The Kingdom (2007) Poster


Plot Keywords

fbi saudi arabia
fbi agent investigation
compound oil
prayer shot on location
cross cutting ironic ending
beheading camcorder
car wreck marble
rocket propelled grenade bomb making
reference to the hulk gym
reference to mohammed shrapnel
ordinance safe room
witness falcon
shooting baskets reference to george s. patton
reference to general westmoreland reference to shaquille o'neal
reference to charles manson richard nixon
u.s. attorney general al qaeda
ambassador swastika
softball archive footage
blood spatter saddam hussein
ronald reagan osama bin laden
george bush helicopter
hand grenade vomit
video camera stabbed in the crotch
face slap shot through a wall
shot in the throat revelation
police officer killed overturning car
impersonating a police officer hit in the face
gash on arm flashback
explosive vest exploding building
disfigurement deception
child in peril car accident
bound and gagged board game
blood beating
ambush urban combat
sleep deprivation sheikh
praying mask
marbles lollipop
gymnasium flash bang
flack vest fingerprints
camel bullet hole
basketball apartment building
arab usa
uniform prince
palace interrogation
cap iraq war
washington d.c. pistol
machine gun gun
federal bureau of investigation war on terrorism
violence theocracy
silicone lips scapegoating
royalty revenge
postmodernism political manipulation
political correctness islam
gore factionalism
explosion evil arab
car rollover bludgeoning
black american hero attempted coverup
assault rifle torture
terrorism chase
attempted murder stabbed in the leg
stabbed in the head shot to death
shot in the neck shot in the leg
shot in the head shot in the forehead
shot in the chest severed finger
rpg mass killing
loss of wife loss of friend
kicked in the head hostage
grenade exploding body
death child uses gun
child murder bloody body of a child
suv suicide bomber
shootout rocket launcher
police kidnapping
fish out of water exploding car
evidence convoy
car crash government agent
death of friend title spoken by character
surprise ending

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