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Reviews & Ratings for
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20 out of 36 people found the following review useful:

Sampling finally makes it way into a visual medium

Author: MarshallStax from Los Angeles, CA
23 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Transcript of a pitch meeting between Paul W. S. Anderson and Screen Gems studio suits. In the interest of not being sued, all dialog but Anderson's has been removed.

"So here's a pitch for a new movie I want to make. First off, it's set in a post-apocalyptic desert, like "The Road Warrior". Oh yeah, I loved that movie. I gotta use that tractor trailer rig with the fuel tank in it sometime. I always wanted that thing to explode at the end, instead of being filled with sand. I'll fix that in my movie!

Anyway, Sarah Connor, you know, from "T1" and "T2", leads a group of expendables around. Hey, remember when she said, at the end of the first one, "There's a storm coming"? I'll drop that line into my movie, just to show the fan-boys I like the same movies they do.

Hey, did you ever see "The Birds"? I did. Man, was that creepy! I got it! The rag tag fugitives are attacked by birds at some point! I'll figure out why later. Maybe they're robot birds or something…

Let's see… these survivors are looking for a safe refuge. How about some place far away from the desert, someplace isolated, so they're safe from the cyborgs. An island? No, that's too much like the remake of "Dawn of the Dead". And "Damnation Alley" had them going to, like New Jersey or something. Hmmm... how about Alaska? Yeah, that's it! They're going to Alaska.

Hey, did you ever see "Planet of the Apes"? Not the remake, but the original. I did, and that scene with the Statue of Liberty really stuck with me… hey, they're in Vegas! New York New York Casino has a statue like that! I'll do an homage!

So anyway, speaking of "Dawn of the Dead", I like zombie movies. I've done video game movies and horror movies and sequels and stuff, but not a straight up zombie movie. Did you ever see "Day of the Dead"? The one where the scientists are underground, trying to work on the zombies to see if they can cure them or control them? It was cool.

Speaking of movies I saw, did you ever see John Carpenter's remake of "The Thing"? Man, that was one batsh*t scary movie! I love that part where the floorboards are being torn up form underneath as some kind of monster comes after Kurt Russell… I could use that bit. Oh, and the creepy dark lab, where stuff runs past the camera in the foreground? Classic Carpenter bit. I'll borrow that, too.

Hey, did you ever see "Re-Animator" or "From Beyond"? Some good horror creatures in those films. I ought to introduce poor Johnny-come-lately horror fans to the monsters from those movies.

What do you mean, you don't want me to make this movie? Are you nuts? It's a sure fire thing!

"Resident Evil 3"? Yeah, I did the first two, but I'm done with those. I don't want to do that one. I want to make this big budget tribute movie to everything cool I ever saw growing up, the one I just told you about!

Hey, I think we may have a 'You've got your peanut butter in my chocolate' moment here, guys… but can I direct this one?

No? What do you mean, Russell Mulcahy! That guy may have done the original "Highlander", which was actually very cool, but he hasn't directed much of anything of note since then…

Fine, just pay me and I'll have a script for you in two days."

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21 out of 38 people found the following review useful:

scenario and camera effects

Author: scop2 from Canada
21 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For all RE real viewers, this movie is the worst ever made... I'm insulted by everything in this movie. The scenario is completely out of line (Alice with X-men powers) I mean why couldn't they just go with the original idea of the games. The special effects are either too dark, too close, too fast, or too short... They just zoom until u can see the bacterias on the skin of a character and then something jumps to the screen, come on... Or what about the big questions left by the second movie? Nothing is clearer than before... I mean, the first two movies are bad but this one takes the cut. Congratulations Hollywood, you just destroyed a masterpiece...

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Tons of Fun!

Author: M Weiss from Canada
23 March 2014

Resident Evil: Extinction continues a great series of Resident Evil films and I still can not believe how much I am enjoying this movie franchise that on the surface I would have assumed I would just hate like most films of this type. It just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover.

The third movie takes place in the Nevada desert, for most of the movie anyway. Alice and a few other survivors are driving around the continent just scrounging for fuel, water and food, basically they are just trying to survive. Milla Jovovich is amazing in this movie with some of the best stunts of the series, she is just a rampaging force going up against the entire zombie army. Well maybe not zombies but whatever you want to call them.

This movie is scarier than the other RE movies and there is a lot more blood and gore.

Anyway this is a hugely entertaining action/sci-fi/thriller/horror movie, however you want to categorize it.

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:


Author: Ryan Eberhart from United States
30 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love this series. I love some of these movies more than the others, and for different reasons. I won't go into those reasons, I'm just glad I can talk about another Resident Evil movie.

I will tell you that I am happy that Milla Yovovich is back in this third Resident Evil movie. In this movie though we see multiple Alices, as Umbrella has cloned Alice in an attempt to figure out why the T-Virus reacts the way it does in Alice. Unfortunately for Umbrella without the real Alice, they can't complete their research.

Joining Milla Yovovich is Ali Larter as Claire Renfield, returning is Oded Fehr as Carlos Olivera, and joining the cast is Spencer Locke as K- Mart. The story line is pretty good in this Resident Evil. Paul W.S. Anderson did a very good job creating a story line that catches and keeps the viewers attention; only a little absurd toward the end when we get to Dr. Isaacs becoming a mutant.

My favorite scenes begin with when Alice joins Claire Redfield's convoy, about 10 minutes or so into the movie. The convoy has stopped at an abandoned motel for the night. When they wake in the morning it is to find a couple hundred crows all over the camp site. At one point K-Mart notices the eyes of a crow and asks about them. Claire replies that the birds have been eating infected flesh; crows being carrion birds. However, the best part of this scene is that the crows start attacking the different vehicles and are successful in many respects as they kill several characters. But it is when Carlos runs the protect a young girl from the crows and then a flame thrower that Alice joins in the fight. Alice stops the flames from reaching Carlos and then turns the fire against the crows, killing them all.

I loved the scene closer to the beginning of the movie where Alice goes to an abandoned radio station. Alice gets ambushed by what appears to be a family of degenerates. One of the men attempts to prove how much of a man he is by attempting to rape Alice. Unfortunately for the man, Alice kicks him in the face and kills him. One of the other members of the family knocks Alice out. Alice wakes in a pit, and realizes that there are some infected dogs. Alice avoids the dogs and uses some electrical cables to tie them to a support post holding up the floor the family are on watching the events below. The dogs are pulling so hard that they pull the post down causing the floor to come crashing down. The family are deposited for fodder for the dogs, and Alice escapes.

My next favorite scene is the fight scene between Alice and Dr. Isaacs, or I should say the mutated Dr. Isaacs. Everything that Alice does to try to kill Isaacs is a futile attempt because Isaacs can heal himself. However, Alice and Isaacs make it to the corridor with the lasers where Alice attempts to sacrifice herself in order to kill Isaacs. Killing Isaacs is successful, but an Alice clone saves Alice by turning off the lasers.

A bonus scene I liked was when the different department heads are "meeting" with Albert Wesker to discuss the different items going on around Umbrella, especially in North America with Dr. Isaacs. After deciding to writing off the North American facility and deciding to transfer all data to China, Alice crashes the meeting (holographically) and warns everyone that she is going to hunt them all down. When she leaves the meeting, the camera pulls back and you see how many clones of Alice Umbrella has made.

I give this 10 out of 10 stars. The story is great, especially depicting Las Vegas being reclaimed by the desert. The fight scenes are more elaborate. Milla Yovovich teaming with Ali Larter in this movie just increases the eye candy; it doesn't hurt to have Spencer Locke either. And for the ladies, you have Oded Fehr and a few others.

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Forget the plot (the filmmakers did) this is worth seeing for the action and monster sequences

Author: dbborroughs from Glen Cove, New York
14 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Survivors of the virus that has ravaged the world, turning the dead into zombies and the world into a vast wasteland, have learned to keep moving least the zombies find them. Milla Jovovich returns as Alice, zombie killer number one.After some lone wanderings in the Desert she hooks up with a band of travelers and looks to stop the evil Umbrella corporation once and for all. Not as good as the last film but better than the first one. I don't think that the film's plot makes a whole heck of a lot of sense, which is fine since the numerous action set pieces are so tightly wound you can pretty much forgive the poor plotting. I mean the last time I checked people tended to watch these films for the blood, the gore and the monster killing. Upping the ante with some killer crows and some beast which shall remain nameless this film just moves like the wind with in each extended action sequence (Forget Hitchcock's birds these things are lethal). Each scene of violence left me exhausted and willing to deal with the non exposition of the main plot(okay its stupid I admit it). Worth a look for horror and action fans, though I'm not sure its really worth 10 bucks to see it.

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5 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

The 6.2 rating is ridiculous

Author: CrimsonKingLives from United States
14 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Paul Anderson needs to be stopped. These movies have gotten out of hand, and are getting worse with each one.

The first "Resident Evil" was a good movie. It could be approached as a sequel to the game series, and really had an eerie video-game vibe. "Apocalypse" could have been so good, following "Resident Evil: Nemesis", but Paul Anderson completely screwed it up.

Resident Evil: Extinction is awful. Milla Jovovich is getting horribly tired and the "badass superhero chick" thing is so cliché and stupid it makes you roll your eyes.

It takes place mostly in a desert, as the survivors of the T-Virus head to Alaska, for some stupid reasons, and in the process FIGHT ZOMBIES! Nothing too intelligent for the audience here. The "gore" is upped a bit, but it's still extremely tame and only somebody who hasn't been exposed to real violence would be disturbed by it.

The film easily could have been called something else, as it has NOTHING to do with Resident Evil at all, except for character NAMES, Umbrella Corp. and the T-Virus. Claire Redfield makes her first appearance on film, played by...Ali Larter? Yes, a bad actress who doesn't come close at all to resembling the Claire from the RE games. Blonde hair, badass attitude, stupid dialogue, everything that Claire was not. Wesker also makes an appearance, for about 2 minutes, once again ONLY carrying the name Albert Wesker, not resembling the character whatsoever.

There are numerous pointless and drug out scenes, an example being the scene at the beginning where **Minor spoilers** a gang of inbred rednecks attack Alice and force to fight some creatures or something?? Stupid, unneeded scene, only there to show how freakin' badass Alice can be.

Paul A. only used the RE name to cash in on his cheap, straight-to-DVD scripts and obviously it's working. I don't know how in the hell this pile of crap gets anything over a 5.0 rating, as it's barely an average movie. The only reason I give it a 4 is because Oded Fehr is great, and seeing the Tyrant, if only for a while and to have him horribly, lazily killed off, on film was a treat.

Watch out for the awful, eye-rolling inducing ending to this junk. Reall, only see this if you're just following the series. If you're a TRUE Resident Evil fan, avoid this at all costs..

Resident Evil: Extinction gets a generous 4/10

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6 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Makes 'Ultraviolet' look Oscar-worthy

Author: chambs from United States
12 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wow, this is probably the worst movie I have ever seen. I am so glad I didn't see this in theaters and watched it on DVD at home instead.

This movie was so poor I could nearly predict what a character was going to say before they said it, and when they said it it was straight out of another film. Additionally, every scene in the movie is a scene I swear I've seen somewhere else before, or I knew exactly what was going to happen (although there are some unpredictable demises). The writers in this movie are the absolute worst writers I have ever seen in the industry, period, and they make more money than me- unbelievable. There was zero plot development, maybe even negative plot development, because every character you get introduced to is quickly reduced to a cardboard cutout. The two characters you expect to see a lot of- Claire and K-Mart have one line of character development/ introduction each. I feel like I know that guy in the Ziploc commercial better. When I thought this movie was going to redeem itself with an ending (Alice going underground), it just unraveled at the seams with the worst climactic ending ever filmed. When I realized it was the end, and that was the grand finale, I just stared at my screen in disbelief and shock. Even as I write this I cannot believe an end sequence that lame is even possible.

There are some positives- one of the action scenes is actually done pretty well, showing Milla Jovovich at her best, and well, that's about it. Oh yeah, Milla Jovovich doesn't wear a bra underneath her paper-thin tank top. That's a plus.

Please, don't see this film.

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10 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

Just Lame

Author: ka2006 from Austin
3 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What's wrong with you people? You currently have this movie rated higher than both previous installments of the series. I've done what I can to right things by awarding it one more star than it deserves (even though I know it won't make a dent). I would definitely rank Extinction last in the series thus far with Apocalypse by far the best. You guys have Apocalypse ranked LAST in the series! LAST! It was infinitely better than this tripe. It was better than the first one.

Okay, I've checked the spoiler box (the irony was well noted) so here goes: I was intrigued by the opening (remake?) sequence, but began to worry as the camera swept over the ditch full of Alices. How well preserved they were. Wouldn't Umbrella like, dig a hole and cover them up or burn them or something? You're not supposed to be thinking about things like this when you're watching a movie. You should be taken along for a ride...not questioning the production values of the producers, the intelligence of the writers or the competence of the director. I did all that throughout this film.

I'll be honest, I love Milla. I'm probably not alone here. I love the games, too, but for me Milla looking great and kicking ass has been a huge draw with this series. Am I alone here? So, yeah we get this short (remake?) glimpse of our muse el buffo and then briefly in that skimpy red dress that we know and love (but really, we've seen this) but for the rest of the film she's decked out in thirty pounds of designer spaghetti western garb. HUH? Let's take this ultra hot bona-fide action heroine and cover up every inch of her glorious body except her airbrushed face. Who's idea was that? Which brings me to the subject of Jill Valentine. It's been discussed at length on these pages and pointed out repeatedly that her absence could have been easily explained with a few lines of dialogue. Don't the fans DESERVE at least that much. I say NO! This particular fan felt he had the right to expect no less than Sienna Guillory to reprise her fantastic portrayal and her very embodiment of the character Jill Valentine. Lucky for Ms. Guillory, ultimately, that she had no part of this mess.

So anyway, there's this loooooonnngg boooorrriinngg stretch where they're in the desert and I started getting drunk, but I remember hoping and believing so hard that the movie would get better....that IT DID! Finally, at the end, I think. But it wasn't enough to erase the horrible memories of what these sadistic filmmakers had previously dragged me through. At least it was over, though.

And it could've been worse. I could have bought this DVD (I own copies of the first two RE films on DVD). But I didn't buy this one, I rented it. AND I took it back the next morning earning me a $1 credit to my account. So I guess Sienna Guillory and I both came out on top here.

And those CGI crows were just lame.

KA 1/3/2008

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18 out of 33 people found the following review useful:

Third spectacular and stirring installment of the ¨Resident Evil trilogy¨

Author: ma-cortes
20 January 2009

The deadly virus has decimated the world, exception a little zone in Alaska where live people no-infected . Years later , one time Racoon was destroyed , the Umbrella corporation led by ambitious Dr. Isaacs(Iain Glen) continues his weird experiments with the deadly T-virus. But the Zombies spread the epidemic and those exposed to cruel bite suffer a complete transformation turning into meat-eating sickos. Alice(Milla Jovovich)is attempting to survive , and she finds new survivors(Ali Larter, Ashanti along with Oded Fehr and Mike Epps who repeat characters) traveling throughout Nevada desert . They must confront carnivorous crows, hordes of zombies starving of human flesh and an evil corporation chief who creates the most horrifying creatures ever made .The survivor group are surrounded , facing the world destruction by deadly epidemic.

This exciting picture contains thrills, chills, action-filled with fierce combats and lots of gore and guts.The horror and action moments are fast moving and compactly realized. The film turns out to be a crossover between 'the nuclear apocalypse of Mad Max 2', the 'George A Romero's Zombies' and genetic experiments from 'Sigourney Wever-Ripley in Alien saga '. Of course, the film takes ideas from former parts as 'Resident evil'(2002, Paul W. Anderson, here also producer and screenwriter) and 'Resident Evil: Apocalypse'(2004,Alexander Witt)resulting to be a nice following. The creepy images of wide range from the genuinely fantastic to the bizarre along with an eerie and amazing frames. It's predictable but we have seen the previous chapters but also its predictability is redeemed in part by the charismatic acting from the action-women, Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter. The flesh-eating mutants appearance deliver the goods, plenty of screams, shocks and tension. The make-up assistants create a truly horrible zombie cannibals. Horrifying and astonishing images about apocalyptic events with deserted and destroyed cities, such as the creepy scenarios in Las Vegas without people, totally uninhabited and covered of sand. Cool,luminous cinematography using steadicam by David Johnson and haunting musical score by Charles Clouser.The motion picture is surprisingly directed with startling visual style by Russell Mulcahy(Razorback,Highlander, Resurrection).

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Resident Evil: Extinction is more of the same ,with impressive action sequences

Author: badfeelinganger from United Kingdom
13 October 2014

Milla Jovovich reprises her tough-girl-in-sexy-thigh-boots role, and the survivors travel in Mad Max conveys up and down desert highways in search of fuel. Zombie sequel is just as grisly as the first two. Director Russell Mulcahy is revered by genre fans for his work on the original Highlander, he will gain many more followers inside Fangoria circles with this over-the-top splatter fest. The action at times is pretty effective, from an attack by an infected flock of crows, to some brutal fighting in a sand-engulfed Las Vegas. Aussie filmmaker Russell Mulcahy piles on the atmosphere to make up for lack of originality in the script or production design. He also knows which bones to throw zombie movie fans, who relish the methodology of destroying the slow moving freaks.A grimly efficient horror thriller that delivers exactly what the other two entries did: monsters, gore, and a heavily armed Milla Jovovich in boots and garters.Equal parts Mad Max and Day of the Dead, this third and supposedly final entry in the Resident Evil franchise is no less derivative than its predecessors but moves along at a brisk clip.With clever lifts from "The Birds" and Cormac McCarthy's bleak "The Road," you have a rare movie that wasn't screened for critics yet is actually worth watching.

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