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  • In 2210, mankind has explored the space and found a vampiric menace, declaring war against different breeds of vampires some of them inclusive human flesh cannibals. The V-SAN (aka Vampire Sanitation) spaceship leaded by Captain Churchill receives a distress call from an Earth base and his team formed by the vampire Quintana, the rookie officer Damian and the rebels Rosa and Roman seek survivors and vampires and they rescue the scientist Fiona, but Capt. Churchill is captured by the vampires. After their next assignment, the provisional captain Damian and his group disclose that a traitor has disengaged the defense system of the bases and they chase their prime suspect.

  • The year is 2210. The universe is overrun with hundreds of vampire species that prey upon humans in brutal, surprise attacks. That's when intergalactic Vampire Sanitation teams are called upon to lay waste to these vile predators. V-SAN crews, who've come to know their line of work as "the toughest job you'll ever hate," are comprised of rough and rugged men, women-and in the case of the Heironymous crew-a half human-half vampiress named Quintana, who draws upon her psychic prowess to help the V-SANs track their quarry. Led by Captain Nicholas Churchill and second-in-command Damian Underwood, the Heironymous team becomes the target of a deadly trap that has a much deeper and darker purpose. Directed by their vile leader Muco, the vampires have no plans of living peaceably with humans...they want to rule the universe.

  • Intergalactic vampire hunters. "Buffy" meets "Star Trek" in a "Mad Max" world.


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  • The year is 2210. Humans have moved out into space. In doing so, they have encountered several alien races -- like the Leatherfaces and the Vorhees -- all of them vampiric. In order to make space safe for humans, V-San (Vampire Sanitation) crews serve as advance teams, sweeping planets of vampires and making them habitable for humans. The V-San crew of the Heironymous is captained by Nicholas Churchill [Joe Lando], who loves his job as vampire hunter. First officer is Damian Underwood [Dominic Zamprogna], new to the job after being hand-picked by Churchill after Damian was blacklisted by Star Fleet for leading a mission that got his entire crew killed. Damian would rather do almost anything but V-San work, but Churchill isn't about to sign for Damian's transfer, not when he can get a cheap but top-notch Star Fleet educated commander who needs just a bit of training (and stomach) in vampire killing. Rosa Wong [Leanne Adachi] and Roman Kuchinsky [Aaron Pearl] form the rest of the human crew. Then there is Quintana [Natassia Malthe] -- beautiful, telepathic, and born a vampire-human of two humans who were vampirized. Quintana has chosen to side with humans in the intergalactic war against vampires, but that doesn't stop Rosa and Roman from questioning her loyalty and making snide remarks to her face.

    After cleaning up the mess following a Vorhee [flesh- and organ-eating vampires that must be staked to be destroyed] attack on Earth Base Quantum in the Takai System, the Heironymous receives a distress call from a scared soil-sample technician on Basra 14, a remote mining colony. Fiona Kennedy [A.J. Cook] is the sole survivor of an attack by Leatherfaces [primitive vampires who wear facemasks made of their victims' skin but who can be killed with bullets]. His stomach still churning from his first experience hunting vampires, Damian follows the captain into the mining shafts, where they are trapped and the captain is captured and killed. Suddenly, Damian is catapulted to the position of Captain pro tem of the Heironymous V-San crew, but Rosa and Roman make it clear they aren't going to take orders from Damian. They feel the captain's death was Damian's fault for not doing enough to save him from the Leatherfaces.

    With no further assignments in the roster, the Heironymous puts down at Transit Station DHF in the Millerton Quadrant to drop off Fiona and allow the crew a little R&R while awaiting orders. After an evening at the clubs, Damian tries to get his crew back to the ship only to find that Rosa and Roman are refusing to reboard. Instead, they have put in for a transfer and intend to go clubbing in the interim, but their retinal scans and IDs suddenly won't work. They have been classified as V-San persona non grata and now have nowhere to go but back to the ship where Damian offers them a deal. One more assignment together and he'll sign for their transfers. Until then, all protocols must be followed under his command, and the bickering between Rosa, Roman, and Quintana must stop. After more bickering, they agree.

    Suddenly, an urgent SOS comes in from the Transit Station. They are under attack. By the time the Heironymous returns, everyone is dead. After a preliminary investigation of the dead bodies, Quintana admits that she doesn't recognize the vampire species but can tell that they kill by injecting a venom that causes immediate necrotization of the tissues; it is on the dead, rotting, warm flesh that these vampires feed. The hunters go in search of the vampire and find him feeding; they shoot him but, horror upon horror, a number of leech-like vampire worms crawl out of his mouth. Quintana now recognizes Vermis nosferati, a species of wormlike vampires that lives inside the body of a host and comes out only to feed. After the crew stabs and shoots all the vampires until the last one emerges from a hole in the vampire's stomach (think "Alien"), Quintana tries to talk to it. It will say nothing but rant about the arrogance of humans. Remembering how vampires killed his entire family when he was a child, Roman shoots it, which starts another big row between Quintana, Rosa, and Roman.

    Meanwhile, watching from closed circuit cameras, Fiona and her friends Gilles [Michael DeLuise] and Vondi [Peter DeLuise] criticize the arrogance of their human species and applaud the work their group has accomplishedin their efforts to put a monkeywrench in "unbridled Earth imperialism." Convinced that the Earth's declaration of Manifest Destiny is a plague on the galaxy, they have been plotting with Muco [Michael Ironside], leader of the Vorhees to stop the intergalactic expansion of humans and end prejudice against vampires.

    Back on the Heironymous, Damian is attempting to fit the pieces together. One thing he noticed in both the last two attacks is that, although the vampire species involved were different, the electronic defense systems of both stations had been shut down. He also noticed that Fiona's body was not amongst the dead found on the Transit Station and wonders if she might be the key. Fiona goes to a station, he reasons, and dismantles the electronic defense system. When the vampires come in, Fiona gets out and moves on to her next target. Reasoning further that Fiona must have left the Transit Station just before they returned, Damian calls up the record of her departing flight plan and learns that it leads to Cosmosis. Just then, they get a call from HQ directing them on a search and destroy mission in the Knobe System, but Damian and the crew decide that taking a little detour to Cosmosis is necessary to revenge Captain Churchill's death, even if it means they'll all be fired. The crew doesn't know that Damian made up the assignment from HQ, but it served the purpose of uniting the crew.

    While the crew catches some zzzz's, the Heironymous follows Fiona's ship, which leads them, instead, to Dhiagalev 8, a depleted ore planet. Just after they land, they are attacked by a small craft that Roman manages to shoot out of the sky. Unfortunately, it lands on the Heironymous and blows it up. Stranded, they decide to head for the old colony, looking for a way off the planet. They find the colony, and they also find Fiona and vampires. Fiona promises that no one will get hurt if Damian goes with her. She leads him to Muco and Captain Churchill, who has been turned into a vampire. Churchill explains how the vampires want to learn from humans --things like compassion and cooperation -- so that they can unite and take over the world. Damian refuses to teach them, so Muco orders Damian and his crew killed. Fiona, realizing that Muco has lied to her, challenges Muco to show the other vampires what he is capable of, so Muco capably fires a bullet into her stomach.

    While Churchill and Damian duke it out, Gilles and Vondi, after seeing the ease with which Muco killed Fiona, convince the vampires holding the Heironymous crew that Muco has ordered them released. Gilles and Vondi grab weapons and escort Rosa, Roman, and Quintana to the room where Churchill has almost bested Damian. As they enter, Gilles and Vondi toss the weapons back to the crew and they open fire on the vampires. Damian stabs Churchill in the heart with a shard of glass, then sneaks up on Muco and stabs him. Their work done here, Damian and crew head back to HQ to get a new ship. [Original synopsis by bj_kuehl]

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