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Reviews & Ratings for
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22 out of 25 people found the following review useful:

grade-z, sure, but perversely compelling

Author: versen from denton, texas, us
13 March 2005

undoubtedly you've seen the previews on sci-fi which show the sexy scientist tearing off her blouse-- that and the title tell you all you need to know about how cheesy and ridiculous this picture is-- but I hate to admit I found it strangely watchable. Corin Nemec plays a positively Beowulfian cop who tussles repeatedly with the mansquito but somehow survives each time, while(numerous) lesser men and women die within a few tenths of a second of their 'squito encounters. The story hurtles forward at a breathless pace,which is undoubtedly a good thing considering how silly it is. The heroine is also infected by radioactive skeeter juice(hence her need to disrobe(?), and she figures out that Only She can lure Mansquito to his doom...and you can probably guess the rest.

Look: obviously no one watches a teevee movie called "Mansquito!"(it needed an exclamation point, don't you think?) expecting King Lear, unless they have neurological problems or something. Mansquito! is the cinematic equivalent of cheese nachos: you hate to admit you occasionally crave because you know they're nutritional gargbage-- good in a bad way. And gee, I didn't know mosquitos growl.

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14 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

Fresh, clever and original? No. But very, very entertaining!

Author: willywants
28 May 2005

A convict is scheduled to be used in tests involving the west Nile virus, but escapes and is bitten by a mutant mosquito, transforming him into a hideous insectile humanoid. It's up to cops to track him down as he makes his way through a city, sucking his victims dry. This is one of those "Made for Sci-fi channel" films, which, lets face it, more often than not turn out to be stinking cesspools (See Dinocroc, King Snake, Boa vs. Python, etc.) or, putting it more kindly, on the "lower end of the horror spectrum". However, "Mansquito" actually manages to transcend most of the other films sci-fi produces. It's got decent enough acting, plenty of nasty gore scenes, cool creature effects, but lots of problems too. To start, the plot is carp. I'll admit that. It's got lots of 1-D characters whose sole purpose is to be killed off in horrible gruesome ways by the monster. The science behind the creature is non-existent. It's also very, very predictable. Director Tibor Takács—who was responsible for 1987's effects-laden cult hit, "The Gate", and the really cool "I, Madman"—has since done some not-so-great low-budget horror films like Killer Rats (2003), but he redeems himself somewhat with "Mansquito". He gives the film a fun feel and never lets the pace drop. He also gives us just what we paid for—gore and a slimy, ugly monster. At first the gore is rather tame, but it really picks up towards the end, check out the "SWAT team dismemberment" for some real nasty stuff! As I said before, the creature effects are really cool. The effects are handled by Tony Garner, who also worked on "Seed of Chucky". Thankfully the monster isn't CG most of the time, just a good old man-in-a-suit (Except for shots of the creature running or flying, in which the makers implored so truly awful CG).

If you're looking for a fresh, original sci-fi film, look elsewhere, 'cause "Mansquito" is anything but that. However, it IS a fun, gory monster movie for a boring, rainy Saturday afternoon.


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12 out of 19 people found the following review useful:

SciFI's best!

Author: whammy666 from United States
15 March 2005

SciFi has been doing a little better with their films lately. I enjoyed Frankenfish, this, and Species III. THey are making some ones better than Raptor Island...Ugh, I shudder to think of that crap. Anyway, this is Mansquito. SciFi usually uses bad CGI effects, but in this they managed to have GOOD effects! GO figure! The effects really impressed me, some CGI, but not much at all. THe Mansquito looked real good, and there were some nice gore effects. Hopefully there will be more gore in the DVD release hehe. ANyway, this film is not too original, but it is entertaining. Very entertaining. Good way to waste 2 hours of your time. Def. one good monster/killer bug film. Recommended if you want to have some good fun. 7/10

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13 out of 21 people found the following review useful:

The plot does not thicken so much as it just congeals.

Author: Terry McCombs from Birmingham, Alabama
12 March 2005

Great Scott! But it's starting to seem that the Sci-Fi Channel produces these things like link sausage, one after after another after another and all pretty much the same.

Take a cliché hero from column A, a heroine from column B, inject giant mutant X (insect, spider, snake etc), mix will with lots of faceless police/soldiers/general public with a collective I.Q. five points under room temperature as monster fodder and boil in pot until rank.

The only thing they left out of this one (other than an interesting story) was the evil rich guy who wants to exploit the monster of the week.

Oh... and by the way, male mosquitoes don't drink blood, only female mosquitoes do.

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Makes malaria look like a common cold!

Author: The_Void from Beverley Hills, England
27 December 2006

You don't have to watch Mosquito Man to know that it takes heavy influence from David Cronenberg's classic film 'The Fly', but I liked said film a lot and so decided that I would be happy if this film merely offered a fun retelling of it. I'm pleased to say that while Mosquito Man is silly and redundant, it is at least lots of fun and therefore offers enough as far as I'm concerned. I have to admit that I find insects fascinating, and this is a good thing given how many insect related horror films there are to choose from. Mosquito's don't really interest me, and the film doesn't really delve into their life cycle much...but luckily, it doesn't really matter. The film bases its plot on the idea of a virus that is working its way through the human population. A couple of scientists have found some sort of cure involving mosquitoes, but this backfires when a convict set to be used as a guinea pig escapes and causes an accident in the facility. His DNA is then merged with the mosquito DNA and he becomes, you guessed it, a human-mosquito hybrid with a mission to mate with the female scientist who has suffered the same unfortunate fate.

Director Tibor Takács made a minor splash back in the eighties with cult hits The Gate and I, Madman. This film is unlikely to remembered with the same affection as the latter two films, but it features the same kind of nonsense, yet well worked plot line. The special effects are important in a film like this, and despite being a film that is unlikely to ever amount to anything - Mosquito Man does feature great special effects. The central monster looks cool enough, and this is matched by some great gory scenes that will please anyone with a mind to see it. As mentioned, the plot doesn't delve very deep but it does at least focus on the important elements and remains interesting for the duration. The acting is surprisingly decent also, with the hot Musetta Vander providing the eye candy (both for the audience and for the title monster), while Corin Nemec is good in the opposite role. It's not hard to guess where it's going at any point, but the film races towards the inevitable conclusion with style, and the director chucks in a nice gore sequence every time things start to dry up. Overall, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this trash to anyone looking for a fun flick, and it's nowhere near as bad as it could have been.

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4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Monster mosquito mayhem

Author: MartianOctocretr5 from Redondo Beach, CA
30 May 2006

Creepy looking convict gets some genetic engineering stuff on his hand and rapidly morphs into an even creepier looking creature. Mansquito is outrageous, but actually gets in a few scares on you. Watching that thing drink is pretty gross, what with blood being the implied soft drink of choice.

He starts finding victims immediately, some at random, others for revenge. He takes particular interest in seeking out a female doctor at the genetic engineering lab, who herself may be contaminated with the stuff. You suspect this because she starts liking sugar and raw meat. Plus, she gets a bad case of "red-eye."

Enter the stock plot coincidences. The aforementioned doctor is romantically involved with the only cop who seems able to figure out the horrible truth about the rampaging mansquito. A predictable finale that you see coming for about half the movie is delayed for the usual routine of an unending stream of trigger-happy cops taking turns futilely shooting at the armor-plated beast, with the obvious results. You won't believe the venue they choose for this high-body-count carnage.

Not bad, for a Sci Fi channel low rent quickie. A few scares, a few laughs, and good fun. Just remember to turn your brain off before viewing this.

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13 out of 23 people found the following review useful:


Author: Lucas Ellis from Winter Springs
25 July 2005

Mansquito really does not deserve a summary, but here it goes.

A man is turned into a mosquito-man through some weird science experiment(Very closely related with The Fly). He starts terrorizing everyone a killing innocent by-standards.

Low-budget Sci-fi film that was made for TV (Sci-fi channel). The movie is definitely one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I laughed at how ridiculous it was for a while, but then I just god sad and started feeling sorry for the idiot that made it. Overall, the movie is a total waste of time, but could be fun to watch if your making fun of it with friends.

I do not recommend this movie under any circumstances.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Great Bug Flick

Author: abominablebro from United States
24 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Mansquito is what it is. It's a cool and imaginative film that is just fun to watch. That's how most B-movies are. It isn't a masterpiece, but it isn't garbage either. I thought the costume was very well made and looked exactly how every mansquito should. This movie is full of blood and gore which looks pretty realistic, especially for a B-movie. The idea of the mansquito wanting to mate with the detective's 'womansquito' girlfriend was intense. The film had a satisfying tragic ending with a thought provoking last narration quote: "In the end I lost everything I ever cared about. The only girl I ever loved died saving us all. But as with every ending... There is always a new beginning." It's deep and makes absolutely perfect sense if you think about it. Mansquito is just a good old fun film.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Not so bad visually, but this one overall did bug me

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
27 May 2012

Mansquito(or Mosquito Man) was a little better than I expected, but that's not saying much. It is surprisingly not bad on a visual front, with good photography and nice locations, and the music at times was spookily atmospheric. Plus the ending was the best part of the film, very effective. What let Mansquito down though was a fair number of things. I have seen worse special effects, but they are still rather cheap and not very well-utilised with the mosquitoes not menacing enough. The script is of the cheesy and stilted kind and the story apart from some spark at the end never really engaged me, coming across as dull, predictable and especially with the male mosquitoes ridiculous. I probably would have had a stronger impression of Mansquito if the beginning had been promising, but viewing so many obvious mistakes in one scene really hindered that. The characters didn't come across as very likable either, not as stereotypical as I have seen characters other movies of the genre before but annoying and underdeveloped, and the acting is really quite poor. Overall, could've been much worse, but Mansquito bugged me too much for me to properly enjoy it. 4/10 Bethany Cox

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:


Author: Daniel Roos ( from United States
2 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think the makers of Mansquito had too easy a road of it, as a matter of fact. So confident were they in the strength of their title that they didn't spend sufficient time on story, casting decent actors, direction, and script. Granted, these elements aren't nearly as important as a title, but they do ultimately assist in making a good movie. Although, let's face it, when you pitch a movie to the Sci-Fi Channel what do you really need other than a gimmick and a snappy title? All the filmmakers (while on break from their primary job working at Arby's) needed to do was show the studio executives the Arby sauce stained napkin where they'd scribbled "Mansquito," and the vast resources of the entertainment conglomerate that produced such masterpieces as Raptor Island and Pterodactyl were at their disposal.

Let's talk about the story of Mansquito. It's tough, but frankly, they don't pay me the big bucks just to make fun of movie titles like Mansquito, so I actually decided to watch Mansquito. (I realize I'm overusing the title, but I just love typing "Mansquito" even though my spellchecker is none too fond of it. Stupid spellchecker, thinks it's intelligenter smarter than me! Just to teach my spellchecker a lesson: Snubblefurtzinkip. Ha. Now my computer knows who's boss.) In the world of Mansquito, a nationwide virus has spread via mosquitoes. In an effort to kill off the existing mosquitoes, scientists develop a super breed of super mosquitoes in the hopes that they'll kill off the other mosquitoes. Apparently, the mad scientist lobby convinced the government not to simply buy a lot of bug repellant Off!. The maddest of the mad scientists (Jay Benedict) at one point reminds his attractive, not entirely mad female associate (Musetta Vander) that out their people are "dying," emphasizing "dying" with the most unnecessary use of air quotes any actor has ever employed.

To test the new mosquitoes to make sure they aren't lethal to humans, a lethal human in the form of a convicted, mass murderer (Matt Jordon) is brought in. For this important prisoner transport, no less than three guards take the human guinea pig in the back door without bothering to check if the prisoner has misused his standard issue prison paperclip to release his cuffs.

True to his name, the mass murderer murders masses, before being inadvertently exposed with super mosquito gasses. Man + Mosquito = Mansquito!!!!!! What follows is a transformation akin to The Fly starring Jeff Goldblum, though without any particular drama or style. Obviously Mansquito is a poor knock-off of the Fly, with the twist being the mutant is a rampaging killer rather than a generally decent scientist. But where the Fly was a grotesque, disgusting, high concept horror movie, Mansquito is a grotesque, disgusting, no-concept horror movie. The good news is the gore (which would probably give nightmares to impressionable children, in fairness) is so poorly done that it's laughable to jaded adults like me.

Honestly, I think it's a surprise that there is any story at all in Mansquito, as the point is simply to see some giant rubber monster suck the blood of overacting extras. You wouldn't need a script to get lines of dialogue like, "He's more man than mosquito now!" Nor is any clever writer required to come up with the ingenious plot twist that Mansquito wants to mate with our heroine. Let me be the first to say: Ew.

Mansquito is ideal for lovers of ineffective, goofy monster movies that take itself far more seriously than its budget allows it to be, and skippable for any other segment of the population.

Worth noting is the success of Mansquito has inspired me to develop the following screenplays in hopes of getting greenlit by the Sci-Fi Channel: Mantato – A man falls into an experimental government potato patch and turns into the diabolical Mantato before being stopped by a good-looking scientist (played by Christian Slater) and a gorgeous local girl.

Bearodactyl – a gentle bear is bitten by a radioactive pterodactyl and goes on a rampage before being stopped by a hunky scientist (played by Dean Cain) and a gorgeous local girl.

FemAle – an attractive female falls into a vat of gamma irradiated ale and turns into the deadly FemAle before being thwarted by a handsome scientist (played by Casper Van Dien) and a beautiful local girl.

Craptor – a cloned raptor falls into the septic tank of at a nuclear facility becomes the putridly extinct Craptor, running amok before being killed by a heroic scientist (played by Lorenzo Lamas) and a local beauty queen.

I'm also in the infancy of developing the following projects: Galligator, Poison Guyvy, Womantis, and Catmandude. These ideas are copyrighted by Film Is Pwn and are too stupid to be used without express written consent of Major League Baseball.

–Daniel J. Roos (

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