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Standard submarine movie with a gay twist

Author: Tommy Howell (WinBearTx) from Dallas, Tx
3 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie first aired 4/1/2005 on ->hereTV, the gay pay-per-view satellite channel. The guide description reads "A submarine commander (Adrian Paul), who is gay, combats a mysterious enemy while silently mourning the loss of his partner."

The movie starts out with the obligatory gay scene, but it has practically nothing to do with the rest of the movie. There is a nice moment of closure on the gay storyline at the end of the movie.

The acting is pretty good, but most of the underwater effects are a little cheap. Any scene with a torpedo or depth charge in it looks totally fake, but other scenes looks reasonably acceptable.

I found it to be pretty good for a submarine thriller, but was a little too light on the gay content to warrant being classified as a gay-themed movie or getting first-run on a gay channel.

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Author: Peter de Graaf from Switzerland
26 May 2006

One a wet evening, I decided to pop down to the DVD machine around the corner to pull out a DVD for the whole family. Phantom Below looked promising so I decided to take it.

What a disastrous movie. 90 minutes of pure agony. The cast is poor, the script is bad and the visuals are pathetic. You expect to watch a movie about a submarine, in reality the shots of a submarine are limited. Instead you are presented with computer animated shots of submarines, torpedo's and the like. They must have really saved on the computer animations because they look as if they come straight out of a cheap third rate computer game.

The inside of the U-boat is also completely unrealistic. The studio shots remind you of 70's movies, they are so fake.

There are some pretty good U-Boat movies out there. This one certainly doesn't rank among them. Don't waste your time watching this one.

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Great Movie, with the Storyline in the right perspective

Author: bard-cotrp from United States
11 December 2006

Okay, in the Version I've seen, there was a gay relationship present between the XO and the CO, but it wasn't the purpose of the movie. A great movie to watch with a great storyline! Adrian provides a wonderful outlet for his character, as well as everyone else in the movie. I feel that the issues presented (being gay in the military, unintelligent military intelligence) keep the movie modern and prevalent in our society today. I for one am looking forward to seeing more movies like this one, where I can watch it from beginning to end with out wondering if I left the Iron on. Whip out your popcorn, grab a soda and WATCH THIS MOVIE! You'll be sorry you missed it. Go to Hawaii, and find yourself a sailor man.

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Great vehicle for Adrian and not a bad movie either!

Author: feeanne from Australia
3 May 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this movie last weekend (May 1) at the HLWW convention in Sydney. We got to talk to Adrian afterward, which was a treat as well. As a female I am not that hot on war movies, but this one wasn't bad. The model work was simple but effective I thought. There were mistakes with the set dressing like the cabins were too big and didn't have a threshold (edge you have to step over)as a real area on a sub or ship must. The Con room wasn't bad and the director managed to convey some of the claustrophobic conditions within the confines of the "bridge". Also anyone familiar with US naval uniform will have a ball picking all the mistakes with the lead characters' clothes.

Dramatically it moved along quite well. The change of heart of the female Lieutenant, the working relationship between the hero and his COB was done very well. He supports our hero after the death of Commander Habley's lover. The story was solid enough and didn't rely on coincidences. It's pity the budget didn't run to a longer film which might have established the expertise of the hero and the necessity to release him after he loses command mid voyage. The replacement XO spy comes around miles too fast for my taste. Adrian looks wonderful, Ms Dent, while looking untidy in uniform, does a good job as the grieving sister and other cast members put in solid performances.

If you enjoy elongated episodes of JAG, you'll like this. If you're an Adrian fan and want to see him naked, that's another reason to hire this out. Me, I'll probably buy it. Shallow's the new deep, doncha know!

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Author: kris-burkett from United States
31 July 2008

Personally, I loved it. I'm sorry for the others that felt it was so bad. My husband and I have watched it several times.

I think Adrian Paul did an excellent job. He's a very good actor in all his films. The other's were pretty good too, but maybe one out of the bunch could have been better.

But other than that, we were thoroughly entertained. I'm sure there are things that stand out to men who have been on subs before that were totally unbelievable. I can understand that. I show horses and almost every horse movie I sit there and pick out what's unrealistic. It's happens with all movies.

It just shows that what's good for one person, might be bad for another. I hated Natural Born Killers and Pulp Fiction - go figure.

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Could Have Been Better With Some Research

Author: montyw47-1 from United States
24 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Why was this listed as a "gay themed" movie? The time Adrian Paul with his "lover" is so brief a to be non-existent. The Don't Ask Don't Tell isn't mentioned when service members don't tell but are asked and then thrown out of the military. Disappointing in this respect. The Captain of almost any Navy ship is god almighty. To have a junior officer even the XO, take over a sub while operation in HOSTILE waters is ridiculous! Why is it so difficult to get the rank insignia on Adrian Paul's uniform correct? 3 Solid Stripes with Star is a Full Commander, not a thin bar in between 2 solid stripes. Silver Oak leaf is correct.

At least the sister and former lover reconciled at the end.

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my review for uss poseidon phantom below

Author: Liam wuthrich from Canada
8 July 2015

well i like the film a lot because of the skill and tenacity of the crew in the heat of battle on board any submarine also i have played similar submarine game's in school and at home it is very hard to hunt hide a kill your enemy and everybody brings something new too the film's like this one compared to others on the market not based on a video game also i like the fact this film had a happy ending the family of the pervous xo got close-her in her brother death as his last request to a friend also i also learned a lot from this type of movie and what theater they were using for the under water footage and that very little cgi was involed and like every film everybody new their line because they had their a game in this film also i am a hudge fan of Adrian Paul and i know he doe's thing's buy the book in this film and that's OK in my book. anyway i think the other actor's and actress's were also great doing their part considering all the film's and TV series they have been in before this film came to light and i would love too see this film considered for netflex apple TV and Xbox video on those platform's and this film is a great fiction of life and death and true courage in the line of duty of a military type film.

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Good Acting, Mediocre Movie

Author: gazebo from New York City
8 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a nice movie. That's the most I could give it. The acting, for the most part, was excellent. The story, though, was kinda mediocre. I watched this movie for Adrian Paul and I thought he was terrific in this movie. I kept on thinking as I watched this movie was, if the script was better, if there was more tension, more action, this movie would've lifted itself out of the "B" movie genre because of the good acting all around. I enjoyed the movie. It was okay.

I know that this movie was first shown on a gay cable TV network and a lot of "gay" scenes were probably edited out. The version that I watched, that was a rental from Hollywood video, was the "straight" version. It was pretty good.

My mother and I watched this movie. At the end of the movie, my mother declared that Adrian Paul's character was in love with his best friend who was killed! I never told her that this was a "gay movie" when it first came out and I was stunned by her declaration. Well, I guess Adrian Paul was so convincing as the grieving commander that it was a logical conclusion. Boy, this movie sure had a lot of "gay" subtext! It's a good movie in that it showcases Adrian Paul's great acting. He has this charismatic quality and this vulnerability that he just makes you want to reach out and talk to him.

Watch this movie for Adrian Paul!

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Ridiculous! Producers: consider recruiting real submariners as advisers next time.

Author: butch-81 from United States
10 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

From the very first sound (a cartoonish attempt at an active sonar "ping") by a synthesizer sampler, this movie was riddled with mistakes and inconsistencies.

The opening "ping" could have been avoided by a simple phone call to Pt Loma, California to ask for an email attachment .mpg of an actual "ping" for the all-important opening of this movie. Who in their right mind would produce a movie without subject-matter expert advisers.

This entire movie was pitifully flawed. I could overlook budgetary constraints but to have the ship's Captain stand before his men and determine that a torpedo that had just exploded nearby was launched from a new unknown class of submarine; that's just too much. He deduced this without any sonar data, no intelligence, and no evidence that the attack wasn't carried out by an anti-submarine aircraft or even an enemy frigate or destroyer. Heck, he didn't even know there was anything shadowing him only a minute before!! One the other hand, the National Enquirer readers will eat it this Twinkie up and the folks that vote based on the Daily Show or the Colbert Report will wonder why it wasn't nominated for an academy award.

I don't understand why these Hollywood marshmallows don't just ask a man to look over their script to cull the nonsense.

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Author: triznuity from Great Lakes, Illinois
10 October 2006

From the plot to the props, to the horribly tasteless computer generated graphics, right down to the acting, this movie was really flawed. On a positive note, I will give credit to the writers/directors/producers of this film who attempted to tell the story of our Navy's submariners. However, next time, please take some additional time to conduct the proper research on proper wear of Navy uniforms. In this age of Google and many other search engines, this information could have been easily obtained, and the realism truly brought out in your art. Instead, the uniforms created numerous distractions from the plot. If all else, U.S. Navy Sailors, like myself who wear the cloth of the nation, when viewing a portrayal of our duties, deserve to see them portrayed correctly. Anything else, my friends, border heavily on disrespect.

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