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Reviews & Ratings for
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Whooooo Zombies!

Author: impossiblecreature from United Kingdom
27 January 2008

OK so i was hoping to see black sheep at the cinema with some mates. When i got on the train I met my movie loving friends but they told me angrily it was not on. They then said the only other film that looks OK that is on is resident evil extinction i had only seen number 1 and this was the third so i was thinking i would'not understand the movie at all but in actually fact it had a very easy to understand story. Packed full of over the top violence and lots of gore with fantastic acting (particularly by Milla Jovovich). This film is guaranteed to make you jump out of your seat. The film also like the others made you feel very attached to Alice (Milla Jovovich) and the rest of the characters. Overall if you love Zombies and lots of violence this is the film for you!

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Personal Review

Author: norman1421 from Portugal
28 October 2007

I think , as a Resident Evil fan , that this movie is really the best approach to the franchise. The tension in some scenes are really awesome, the character's searching rooms, finding clues and things, shattered rooms with electric cables hanging , sparkling , i mean , this is Resident Evil! The action is intense, but not stupidly intense as in the 2nd movie, it takes place when it has and not all the time. The constant running for their lives, makes it a really great survival horror movie. Speaking of characters, i think Alice finally evolved to something else, she has power , but she doesn't make an excessive use of it, she's not a super-action-Kong-foo fighter 24H/day anymore. I'm a bit disappointed with Wesker, as a player , i thought he had a different role, i am mostly mad about the fact that his role has not been respected, but this is a movie, glad that they didn't turn him in a good guy ( Nemesis ??). In order to conclude, the movie could've had a different name, with different character's , because it isn't 100% related to the game, except for the names used in it, but it's a great movie, can't wait for a Collector's edition DVD!

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:


Author: Joe Miller from United States
21 June 2012

This is probably my favorite Resident Evil so far and I must say this is my all time favorite movie.

This isn't just a zombie movie with just killing and death.

This is an actual story that you can get into!

Lots of action and intense scenes and of course a lot of Alice!

I showed this movie to my Mom who absolutely hates zombie movies and she loved this movie and ordered the others the next day.

This movie is a lot of fun to watch and really doesn't get old.

And finally Milla Jovovich does an amazing job and makes this movie a perfect 10 out of 10 for me!

Buy this movie!


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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Although the film has its flaws, I absolutely love it!

Author: aimee294 from United Kingdom
1 August 2010

I absolutely love the resident evil films as I have watched them all lots of time, it might be just me who is taken in by Milla Jovovich,Oded Fehr and Ali Larterand acting skills but this has to be one of the best films yet and me being a huge fan of the films thought they wouldn't be able to do a better job. Although the film has its flaws like the new easier killing zombies who can be killed by slashing the through or shooting them in the mid-drift a slight flaw they didn't think through but it is still an outstanding film! The thing I love most about this film is that it doesn't fit into the stereotypical zombie film, like running round a confined space like in the first film or set in the middle of a big city over run by the undead like in the second film instead it is set slap bang in the middle of a desert in the day time only a really good director could make that type of a film scary! This film is so grate because I can watch it 10 times in a row and still not get bored, I really don't no how they will top it for a forth time!!!!

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By far the best of the series

Author: ozymandiaskingofkings from United Kingdom
24 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

With Extinction, the Resident Evil franchise sees a huge shift in gear from the previous two instalments. While RE and REA were action movies riffing off "Aliens" and "Dawn of the Dead" respectively, this is far more pessimistic, more ambitious and, in all senses, better.

Extinction, unlike the quasi-faithful Apocalypse, takes a huge departure from the games that are its source material, re-imagining the series as a post-apocalyptic sci-fi/horror, perhaps best described as a hybrid of "The Road Warrior", Romero's "Day of the Dead" and Richard Matheson's classic horror novel "I Am Legend", as we are shown a scorched world overrun with zombies and populated by only a few survivors, though isn't quite as effective as it's progenitors.

Essentially, the film follows two parallel narratives which ultimately connect at the film's finale. The first one is a basic Mad Max affair, as Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) leads a ragtag convoy of survivors across America in search of sanctuary from the undead hoards, meeting Jovovich's telekinetic super-soldier Alice along the way. The second, which is in many ways far more interesting, follows the work of Umbrella scientist Dr Isaacs (Iain Glenn) as he labours in an underground bunker to domesticate the zombies in search of an eventual cure (a storyline lifted almost wholesale from "Day of the Dead"). There is also a subplot involving the shadowy Albert Wesker, a fan favourite character who seems to be directing things from behind the scenes, but doesn't really have much to do (though is set up as the next film's big bad).

Technically speaking, the film is light years ahead of the last two. For one thing it is helmed by "Highlander" director Russell Mulcahy, who, despite a dubious resume is a far better action director than Alexander Witt or Paul Anderson and also brings with him a far more mature, impressive, eye for images. Sure, Anderson is pretty good at claustrophobic horror (well, variable. Event Horizon was fantastic, RE good, AVP atrocious) but less skilled at this kind of epic scope, so Mulcahy seems a good choice and conjures some effective George Miller-esquire set pieces.

In terms of cinematography and editing, the film also outstrips its prequels, especially its immediate predecessor, creating an effective feeling of tension while brilliantly conveying the twin worlds of the film: the scorching, death choked and sun-blasted deserts and the clammy, clinical world of the scientists. There are also some truly wonderful moments: an attack on the convoy by T-virus infected crows, the crumbling ruins of Vegas, Isaacs attempting to teach a zombie using kids toys and, best of all, his transformation into one of the games iconic "Tyrants" for a thrilling climax.

The acting is far more variable. Milla is once again great as the now iconic Alice, while Iain Glen is sublime as the sinister antagonist Dr Isaacs. Ali Larter should also be praised, as while her Claire Redfield has nothing in common with her game counterpart, she is suitably feisty and charismatic to convince as a hero for the survivors (though the question of what happened to Jill Redfield is never answered).

There are some character problems. The rest of the supporting cast are 1-dimensional, and attempts to give them Whedon-esquire quirks don't always come off, making it difficult to care about their survival. The storyline is also sometimes muddled, and Alice's development of telekinetic powers is handled very badly, coming across as little more than a deus ex machina. Albert Wesker is also miscast, appearing more as a cocky American executive rather than the calculating and charismatic English mercenary beloved by the fans, though there is still time to sort this out in the sequel (or possibly recast).

Overall this is a very good action sci-fi film in the Terminator/Mad Max molds and marks a real positive improvement from the last entry. Stylish, exciting and visually impressive, this is a great popcorn film, and I eagerly await the next instalment.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Resident Evil Extinction Okay But Still Flawed

Author: tburke85 from United States
18 June 2009

Resident Evil Extinction is okay but still flawed from director Russell Mulcahy who's admirable in making this third film but the lack of character development, more suspense, and a disappointing third act surprise villain are what weighed this one down the most at least to me. The cast for the most part are good in their roles including Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Ian Glen, Mike Epps, and Oded Fehr who's part like many others unfortunately is cut kind of short near the end. The rest of the cast including a brief cameo appearance by Ashanti are okay in their small parts but none of them get a chance to shine because they're written out of the movie rather quickly. The action sequences are well executed and paced. The special effects including the zombies and brief appearances by other creatures are impressive. The villain near the end known as The Tyrant who Glen's character turns into looks terrifying and deadly but his anti-climatic showdown with Jovovich near the conclusion is a letdown. The twist at the end was a bit of a surprise and the ending does leave it open for another one but I think three is enough for now. This movie isn't really that bad there are just flaws that weigh it down which could've been improved . Overall Resident Evil Extinction is decent with enough action, bloody deaths, good special effects, some suspense, a little humor, and solid performances by the cast who make this third entry in the trilogy worth watching but it could've been a lot better.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Not as good as Apocalypse, but better than the first film

Author: misbegotten from United Kingdom
28 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a general rule, I'm not a fan of zombie movies per se, so although I thought the first Resident Evil movie was entertaining, I wouldn't say that I'm a fan of the film. However, the sequel Resident Evil: Apocalypse is a personal favourite, because it sneakily switches genres and is essentially a big-budget action movie... that just happens to include zombies. In my humble opinion, Apocalypse was the best action film of 2004, the year it was released. It boasts some highly memorable sequences, in particular the initial confrontation between Alice and Nemesis, which is an incredibly exciting set-piece.

And now we have Extinction, which switches genres again, giving us a post-apocalyptic movie... that just happens to include zombies. The plot is non-existent, the storyline merely consisting of three groups - Alice travelling solo, a convoy of survivors (including L.J. and Carlos from Apocalypse), and employees of the still-villainous Umbrella Corporation - all travelling across the dustbowl that used to be America, occasionally intersecting with each other and trying to avoid having their faces eaten off by the walking dead. Don't expect any characterisation either. The cast do their best, but have nothing to work with, other than reacting to events by looking anxious, frightened, angry, determined or sorrowful. The only major new face is Ali Larter, who at least gets to channel Sarah Connor.

Extinction is helmed by Russell Mulcahy, who I consider to be hugely talented and much overlooked. His previous films include Razorback, Highlander, The Shadow, Blue Ice, Resurrection, Silent Trigger, and Highlander II: The Quickening (which was sunk by a truly awful script - but there was nothing wrong with Mulcahy's direction). Unfortunately, Extinction lacks Mulcahy's distinctive stamp, although the set-pieces are carried out with plenty of visual flair. The only real disappointment is that the battle between Alice and end-of-level baddie Tyrant starts very promisingly but is over far too quickly. The reappearance of certain key elements from the first film (the laser grid being the most obvious example) may bring the trilogy full circle, but it's clearly a blatant attempt at pleasing the series' fans. Such a tactic smacks of desperation and dangerously flirts with becoming annoying. That said, I loved the scene in which Alice meets the White Queen, sister A.I. to the Red Queen from the original movie.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Great sequel

Author: ctomvelu-1 from United States
6 July 2008

How many second sequels can you think of that hold up as well as the original or even the first sequel? RE: EXTINCTION does just that, thanks to a clever plot, fine performances from several seasoned actors plus some eye-popping special effects and set designs. A ragtag group of Raccoon City survivors is trying to find its way to a place of safety, and ends up crossing paths with Alice, who by now is so powerful she can actually control the elements. Meanwhile, the creeps back at the Umbrella Corp. are still after Alice, mainly for her blood. There are fights galore against an endless army of zombies, but the most amazing battle occurs between the survivors and thousands of zombie crows. For those old enough to remember Hitchcock's THE BIRDS, this confrontation plays out like that old classic on steroids. Oded Fehr from THE MUMMY movies and Ali Larter of the FINAL DESTINATION flicks are on hand as leaders of the caravan of survivors. Milla Jovovich is once again on hand as Alice, but there is reason to believe this will be her final performance in that role should yet another sequel get green-lighted. The end is a real kick in the head, by the way. The film has some awesomely gory moments and is not suitable for young children.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Milla Kicks Some Ass!

Author: fwomp from United States
13 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Call me old fashion, but I just love to see a good looking gal with sharp weapons beheading zombies. The gal is none other than Russian-born supermodel turned action star Milla Jovovich (ULTRAVIOLET). Most will probably remember her from the sci-fi comedy hit, THE FIFTH ELEMENT where she played Leeloo (aka The Fifth Element). The movie was an astounding success and helped launch her into more mainstream films and out of her B-movie dregs.

Milla was also picked up by the Resident Evil franchise in 2002 (films based on the computer game), and she seems to have found her footing in these betwixt-type slasher/zombie movies.

Reprising her role as Alice, a genetically enhanced human-machine, Milla kicks some serious ass. She is reunited with love interest Carlos (Oded Fehr, THE MUMMY series) and her wayward band of zombie dodging wanderers while trying to keep a low profile from the genetic seekers that live in an underground complex in desertville. These scientists are trying to find a way to combat the increasing zombie threat. Problem is, though, is that a power hungry mad scientist named Dr. Ashford (Jared Harris, LADY IN THE WATER) is developing a serum to help cure or tame the zombies' insatiable hunger for human flesh. But the serum goes awry and Dr. Ashford becomes something of a monster himself.

Meanwhile, Alice and her buds are fighting off zombified crows and left-over gamblers in Viva Las Vegas, all while the mad scientists bear down on her.

The movie is what it is: a zombie flick that goes overboard when it comes to the creation of a new creature. But the zombies are realistic looking, and Milla looks (and acts) great as the reluctant desert hero, trying to find out who she is and where life is taking her. You don't have to do a lot of thinking during the entire film; it's all laid out for you in wonderful slash-o-vision.

It would've been nice, though, if the screenplay hadn't incorporated this new creature I mention. That went so beyond anything that it truly spoiled much that had come before.

Still, RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION is a fun film to watch. And a must for Milla fans.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Wow they somehow made a movie worse then the second

Author: ttdoggie5 from United States
4 August 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the worst movie I have seen in a long time. The story is like something a 8th grader would come up with, and there are many things that don't add up in the plot. For one how does a Chopper carry all those people and still have gas to make it to Alaska and where do these people get water? Or why do they keep cloneing Alice when the 1st one just broke out and now wants to destroy umbrella? Or how does that fence hold off over a 1000 zombies? There's more then that

The action isn't even that good just over the top stunts that suck like Alice making a fire shield or that stupid tyrant that looks just as bad, possible worse then nemmy looked in the second and then there's that fact that this movie has almost nothing to do with that game.

I would not hate this movie so much if it had'nt destroyed the chance of a good resident evil based movie.

And the way the movie ended the climax fight between tyrant and Alice was ended by a clone waking up knowing how to use an umbrella computer and turn on lazes that kill off tyrant.

I could go on and on about how bad this movie was but there is a good chance this will never be read so I will end it here

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