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Prologue: In order to maintain her youth and beauty, Elizabeth Bathory made a pact many years ago with Satan that requires her to sacrifice young women and bathe in their blood. Among her many atrocities, Elizabeth is also reputed to have tricked Count Waldemar Daninsky into trading his mortal soul to save the life of his wife Eleanor, who was dying of the plague, only to slay her himself when the curse of the werewolf came upon him.

2004 Boston: Melanie Charles, [Kennedy Johnston] TV reporter for KOSL's "Current Mysteries," has been sent to Europe to meet with Richard Daninsky [Jay Richardson], the sole surviving heir in the Daninsky line, in order to film a documentary regarding a treasure reputed to be hidden somewhere in the Daninsky castle. When Melanie and her boyfriend/producer Tony Jones [Leland Jay] arrive at the castle, the other members of the KOSL crew -- Christie, Leslie, and Steve -- are already there along with Daninsky and his housekeeper Elizabeth [Michelle Bauer]. The last person to arrive is Amanda Collins [Stephanie Bentley], a psychic investigator, who has been brought in to help locate the treasure.

After everyone has eaten dinner, drunk a lot of wine, and retired for the night, Elizabeth the housekeeper [who is, in fact, Elizabeth Bathory] leads Richard to the family crypt in order to show him something "extremely valuable" -- the tomb of Waldemar Daninsky. Upon opening the tomb, Richard is ecstatic to find the pure silver cross/dagger that was buried in Waldemar so many years ago. Elizabeth orders Richard to remove the cross, but Richard wants to wait until tomorrow when the filming crew is awake, until Elizabeth hypnotizes him with the black necklace she wears around her neck. Richard obeys, removes the cross from Waldemar's skeleton, and Waldemar [Paul Naschy] returns to the flesh and tears Richard apart.

The next morning at breakfast, Elizabeth notices that her hands are beginning to age. After covering her arm with a long black glove, she lures Christie [Jacy Andrews] down to the crypt and, after hypnotizing Christie with her necklace, Elizabeth chains her to a wall and slits her neck, catching the blood in a cup. Later, after the KOSL crew notices Christie's absence and hear the howls of a wolf on the prowl, they go looking for her.

Meanwhile, Amanda has been receiving psychic impressions about Waldemar. Amanda confronts Elizabeth, who recognizes Amanda as the ghost of Eleanor Daninsky. Amanda wants to lay Waldemar to rest, but Elizabeth is intent on letting him go on killing. If Waldemar delivers six souls to Satan, Elizabeth explains, she can "move on to bigger and better things." Elizabeth then turns the silver cross/dagger on Amanda. In the fight that ensues, Elizabeth appears to be winning until Amanda pulls off Elizabeth's necklace and Elizabeth explodes.

Just then, Waldemar enters the castle and goes after Leslie [Beverly Lynne]. Amanda confronts Waldemar with their love, which will ever "span through the ages of time," but she tells him that this must end now. When Waldemar advances on her, Amanda stabs him with the silver cross/dagger. Waldemar returns to human form and dies. Amanda lies down next to him, and they both disintegrate into flames.

Melanie, Tony, and Steve return to the castle, unsuccessful in their attempts to locate Christie, only to find Leslie waiting, alone and with gashes on her cheek. When Tony asks Leslie what happened, she replies, "Something that's going to change me for the rest of my life," and leaps for his neck, her fangs bared.

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