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Reviews & Ratings for
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15 out of 29 people found the following review useful:

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Despite looking so, this series is not extinct just yet.

Author: johnnyboyz from Hampshire, England
1 August 2008

I think Resident Evil: Extinction elevates itself slightly higher than its two predecessors and slightly higher than I thought it would in general. On one hand, it is a series of bizarre and somewhat illogical events that transpire under the scenario of an apocalyptic event's aftermath but on the other, it is a pastiche of 'zombie' films gone by; a crude study of one man's obsession with his research and a somewhat guilty action film. I liked Resident Evil: Extinction a little more than others of its type because it gives us more of a sedate look at the situation rather than a mere exploitation of special effects, attractive heroines and needless gore. Yes, it's true to say that this film has action scenes of a silly nature but they do not seem as stupid as previous Resident Evil films in which the protagonist is able to use kung-fu on dogs and make impossible shots to defeat her foes.

The action scenes here are paced better and do not rely on the mere visualisation of actually seeing a Licker monster or Nemeses himself as the reason to keep watching. The enemies here are unspectacular and familiar and all the better for it; we get the feeling this is more of a survival film about the beasts and beings that would actually be out there rather than dumb scenes that try to impress us with a mentality: "Look, a Licker." or "Look, this is what Nemeses would look like in reality.". In the film, there is a scene in which several zombies come charging out of a metal crate. The scene works on the level of realism within the film because the film could so easily have substituted them for a larger, more visually impressive enemy that would've sufficed for the following action scene.

I mentioned the word 'realism' in that paragraph, perhaps crazily so. But Resident Evil: Extinction takes time to present its heroes, all of whom travel in a procession of large vehicles, with every day issues that would affect them. Things like 'how much fuel is left? Where is the nearest petrol station?'; 'Where is the next meal coming from?' and 'How can we bed down for the night safely and free from attack?' These sorts of questions were lost in the previous films and are empty from other recent post-apocalyptic horror/sci-fi films like Blade: Trinity. Additionally, when the film does reveal its particularly large scale monster for the film's climax it does so in an effective manner. This is because we have had the monster and the source for the monster presented to us on another plot line. We get a feeling that it may happen within the world of the film unlike when Nemeses popped up in the last film merely because he's had the injection and must now just keep destroying stuff until he meets the hero for the finale fight.

Although it takes on the matter of the pacing and the clarity of the action scenes, Resident Evil: Extinction is still guilty of one or two things. The film actually begins in a manner than had me dreading it would be as bad as the previous two. Alice (Jovovich) meets some human survivors but discovers them oddly unfriendly which acts more of a surprise than a dramatic twist. It's a scene in which implied prior victims have been conned, raped and then fed to the dogs; in this case infected dogs and sure enough Alice finds herself in the said situation – a sequence of events that plays out in a daft manner that reminds you of the prior films. It had me thinking 'how do the renegade survivors lock the infected dogs up for next time once they've had their fun?' Then there was the rather careless scene in which Alice falls asleep in the middle of the desert, at night and with the fire still burning – not smart considering the situation. The film is also disappointing in the sense that when the procession of vehicles housing the characters Alice, they are spread evenly in ethnicity and attitude meaning each individual 'type' could be killed off accordingly.

But for the best part, Resident Evil: Extinction is a surprisingly enjoyable film with an interesting set-up and I was really quite fond of the story running parallel involving Dr. Isaacs (Glen) and his research in developing the un-dead, albeit a clear reference to Dr. Logan in Day of the Dead. This plot line runs alongside the development of the convoy and the situations they must deal with, the thing I like here is that these people are not world savers; they will not go on a cause and effect fuelled story and make all the un-dead disappear, they are just there to survive and through Alice their goal is to make it to the icy regions of Alaska.

The bizarre thing about this latest Resident Evil instalment is just how good it might've been had it cut the action scenes down a little and tidied up the opening twenty or so minutes. It is disappointing that the convoy is made up of a Redneck (who's naturally good at sniping); an Aussie; two African-Americans; a Mexican and a wise-talking white American, all of whom exist for zombie fodder at the end of the day but this film instils me with hope that perhaps the films can be as good as the games – in the games, ammunition was a very sacred thing and the tactic of running from enemies rather than shooting them was a good one. In the films, the producers are gradually realising this and the next film may well surprise a few people in terms of how watchable it actually is.

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15 out of 29 people found the following review useful:

Alice in Zombieland

Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England
11 January 2008

In Extinction, the third instalment of the Resident Evil series, the deadly T-Virus has escaped the confines of Raccoon City and contaminated the rest of the world. Zombies now outnumber the living and, as the number of survivors on the planet's surface gradually dwindles, Umbrella Corp experts deep beneath the Nevada desert attempt to perfect an anti-virus.

Meanwhile, genetically enhanced zombie-killing babe Project Alice (Milla Jovovich) travels the country searching for other uninfected humans.

Sporting the latest in sexy post-apocalyptic desert-wear (which naturally includes stockings and suspenders), the drop-dead-gorgeous, high-kicking, gun slinging, slayer of the undead cuts a swathe through legions of shambling corpses (and zombie crows!), rescuing a rag-tag convoy of demoralised people in the process.

Alice convinces their leader, Claire Redfield (Heroes hottie Ali Larter), to lead her convoy to Alaska, where she believes they will be safe from contamination. But first they must head for Las Vegas, where they hope to find enough fuel to last the journey North.

Unfortunately, nasty Umbrella Corp scientist Dr. Isaacs, who has been tracking Alice via satellite, has a nasty surprise in store for our heroine and her new pals when they eventually reach Vegas: he's prepared a container full of extremely nasty zombies to greet them!

Helmed by hit-and-miss director Russell Mulcahy, and written by the equally unreliable Paul W.S. Anderson, Resident Evil: Extinction could have gone either way. I am pleased to report, however, that the guys were on form with this film, and deliver a hugely enjoyable and visually impressive sci-fi/horror yarn that, despite being rather derivative (Day of the Dead, anyone?) and occasionally a little too silly (Alice's telekinesis), is packed with enough action (great stunts, explosions, crashes), gore (juicy zombie bites, knife attacks, bullets in the head), and scares (yes, I admit that I jumped) to guarantee horror fans a good time.

7.5 out of 10, rounded up to 8 for IMDb.

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Alice's Fight Continues In This Decent Sequel

Author: David Arnold from United States
15 January 2015

In this 3rd installment of the Resident Evil series, we find that the T-Virus has spread out from Raccoon City at an alarming rate and has infected practically the whole of mankind. Alice continues her fight against the Umbrella Corporation and has now reached the baron deserts of Nevada where she joins up with a small band of survivors. Acting on information that the T-Virus hasn't reached Alaska, they all decide to take a chance and make the distant journey. However, Alice still has the Umbrella Corporation in her sights, so she now has to make a decision on whether to stay with her new friends, or continue her fight against Umbrella.

I think it's pretty safe to say the film adaptations of the Resident Evil games have taken on a whole new self perspective as they don't really have anything to do with the game series now. Yes there's the Umbrella Corporation, the T-Virus, the zombies, but that's about it really. That's not a complaint, though - just a mere observation, because this is still a decent film and if you go into it just to watch it for what it's supposed to be, then you shouldn't really be too disappointed.

Like the 2nd film, the story obviously isn't the main ingredient and it's the action that keeps it going, but in saying that I did feel that there was more of a developing story than what was in Apocalypse, but not by much. But let's be real here - we don't watch this type of movie for the riveting plot & gripping story lines...we watch them for the action and like I say, the action & visuals that are in the film is good enough to keep you entertained.

Another thing I like about this movie is that it does continue the story (even if it is thin). It's not a sequel that has absolutely no bearing on the previous movie(s) and just uses the film name. You can watch it as a stand-alone film, but you'll not really have much idea what's going on so it's best watching the previous movies 1st.

Definitely worth a watch.

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better than part 2

Author: trashgang from Midian
6 December 2012

W hat a great opening this flick has, it takes you back to the ending of part 2 and the start of part 1. It picks up exactly when Alice (Milla Jovovich) breaks free of a new experiment being hold on her body but it also takes you back to the original Resident Evil when Alice wakes up in the shower.

Finally the effects were much better than Resident Evil, here they went back to real effects and less CGI although CGI is still an important part in Extinction. Also this time things are seen on-screen instead of being done off-camera.

I wont go into the story itself because Alice has new abilities and is confronted by...Alice. Further she a loner in a world gone by but when a weird dream happens she has to join another group. Together they're of to destroy the Umbrella company and of to Alaska, were there is no infection.

I liked it because I just watched the previous parts otherwise you wont understand all what's going on. There's no explanation who and from where the group comes that Alice joins. A nice entry and for me better than part 2.

Gore 2/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5

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A Step Up From the Previous Two

Author: Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY
8 September 2012

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

** (out of 4)

Third film in the series has the zombie outbreak wiping out the majority of human life across the world. Alice (Milla Jovovich) leads a small group of survivors through the Nevada desert as they try to make it to Alaska where there are reports that no infections have happened. RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION is a step up from the previous two films but like those this one here starts off extremely well but slowly loses its way as it drags on. I thought the story here was actually the best of the three films because it could have made for a very entertaining survival picture. I thought the idea of these people traveling through the desert and heading towards Alaska could have made for a great adventure movie but sadly the screenplay goes off this mark and instead just goes for routine gunfights and zombie attacks. It's a real shame they didn't try to do more with the story that they started because it could have made for something so much better. Instead we just get the same old stuff as one survivor gets eaten after another and in your typical, boring manor. What's worse is that the final thirty-minutes just drag to the point where you'll be nodding off from boredom. It's a real shame that they couldn't have done more with the final act. Still, Jovovich turns in another good performance in the lead, although it's too bad they decided to wrap her up in a thick jacket instead of the skimpy clothing she wore in previous films. The supporting cast is also much better here, which is a plus. The CGI zombies are quite boring and all the fake computer effect gunshot wounds really add up to little.

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Worth a few hours.

Author: sammyocarr from United Kingdom
17 May 2008

Now i don't give long rambling reviews on films, i don't drone on about their effects, casting, writing or directing. I could for this film, the effects were great, simple, believable and effective. The casting was meticulous, (specifically the gorgeous Milla Jovovich). Basic writing and decent directing.

However i feel the main issue with Resident Evil, is that the plots are becoming rather stale, take this one, Predictable end and action scenes. I will give credit for the opening scenes, they did grab my attention, however i feel the film would of lost my interest if Milla Jovovich wasn't kicking ass in shorts.

Basically the film is relying on the simple format that is zombie films, Girls, Guns, Guts and Gore. But this system has made good films in the past and so probably will for Resident Evil.

Obviously we can expect another, following the same typical ideas that conclude all Zombie-like films. Hopefully it will have a more interesting plot. I found this film to be worth viewing, but not twice, its good for a spare evening and especially if you've seen the others.

Overall, quality, easy on the eyes, action is all anybody wants from a zombie film, and this delivers it perfectly. Worth Watching

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uh oh

Author: jefonline from Canada
30 March 2008

I'm not too sure what happened with this movie but I don't think it was as good as the first one, and was equally as 'weird' as the 2nd. I do think that this trilogy is an example of what happens when a director takes on a project and another director tries to do a sequel to it.

It's the same story with the 2 remakes of The Hills Have Eyes. In that case the guy who did the first apparently backed out of the 2nd one. In the case of Resident Evil, it's pretty much the same story. Paul WS Anderson did a pretty good job of the 1st movie, but the 2nd, directed by someone else, wasn't nearly as entertaining.

This one, the 3rd installment, proved to be borderline disaster, especially with some of the dialog, was bad at times, survived only by a few good scenes (death scene near the end with the red lasers). I also noticed that the 3rd one took a few scenes from the original, and I'm not too sure if I liked that.

Milla Jovovich looked stunning as normal, but now I am hoping she can talk Paul WS Anderson into coming back for the 4th. I really liked the last death in the movie where the zombie was sliced by the intertwined lasers but that was one of the few bright spots. I really think that to make Resident Evil Degeneration any better, you need the movies' original director, Paul WS Anderson. The other thing I liked about it is the last couple camera shots tell you there is going to be a 4th.

I find it hard not to get hooked on the story, though. I really thought the 1st movie was good enough to buy the DVD but thought they took some steps backwards with the 2nd and this one.

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Not Feeling It So Much

Author: evil_pixie_one from United States
18 March 2008

I knew it wasn't gonna be like the first two when I saw the preview, but I was set on seeing it anyway. Well, it was disappointing yet satisfying, if that's possible. It didn't disappoint on gore, awesome zombie kill scenes (the highway/truck kill) and action. They changed too much stuff that was cool in first and second movies (like the digital Queen and the box Alice was kept in after the crash). Had some good lines and scenes, but overall, I didn't enjoy this as much as the first two. It's like Blade Trinity, which was good, but not as a Blade movie. Extinction: Good as a movie, but NOT as a Resident Evil movie. I'd watch it again, but there isn't as much enjoyment in this one.

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The latest remake...of extinction

Author: kimmo-tyyska
20 February 2008

The Extinction follows much of the same structure as earlier sequels; the biovirus is out in the wild, zombies everywhere, Umbrella corp. Is the trying to benefit from its disastrous deeds and Alice(Jovovich) is developing overwhelming mutational skills. Comparing to earlier sequels this one is more like the first part, less humorous and action movie style than Apocalypse. Plot is not very convincing, main thrills seems to have been borrowed this time from Mad Max, Aliens, perhaps Hitchcock.

Also, characters are indeed very thin as typically in action movies. However, Alice developing her physical and especially psychokinetic powers is very impressive theme (and as becomes evident in the film probably this will be developed in following parts?). All in the film goes on like freight train, much of action, much of horror, nothing much to note, nothing much to complain.

Although the film may not be very satisfying itself (as compared to first part), the main theme (extinction) is. Haven't seen a movie, so successfully describing the deserts and hopeless lands after the world wide catastrophe. Extinction very successfully creates the feeling of post Nuclear War world. For that, watching it as an picturesque example of its theme, the film is just perfect. The colors, the deserts, the road movie theme (stolen, of course from Mad Max II), all seems to fit just fine. In that the film saves the day and probably boxed it home too, so hopefully we are too see more sequels (which probably won't be as much of quality(?). One more thing, the music is again quite impressive, a bit of ambient, a bit of metal. There's an interesting remake of White Rabbitt but I don't recognize the band...

Was the above review useful to you?

For its genre, a very entertaining movie.

Author: TxMike from Houston, Tx, USA, Earth
2 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, confession time. I like Milla Jovovich. I liked her in "Messenger", and I liked her in other roles. She is a good actress, and she is very cute.

Here she is back as Alice, with fighting skills like no other mere mortal, and best of all, an immunity to the deadly virus that the undead are now carrying. A research group recognizes this and they have been cloning her in a deep underground research center, hoping to use the blood to develop an antidote that not only will prevent their getting the disease, but will also turn the undead into docile animals that they can train. With all this they could rule the world, and rebuild it to what they want.

Ali Larter is good as Claire Redfield, leading a caravan of others, looking for a safe place to relax and live. One challenge is getting supplies, especially fuel. They find some notes that lead them to believe Alaska is uninfected, and they hope to travel there.

For what it is, a very entertaining movie, its 90 minutes moves along very quickly, and the ending sets itself up for the next sequel.

Was the above review useful to you?

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