The Possession (2012) Poster

(I) (2012)

Plot Keywords

box yard sale
jewish rabbi
basketball coach film starts with text
hospital old woman
infestation eating raw meat
dumpster exorcism
psychiatrist home video
barefoot schoolmate
music score features piano mri
wood carving hebrew
sister eating fast
swarm dancer
suburb tear
exit sign shard of glass
eye glasses knocked off road accident
female psychiatrist ritual
brutalized death
running away doggy door
crawl crashing through a window
divorce tooth
reading aloud working late
looking down throat possessed girl
overhead camera shot shadow puppet
dybbuk custody fight
unconscious looking at one's self in a mirror
stabbed in the hand father daughter relationship
refrigerator cassette tape
moth hammer
garbage bin blood
jew mother daughter relationship
jumping into mothers arms invisible basketball
sitting on steps finger ring
divorcee child in peril
hasidic bug in a bed
hebrew text college professor
tree swing car accident
transfixed crying
tear on cheek ring
cgi animal in live action film e mail
invisible friend character says i hate you
locked in flickering light
girl brushing teeth ball peen hammer
scan stabbed with a fork
hair falling out eating
car truck crash dripping blood
morgue mona lisa
29 days shouting
american flag killed in car accident
face slap divorced parents
sister sister relationship teacher
brushing teeth two word title
swing dybbuk box
screaming holy water
magnetic resonance imaging cgi
aerial shot scream
vehicular accident coughing
basketball practice father stabbed by daughter
demonic possession obsession
killed in car screwdriver
slap classroom
finger gymnasium
seizure loosely based on real events
olive oil garage
basketball court orchestral music score
violence diner
surprise ending

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