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MPAA Rated R for horror violence/gore

Sex & Nudity

  • The film's lead female character Dr. Jennifer Allen (Musetta Vander) appears in several scenes in just her bra and panties but there is no explicit full frontal nudity.
  • There is a scene when Jennifer (Musetta Vander) and her boyfriend Tom (Corin Nemec) are about to have sex and start touching each other but are interupted by a phone call, during the the scene Tom is shirtless and Jennifer appears in her underwear.

Violence & Gore

  • Mansquito contains many scenes involving dead bodies which are in various states of mutilation after the creature has killed them.
  • There are many scenes involving the creature drinking peoples blood.
  • There is a scenes when Ray (Austin Jordan) steals a cops gun & slams his head against a concrete pillar leaving a blood splatter.
  • There is a gunfight as Ray (Austin Jordan) takes a female hostage eventually killing her.
  • Several cops are shot with bloody gunshot wounds shown.
  • Jennifer (Musetta Vander) cuts her own thumb with a scalpel to take a sample of her own blood.
  • Many people are killed by Mansquito in several graphic scenes showing the impalement of character's and then the sucking of their blood through Mansquito's straw like proboscis.
  • A cop is thrown out of a hospital window and is seen convusing in pain on the ground.
  • The hospital walls are literally painted red with blood, the corridors are strewn with dead bodies and severed limbs.
  • Mansquito attacks someone and a huge spray of blood splats on the window behind them.
  • A cop has half his head diagonally sliced off, there is another brief shot of the cops body collapsing to the ground and the mutilation of his haed can be seen from another angle.
  • Mansquito steps on a cops head which then cracks and sends a spurt of blood across the floor.
  • Tom (Corin Nemec) shoots a gas cannister which explodes in an attempt to kill Mansquito.
  • The film generally uses a lot of blood during it's horror scenes and can be very graphic at times.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several scenes take place in a bar where people are seen to drink and smoke.
  • There is no reference to drugs or their taking in the film.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Many sequences in Mansquito are set in dark corridors or rooms where Mansquito may be hiding.
  • Mansquito is a grotesque looking creature.
  • There are many intense scenes involving gore and the suffering and killing of human character's.
  • Mansquito as a film deliberately tries to be scary.

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