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Five Years (the early years) of the Rock&Roll Years of the only Dutch Rock&Roll artist
adrimunier5 November 2006
The director catches one thing very good, the 'love' between the 2 main characters; Koos 'Coach' van Dijk & Herman Brood. They feel they are sort of intertwined; one needing the other to excel. This is exceptionally well-done; even in their darkest hour, the need to expose what is the energetic drive of the rock&roll machine is obvious to both of them. Not only being in it for the money, but just for the sake of it. Brood had talents; not being an extraordinary singer ( on the contrary: a mediocre type of voice), but gifted with words in catching the so-called zeitgeist (f.i. the I-era: I love you like I love myself...) and living the credo; you'd better do it from the heart...( don't you do it with the head). The movie highlights the early years 1974-1979- Herman's breakthrough years. Being just a ex-member (pianoplayer) of a famed Dutch bluesband with a lot of ambition becoming a star, to the success of being a star and not giving in to one's ideals. Dreaming of making a statement was their mission and both characters ( on one hand: the manager Koos & artist Herman and on the other hand director Jean van de Velde) can truly state: mission accomplished!
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The music and the people
russianwitch19 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The Rock&Roll is what you will remember about the movie. The personal relationships sort of creep up on you through the plot. The movie focuses only on the first years because in the words of the director "to film the whole life of Herman Brood would take 20 hours at least". You get glimpses in the complicated personality of Herman Brood and the relationships with the people closest to him in those years. You see an essentially flawed man who despite or maybe because of the flaws is brilliant. Because you watch the story unfolding from the view of his manager you see the whole. Wild Romance is often funny, filled with good music and always a bit tragic.
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