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Excellent documentary!
Movie Nuttball29 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is a special documentary located on the Legend: Ultimate Edition DVD set! Many guests such as Vic Armstrong, Billy Barty, Rob Bottin, Tim Curry, Assheton Gorton, William Hjortsberg, Cork Hubbert, Arnon Milchan, Ann Mollo, Robert Picardo, Alice Playten, Terry Rawlings, Peter Robb-King, Mia Sara, Ridley Scott, Sid Sheinberg, and Alex Thomson all talk about the history of this film and all the things they had to to make it so wonderful! Some of the facts they talk about are unbelievable! This was really a treat watch to see many crew members and actors and actresses talk about the subject of Legend! Legend is in My opinion one of the greatest films of all time and there will never, ever be another film like it! Its one of My all time favorites as well! If you are a huge fan of this classic 80's film like I am then I strongly recommend that you head over to and buy the Legend: Ultimate Edition DVD set today!
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better than the actual film
movieman_kev21 October 2005
This 51 minute documentary/ Retrospective on the movie "Legend" can be found as an extra on the second disc of the 2-disc DVD set of the aforementioned movie. The first half deals with the fruition of the idea and the making of the movie. It includes interviews with almost all the main participants of the feature. (Actor/Creepy Scientologist Tom Cruise is a no show) I had no clue that Robert Picardo was Meg Mucklebones. The second half is much more fascinating and deals with what want wrong with the movie. The main problem I have with this piece is not with the content, but rather in how it's presented on the DVD (note to the makers: Chapter Stops are your friends)

My Grade: B+
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