts and senseless violence, there is a sense of loss and sadness in it. Talking about blood and guts. This film is much bloodier than any of the previous films and does add a bit more eye pleasing scenes if you like seeing blood spraying everywhere and people being slashed to pieces. Another thing that is quite impressive, is the very slight hint of the G-Virus coming into effect, even though it hasn't a label clearly saying, 'G-Virus, Big Daddy's Only' you can still see the similarities and could aid the story in a 4th one. Yes, that's right folks! It's pretty certain that there's going to be number 4.

Overall I give this film 10/10 because I can't really find anything highly disappointing about it. I wont downgrade it because it's based on a game, that would be very narrow minded, also because it's not meant to be a film thats meant to make you walk out and say that it made a valid point, or it was hilarious, or for whatever reason because it's a film thats meant to be entertaining and something to enjoy on a rainy evening or afternoon, not something you can have a 5 hour debate discussing the moral rights, or historic event that the film is based on. To be completely honest with you, films like that are rather boring and often send me to sleep, I'd much rather watch resident evil extinction than "Gone With the Wind", or "Syrianna" any day. You go to a cinema to be entertained and come out thinking 'wow those fighting scenes were amazing, well worth the money' not to come out and discuss politics. Anyway enough of my ranting, some of you will agree with me some of you will lob rotten lettuces at me, but if you enjoyed the Resident Evil films, then this film is for you and I fully recommend it. If you just want to watch it for the eye pleasing stunts, fight scenes etc, then I fully recommend it, but if you want a film based on historic events such as apartheid, sorry do not watch this you'll just come out wishing you spent the last 2 hours in the pub discussing various topics.

All I can say now is......Bring on number 4

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

A great license butchered beyond recognition

Author: Ryan Aquilina from Malta
2 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all, I only gave it one star because there wasn't lower than that.Secondly this is the biggest piece of crap ever conceived by any director.Being a huge fan of the Resident Evil franchise this was a huge disappointment for me. Good movies based on videogames are possible like Silent Hill but the only thing this has is the Resident Evil name and nothing more. Good points: It's supposed to be Resident Evil! Yay! Bad Points: Abysmal acting, no continuation whatsoever, too much loose ends and finally ALICE! ALICE! WHO THE F**K IS ALICE?!? Anyway the first movie was not that good but not that bad either, the second one was a huge improvement with the inclusion of the nemesis and story wise quite good but this one? Were are the important main characters? sure there were Claire and Wesker but were almost put there as an after thought. Were are Chris and Leon? And all the umbrella abominations and mutants? In Extinction there were only zombies( how original ), crows, dogs and the inclusion of a tyrant at the end with the world most overrated and clichéd corridor ever. A word to the producers, play the f**kin games before trying to direct any video game license! Do yourself a favor and avoid this like the plague, I think even Black Sheep is better than this humongous piece of crap, at least it looks funny! And also let's hope that Resident Evil Degeneration, the new CG movie is faithful to the Resident Evil universe! Leon and Claire seem to be in it! Fingers crossed Resi fans!

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Don't bother

Author: tonyzinni from United States
30 September 2007

I went into the theater not expecting to much from this movie, and I find it sad that it was still disappointing. Don't bother wasting your money on this joke of a movie. If you must see it wait for it to come out on video...please don't help the execs find an excuse by box office receipts to make a fourth movie. There is no story to it, the dialogue is poorly written, there are a few special effects that are descent. You get the idea that Mila's character is very powerful creature, but she only displays these powers two or three times. There are many plot errors in this movie (one day perhaps writers will learn to research what they are writing about as well as settings crew )I hope Mila will be able to survive what these movies may do to her career.

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5 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

So let's try this... again...

Author: Gergely Brautigam from Hungary
28 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So i decided to watch this movie because i saw the second part a month ago. I must tell this movie is at best a 5... And i would give it a five for the action and the blood and the zombies of course. The screen play was middle the script was lame. The story was so predictable that it almost amazed me how good i could tell who dies and why. I mean L.J. getting bit and then not telling? Come on... And then of course after he turns he bites the main character.. Who else? They are supposed to be pro-s at killing these things. Well they were less then amateurs. They did not even had Molotov's or at least a few grenades. But of course you could always say the ran out of it... I think this movie lives from the hype.. But i can give it at most a 5... The ending was funny thou.. :)

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15 out of 29 people found the following review useful:

Alice in Zombieland

Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England
11 January 2008

In Extinction, the third instalment of the Resident Evil series, the deadly T-Virus has escaped the confines of Raccoon City and contaminated the rest of the world. Zombies now outnumber the living and, as the number of survivors on the planet's surface gradually dwindles, Umbrella Corp experts deep beneath the Nevada desert attempt to perfect an anti-virus.

Meanwhile, genetically enhanced zombie-killing babe Project Alice (Milla Jovovich) travels the country searching for other uninfected humans.

Sporting the latest in sexy post-apocalyptic desert-wear (which naturally includes stockings and suspenders), the drop-dead-gorgeous, high-kicking, gun slinging, slayer of the undead cuts a swathe through legions of shambling corpses (and zombie crows!), rescuing a rag-tag convoy of demoralised people in the process.

Alice convinces their leader, Claire Redfield (Heroes hottie Ali Larter), to lead her convoy to Alaska, where she believes they will be safe from contamination. But first they must head for Las Vegas, where they hope to find enough fuel to last the journey North.

Unfortunately, nasty Umbrella Corp scientist Dr. Isaacs, who has been tracking Alice via satellite, has a nasty surprise in store for our heroine and her new pals when they eventually reach Vegas: he's prepared a container full of extremely nasty zombies to greet them!

Helmed by hit-and-miss director Russell Mulcahy, and written by the equally unreliable Paul W.S. Anderson, Resident Evil: Extinction could have gone either way. I am pleased to report, however, that the guys were on form with this film, and deliver a hugely enjoyable and visually impressive sci-fi/horror yarn that, despite being rather derivative (Day of the Dead, anyone?) and occasionally a little too silly (Alice's telekinesis), is packed with enough action (great stunts, explosions, crashes), gore (juicy zombie bites, knife attacks, bullets in the head), and scares (yes, I admit that I jumped) to guarantee horror fans a good time.

7.5 out of 10, rounded up to 8 for IMDb.

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This Film Should be Extincted.

Author: Python Hyena from Canada
24 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007): Dir: Russell Mulcahy / Cast: Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Mike Epps, Oded Fehr, Iain Glen: As with most zombie films these days the norm here seems to be an ongoing parade of violence and disgust. It regards the end of mankind and a band of survivors seeking escape from these flesh eating terrors. Forget the zombies and track down a decent screenwriter. Director Russell Mulcahy can film action but can his writers actually write a decent script? I've seen more creativity written on washroom stalls. Milla Jovovich plays the cloned Alice who slaughters the zombie population like a lawn mower. She has starred in every one of these films and despite her dominant and graceful presence she is still giving a by- the-numbers performance. Ali Larter, Oded Fehr and Mike Epps kill a lot of valuable time. These are people whom Jovovich must stick her neck out for because they are all about as useless as sh*t. They either get attacked and eaten by zombies or they survive because Jovovich is the only one who can kick zombie ass, and she does so with such flare and great bolts of energy that the screenplay never applies. These films exist more or less for violence, action and gross special effects and makeup. It is a pointless and disgustingly gross film that should be torn to shreds by zombies until it meets extinction. Score: 3 / 10

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The T-Virus has spread around the world

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
10 August 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Five years have passed since the events of the previous instalment of this zombie franchise. The T-Virus has spread around the planet; this has not only turned most of the population into zombies, it has also affected wildlife and caused almost global desertification. Alice is travelling alone through the American West where she meets up with a convoy of survivors just as they are being attacked by a giant flock of infected crows. She manages to help them but there are inevitably casualties. They find evidence suggesting that there are areas still unaffected by the T-Virus in Alaska but that is a long journey that will require a lot of fuel. With the smaller filling stations now drained they will have to brave the city of Las Vegas if they are to get the required fuel.

While Alice is helping these survivors the Umbrella Corporation is still looking for her; Dr Isaacs needs her blood for his experiments to create a serum that will create tame zombies. He has also been working with clones of Alice which he tests to destruction. His schemes don't exactly go according to plan and he becomes infected after one of the 'improved' zombies he created bites him; he gets the antidote but mutates into a new more powerful creature; inevitable Alice will face him as the film reaches its climax.

I think this film was a step up from the second in the series despite the absence of Valentine who seems to have gone AWOL since the end of the previous film. Things start well as we are introduced to Dr Isaacs' Alice clones in a scene that is so similar to the start of the first instalment that I wondered if I might have put the wrong disc in! When we get back to the real Alice it is quickly established that there are some survivors who are almost as dangerous as the zombies when she meets a family that behave as though they've just come off the set of 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'. That isn't the only film similarity; the convoy of survivors is an enjoyable nod to 'Mad Max 2' and the crow attack is clearly inspired by 'The Birds'. This scene is one of the best in the film as there is something inherently frightening about being attacked by something as common as a crow. The effects for this scene were pretty impressive. On the down side the creators' desire to take things to another level went a bit far; now Alice isn't just an awesome fighter, she has telekinetic powers and the final fight against the mutated Isaacs felt as though because this is based on a series of computer games it must end with a 'boss fight' against something much more dangerous than the regular zombies. The cast did a solid enough job, by now Milla Jovovich has almost become defined by her role as Alice and Iain Glen is pretty good as Isaacs. Overall this is a decent enough sequel with some great action and some nicely scary moments although you really need to have watched the earlier films, especially the first, to know what is going on.

Was the above review useful to you?

Alice's Fight Continues In This Decent Sequel

Author: David Arnold from United States
15 January 2015

In this 3rd installment of the Resident Evil series, we find that the T-Virus has spread out from Raccoon City at an alarming rate and has infected practically the whole of mankind. Alice continues her fight against the Umbrella Corporation and has now reached the baron deserts of Nevada where she joins up with a small band of survivors. Acting on information that the T-Virus hasn't reached Alaska, they all decide to take a chance and make the distant journey. However, Alice still has the Umbrella Corporation in her sights, so she now has to make a decision on whether to stay with her new friends, or continue her fight against Umbrella.

I think it's pretty safe to say the film adaptations of the Resident Evil games have taken on a whole new self perspective as they don't really have anything to do with the game series now. Yes there's the Umbrella Corporation, the T-Virus, the zombies, but that's about it really. That's not a complaint, though - just a mere observation, because this is still a decent film and if you go into it just to watch it for what it's supposed to be, then you shouldn't really be too disappointed.

Like the 2nd film, the story obviously isn't the main ingredient and it's the action that keeps it going, but in saying that I did feel that there was more of a developing story than what was in Apocalypse, but not by much. But let's be real here - we don't watch this type of movie for the riveting plot & gripping story lines...we watch them for the action and like I say, the action & visuals that are in the film is good enough to keep you entertained.

Another thing I like about this movie is that it does continue the story (even if it is thin). It's not a sequel that has absolutely no bearing on the previous movie(s) and just uses the film name. You can watch it as a stand-alone film, but you'll not really have much idea what's going on so it's best watching the previous movies 1st.

Definitely worth a watch.

Was the above review useful to you?

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