Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) Poster

Plot Keywords

desert undead
chase satellite
convoy crow
clone hand to hand combat
female warrior critically bashed
zombie apocalypse female gunfighter
wilhelm scream blood splatter
violence sadism
post apocalypse flashback
brutality bare breasts
zombie blood on camera lens
stabbed in the back spitting blood
shot to death shot in the shoulder
shot in the leg shot in the back
returning character killed off loss of loved one
knife throwing knife in the chest
kicked in the face joint
hit by a car hit by a bus
gash in the face first person perspective
falling from height exploding truck
eaten alive deception
dead dog clawed to death
child in peril bitten on the arm
bitten in the neck bitten in the face
killing an animal megacorporation
one woman army bodily dismemberment
killer dog killed by a dog
killing a dog chased by a dog
utah shotgun
salt lake city utah pistol
nudity las vegas nevada
handgun female full frontal nudity
female frontal nudity desolate city
bow and arrow arrow
woman leader self sacrifice
sacrifice part of trilogy
truck told in flashback
throat slitting sunglasses
stabbed in the head stabbed in the forehead
stabbed in the chest shot in the head
shot in the forehead shot in the chest
shot in the arm shooting
severed leg severed head
severed arm scientist
revenge red dress
radio pole
monster machine gun
machete knife
impalement hit by a truck
gun flashlight
femme fatale female nudity
eye gouging exploding body
escape dismemberment
disfigurement decapitation
cut into pieces crushed to death
corruption cannibalism
blood bloodbath
third part based on video game
action heroine gore
brainwashing survival horror
resident evil corporate power
corporate crime sequel
death of friend

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