Wild Tigers I Have Known (2006) Poster

Plot Keywords

school friend
suicide child suicide
coming of age love
kindness sexuality
13 year old single mother
tolerance gay
unrequited love mirror
lipstick roller skating
older younger relationship fellatio
dream dandelion
underwater scene headdress
junior high school smooth chest
beach erection
sensitive boy phone sex
f word nosebleed
hoodie school counsellor
paw voice over narration
tree teenage love
bullying video tape
urination outer space
hitting homophobia
gay teenager gay crush
sitting on a toilet spider
sex gay kid
school alarm telephone call
footprint wrestler
flashlight poster
school locker bicycle
boys' bathroom locker room
mother son relationship lion
cat daydream
best friend swimming goggles
gay lead character tiger
prepubescent dancer
tunnel first crush
song list
singing boy dressed as girl
rollerskating rink dressing
running obsession
teacher cigarette smoking
cross dressing death
bad mother loneliness
singer camera
mountain lion sandwich
tv news swimming pool
infatuation sleeping
scissors bubble lamp
wig gender dysphoria
balloon sunglasses
school bus oral sex
dancing masturbation
friendship face mask
totem watching tv
subjective camera boy wearing makeup
amusement park gay interest
school dance toilet paper
bridge woods
adolescence gay slur
photograph bar of soap
underwear shower
american indian headdress groceries
hallucination railroad track
bully ghost
goggles bus
baseball bat shirtless boy
blood weird music
surrealism lawn sprinkler
thoughts of death mask
food slide show
bathroom cave
it gets better teen angst
cutting hair teenage boy
lantern writing on a corpse
adolescent roller skates
uses the word "fag" watching
undressing tiger costume
wrestling makeup
suicide of child dance
swimming independent film

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