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Austin Movie Show review - "as believable as White Chicks"
leilapostgrad16 July 2006
Ripping this movie apart is like shooting fish in a barrel. It's too easy. So I'm going to challenge myself to acknowledge the positive aspects of Little Man. First, I'm impressed with the special effects. It really did look like Marlon Wayans' head was attached to the body of a little person. I never doubted it for a minute.

Secondly, I loved some of the unexpected cameos. David Alan Grier played an annoying restaurant singer, and his renditions of "Havin' My Baby" and "Movin' On Up" were priceless. John Witherspoon, who, coincidentally, played Grier's father in 1992's Boomerang (if you remember, he "coordinated" the mushroom belt with the mushroom jacket) now plays Vanessa's father in Little Man. So that was fun.

Beyond that, this movie is about as believable as White Chicks. How dumb is it when even the doctor can't tell that it's a 40-year-old man and not a baby? He's got a full set of teeth!!! How is it possible that no one seems to notice that it's not a baby? Little Man is so bad that there's a Rob Schneider cameo. And please, if you're stupid enough to waste $8 on this movie, at least do me a favor and DO NOT bring your children. This movie is way too sexual for small children (lots of jokes and innuendo about sex, going down, eating out, etc.), and I felt embarrassed for the parents who brought their kids to the screening I was forced to endure. If you insist on seeing an idiotic film, as least spare your children the pain and suffering.
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From the Hollywood cookie cutter...
chattykathy828212 July 2006
Comes this heartwarming tale of hope. Hope that you'll never have to endure anything this awful again. *cough* Razzie award *cough*

I disliked this movie because it was unfunny, predictable and inane. While watching I felt like I was in a psychology experiment to determine how low movie standards could get before people complained. When I requested my money back at the end of the movie I was informed that because I watched the whole thing 'I wasn't entitled to reimbursement'. I was told by the assistant manager that several people had complained and gotten refunds already though.

The movie summary is pretty basic. The midget thief steals a diamond and the poses as a baby to elude police. Underneath this clever outline however, lies a repertoire of original, fresh and hilarious skits. Or not.

Ask yourself the following: Do you like to see people getting hit by pans? Do you like fart jokes? Do you like to see midgets posing as babies threatened with a thermometer in the anus? Do you like tired racial jokes? Do you think babies say 'goo goo goo goo goo gaa gaa'? Do you drool?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above then this movie is definitely for you. Although it has been billed in some places as 'The Worst Movie of the Decade', there is probably a movie or 2 that are worse...somewhere. I can't say for sure. I gave this movie 2 stars because we all know a review with only one star would indicate bias on the part of the reviewer and then the review wouldn't be taken seriously.

This lowbrow comedy is intended for a less intelligent audience and I cannot in good conscience recommend it to anyone. Save your money for something funny.

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This is a Bugs Bunny Cartoon
vwkzbywrloeozm21 July 2006
There was a Bugs Bunny cartoon titled "Baby Buggy Bunny" that was EXACTLY this plot. Baby-faced Finster robbed a bank and the money in the carriage rolled away and fell into Bug's rabbit hole. He dressed up as a baby to get into Bugg's hole to retrieve the money. The scene in "Little Man" where he's looking in the bathroom mirror shaving with a cigar in his mouth is straight from the cartoon. This was a hilarious 5-minute cartoon; not so much an entire movie. If you are really interested in this, buy the Bugs Bunny DVD. It's was much more original the first time (1954). Plus you'll get a lot more classic Bugs Bunny cartoons to boot!
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Absolute garbage
abochay19 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This was the worst movie I've ever seen in theaters. It was just a compilation of recycled material. People getting hit in the head is not funny. People getting kicked is not funny. After the third time a guy got kicked in the balls not even the youngest audience member was laughing anymore. It just got tired fast.

I went with my younger sister. She actually laughs out loud at King of the Hill but this cinematic masterpiece bored her. I'm not surprised. The story is pretty lame. A midget thief steals a big diamond in what was definitely the easiest heist in Hollywood history. Then he hides out with a family pretending to be a baby. I know it sounds exciting but that's the whole story. Say those two lines over and over for 1.5 hours and you'll get the picture There were predictable jokes galore. I really felt ripped off after seeing this. I wasn't expecting much and I was still disappointed. I wish Keenan would just hire some decent writers to write jokes and/or his next script. This was even worse than White Chicks if that is possible. I've seen high school plays that were better, and cheaper.

There wasn't anything positive about this movie. I don't like my entertainment to be dumbed down.
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This is the worst movie ever created...
tittybarjones14 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
...Ever. This is the bottom. I am not joking. The theater should've had a warning of some kind. 'Abandon all hope ye who enter here' would've been fitting.

I don't have the words to describe accurately the hell that this movie is. Its debilitating stupidity even fails to amuse. This movie is definitely aimed at some of the slower turtles in the sandbox. The story was blatantly stolen from a 10 minute Bugs Bunny cartoon and then stretched like Mr. Fantastic to 90 excruciatingly painful minutes.

I remember when the Wayans's were funny. I guess the pressures of Hollywood for them to produce produce produce are to blame for the poop that churns out at a consistent rate. I'm sad and offended that they think we are stupid enough to enjoy 90 minutes of kick-in-the-balls jokes with a thin plot based on a cartoon.

I disliked nearly everything about this movie. I won't spoil anything but the baby is actually a midget with Marlon Wayans's face poorly superimposed over the midget's body. What I DID like was the ending. Not the movie's resolution, but the actual end where we all stood up and walked out.

I gave this movie one star, but it clearly deserves less. I don't feel that the six minutes they spent writing the script is worth a star. This does deserve a Razzie and I pray to God it gets it.

When are people going to learn; if you stop paying to see this idiocy they will stop pooping it out. Seppuku is a reasonable alternative to this film. Avoid it at all costs. You have been warned.
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Waste of time, effort, and money.
aeo17 July 2006
When I saw that IMDb users rated this movie the bottom 250 movies, I thought it was too harsh but little did I know that the low rating was absolutely correct.

I am a big fan of the Wayans brothers. I loved their Scary Movie 2 and even enjoyed White Chicks. Little Man, however, had very few laughs and the jokes were stale.

Obviously, the joke will revolve around Marlon Wayans, who plays a grown midget that was recently let out of prison. He and his partner, Tracy Morgan, steal a diamond meant for a gangster. Things go awry and the midget has to place the diamond with an unsuspecting couple played by Shawn Wayans and Kerry Washington. In order to get the diamond back, the midget pretends to be an abandoned baby left on the unsuspecting couples doorstep. Of course, he is taken in and the drama begins on quest for the diamond.

The movie has some actors and actresses from Saturday Night Live like Molly Shannon and Rob Schneider as well from In Living Colour. All these talents, however, cannot help the poor script and the jokes which simply was not funny.

The special effects to make Marlon Wayans to look like a midget was OK. I mean, it was not 100% believable but it was OK...nothing great. I just wish that the Wayans brothers had put more effort into developing a script with good jokes rather than trying to shore up their poor script with cameos from their famous comedic actors and actresses.

Wait for it on cable or television. It really is not worth any amount of money.
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Big things come in small packages.
Jessica Carvalho2 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Calvin Sims is a dwarf criminal who just left the jail. Decided to steal an expensive and big diamond with Percy, his partner in crime, for their boss, things were going well in their plan, until Calvin and Percy start to be chased by cops. Calvin feels the necessity to dump the diamond in a lady's purse in order to not be arrested. When the cops arrest an aleatory guy, Calvin and Percy need a plan to take the diamond back from Vanessa, the owner of the purse. That's when Calvin has the idea of dress and act like a baby to enter the house. Vanessa and Darryl( her husband) doesn't have kids, and when they find the little Calvin at the door, they decide to keep him and raise him as their own kid. Many funny scenes and situations will happen, while Calvin tries to take the diamond back.

''Little Man'' is far from being an excellent comedy or movie. To be honest I cannot even call it a ''good movie'', but saying that are no funny parts at all, is just too much. It is not the worst movie I already watched as well, so I think giving only 2 or 3 stars would be too cruel.
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Sad commentary
rcnaylor14 July 2006
Slapstick comedy developed into mindless comedy which has devolved into crude humor comedy.

But, come on folks, how low are we willing to sink in the name of a giggle or two? This movie is so mindless, and panders to such a low humor in its 'target' audience it should be embarrassing to Americans to think that anyone among us would find this approach worth paying money for. The more people there are who pay to see this movie, the more it proves what bad tastes we have.

Let me encourage us to be better than that! Show the money guys in Hollywood there really is a point of classlessness that we won't allow them to sink below in the pursuit of profit from us!! We may not have the world's most refined tastes in this country, but, surely we are better than the "below low brow" class this movie thinks we have?
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Who on earth gave these lot funding????!!!!
mhmunim-119 July 2006
I've now just realised that by watching this film I have lost valuable precious moments of my life I will never get back. Thsi film isn't just poor its dire. It reminded me of every stereotypical black sitcom ever made.

I regret watching this film.

Flixmedia reckons its a race issue, apparently "White" people don't like it because it doesn't have white actors. Mate, I think you'll find the reason why no one liked this was because watching paint dry is far more entertaining and funnier then this pile of drivel.

Please stop making crap films
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Surprisingly funny
guyfromjerzee5 August 2006
First off, I definitely don't think this movie deserves to have such a low rating. Mind you, I thought this movie was going to reek to high heaven when I saw the trailers. My expectations were extremely, extremely low. I enjoyed the other films the Wayans Bros. did. There is no doubt that they are all talented comics. I just feel that they're a little overrated. Sometimes people seem to talk about the Wayans Bros. like they're the new Zucker brothers. I don't think they will EVER reach those heights in comedy. One of the things I feared about "Little Man" was most of the humor was going to consist of bathroom gags. The movie has its small share of bathroom humor, but never overdoes it. After seeing the previews for movies like "The Pacifier," I was afraid there was going to be some joke involving diaper-changing. Stuff like that was funny back when "Three Men and a Baby" came out, but now it just makes me want to roll my eyes and cringe. "Little Man" didn't have one of those stupid gags, and that was a breath of fresh air for me. I found myself laughing through about 70% of the film, and the cast does a fine job. The only weak link was Tracy Morgan, who was funny on SNL, but the character he plays in this movie is just plain obnoxious. The gorgeous Brittany Daniel, who was also in "White Chicks," provides some great eye candy. And the monotone-speaking comedian Fred Stoller provides some really funny, scene-stealing moments. Even Chazz Palminteri gets into the act, playing a gangster (I know, not exactly a stretch for him, but he adds some class to the film). Keep on the lookout for Rob Schneider, who has an amusing cameo. And last but not least, John Witherspoon never fails to please. Marlon Wayans's rubberfaced comedy style gets a little annoying at times, but I can't deny that the mere image of him as a midget is pretty damn hilarious. My advice is ignore the low rating and tons of bad reviews and give the film a chance. As I said before, I thought this was just going to be another brainless comedy
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bubblegumbomb3 August 2006
The Wayans Brothers once again deliver a laugh out loud comedy. It was a little stupid, (sad to say because I LOVE the Wayans Bros) but it was still funny. Shawn Wayans stars as a husband who wants to start a family. When he hears that his wife is not ready to have a child, Derry (Shawn) gets disappointed. Meanwhile, a baby sized criminal and his partner in crime steal an expenzive diamond, and end up hiding it in Derryl's wife's purse. To retrive his diamon, Calvin (Marlon) disguises himself as a baby and gets delivered at Derryl's doorstep. This seems to be the PERFECT situation for a wanna be father, isn't it? WRONG I LOVED this movie! Kind of dumb, but, hey, who cares?
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This Is not Brokeback Mountain
Claudio Carvalho4 March 2007
After leaving the prison, the dwarf criminal Calvin Sims (Marlon Wayans) joins to his moron brother Percy (Tracy Morgan) to steal an expensive huge diamond in a jewelry for the mobster Walken (Chazz Palminteri). They are chased by the police, and Calvin hides the stone in the purse of the executive Vanessa Edwards (Kerry Washington), whose husband Darryl Edwards (Kerry Washington) wants to have a baby. Percy convinces Calvin to dress like a baby and be left in front of the Edwards's house to get inside the house and retrieve the diamond. Darryl and Vanessa keep Calvin for the weekend and decide to adopt him, while Walken threatens Darryl to get the stone back.

I was curious to see "Little Man" after being nominated and awarded with the Razzie Award. Of course this film is not a masterpiece, but what else could I expect from a movie directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans? Honestly, if I did not like this genre, I would never spend my time watching it. This movie is politically incorrect, and has the same sub-standard of the franchises "American Pie" and "Scary Movie", or "The 40 Year Old Virgin", with many gross, scatological and low level jokes. But I laughed a lot, specially with the references to "Brokeback Mountain" and "Chucky". My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "O Pequenino" ("The Little One")
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funnier than white chicks
royhaslam5127 October 2006
after reading the comments on here i did not fancy this movie.i decided to watch and laughed all the way through . white chicks got good ratings this is so much funnier .but this is so funny all the way through.the changing of littlemans daiper is hilarious.the doc checks the littleman out and says he as the teeth of a forty year old.i thought the effects were good some comments made on here suggested more money should have been spent on a good script than special effects.just watch this movie you will not be disappointed. i don't agree that this movie is for blacks only one commenter even suggested there was no white actors in the movie which screen was he looking at. get your popcorn and have a laugh i did .
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You are in for a delightful and completely original look at modern times.
childoasis3 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is thoroughly enjoyable. The premise is understandable to all ages and it is just a great romp through contemporary mores and culture as the urban core meets the yuppie suburbs. The expressive talents of Marlon Wayans equals that of Chaplin, and the human condition that is rendered in the character and plot development is truly compassionate and optimistic. The public often doesn't know what it is actually seeing, but popularity doesn't lie. People of all demographics are rushing to this film for the opportunity to laugh and see a cynical ex-con get cracked open by an honest father's commitment. I applaud the Wayans brothers in their vision and their depth.
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Short on plot but a few huge laughs
meeza16 December 2006
I promise that this review will be very little since there is not much to say about the latest Wayans Brothers short film "Little Man". OK, so maybe it is not that short in running time but it does fall short on witticism. Marlon Wayans stars as Calvin, the midget convict who pretends to be a baby to a married couple that inadvertently possesses a jewel which he wants to seize. Shawn Wayans & Kerry Washington play the gullible couple. Director Keenan Ivory Wayans does size "Little Man' up a bit with a few "ga-ga" gag scenes featuring pseudo-baby Calvin, but not enough for "Little Man" to stand tall as a favorable comedy. *** Average
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pinkxsunlight14 July 2006
This movie is most possibly the worst movie I have ever see in my entire life! The plot is ridiculous and the whole "Little Man" crap is just so stupid. The entire movie is unrealistic and dumb. Let's face it, It's just a "Black Comedy". This is just a pointless horrible piece that should have never made it to theaters. The jokes are not funny and the acting is horrendous. Please, I beg of to you save your money than see this worthless piece of crap. I had to endure sitting through Little Man for an hour and a half wishing my eyes would bleed. I am disgusted that something like this would even be thought of! Who writes this crap? The actors have NO talent what so ever, how do these people get into Hollywood? They are making money off this junk!
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Wayans Bros. Lose their way
hannibal wolff14 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
There are some extremely talented black directors Spike Lee,Carl Franklin,Billy Dukes,Denzel and a host of others who bring well deserved credit to the film industry . Then there are the Wayans Brothers who at one time(15,years ago) had an extremely funny television show'In Living Colour' that launched the career of Jim Carrey amongst others . Now we have stupidity substituting for humour and gross out gags(toilet humour) as the standard operating procedure . People are not as stupid as those portrayed in 'Little Man' they couldn't possibly be . A baby with a full set of teeth and a tattoo is accepted as being only months old ? Baby comes with a five o'clock shadow that he shaves off . It is intimated that the baby has sex with his foster mother behind her husbands,Darryl's, back .Oh, yea that is just hilarious . As a master criminal 'Little Man' is the stupidest on planet earth . He stashes a stolen rock that is just huge in a woman's purse and then has to pursue her . Co-star Chazz Palminteri,why Chazz, offers the best line: "I'm surrounded by morons." Based, without credit, on a Chuck Jones cartoon, Baby Buggy Bunny . This is far too stupid to be even remotely funny . A clue as to how bad this film is Damon Wayans appeared on Jay Leno the other night,prior to the BAT awards and he did not,even mention this dreadful movie . When will Hollywood stop green lighting trash from the Wayans Brothers . When they get over their white mans guilt in all likelihood .
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Not great by any means, but definitely amusing
ElmStreetsLastBrat1 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Little Man from 2006 is not a great movie by any means. I rented it last night because I was looking for something funny. I had never seen this film before but I have heard awful things about it. But I decided to give it a view anyway. I tend to like the films that most critics hated. I thought it was pretty funny. The plot is pretty simple. A dwarf named Calvin, played by Marlon Wayans, and his partner in crime Percy, played by Tracy Morgan, steal a valuable diamond from a jewelry store and are supposed to give it to a ruthless crime boss, played by Chazz Palminteri. But when Calvin and Percy are being chased by the cops, Calvin dumps the diamond in a lady's purse. So in order to get the diamond back Calvin decides to act like a baby who was dropped off at a doorstep. Vanessa and Darryl, a childless couple, find Calvin and decide to keep him and raise them as their own. Because they think he's an orphaned baby. And Vanessa was the lady who's purse the diamond was dropped in.

Sounds absurd right? You bet it is! It certainly is one of the worst plots for a film that I have ever heard of. But it works in this film. And seeing Calvin, actually a 40 year old man, dress up in baby clothes and lying in a crib and being held by the adults was pretty funny. There are several scenes that made me laugh. It didn't' bring tears to my eyes by any means from laughing but it was good mindless entertainment. I wouldn't necessarily call it one of the worst films I have ever seen because I didn't think it was that bad but it's definitely not good. Sure, there were some scenes that made you think, "oh, come on, how could they have not known he wasn't a baby? how could they have not realized that?" and it does make you roll your eyes but it was still funny to see this "little man" get his diamond back. Some of the sexual innuendo did go a little too far at times and we could've done without that but I thought it was still pretty funny. One of the funniest scenes that come to mind was when David Alan Grier was singing to Vanessa and Darryl in the restaurant when Vanessa was trying to tell Darryl that she got the promotion. That scene generated the most laughs. Anyway Little Man isn't one of the greatest films ever made but I think any fan of the Wayans Brothers will like this one. It's definitely not for the easily offended. I enjoyed it though. Thank you for reading my review!
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k_darr5720 July 2006
It's here. finally a movie comes out that I can honestly say is worse than Larry the cable guy: health inspector. Yet I'm willing to bet the the wayan's brothers(hilarious) will make more money than I ever make in my whole life on what is sure to be one of the top five worst films of all time, outside of my fifth grade outside the class re-enactment of romeo and Juliet. I mean really WHY would anyone ever ever see this movie unless they were paid to. The comedy is weak and all even remotely funny jokes from the flimsy plot were surely revealed in commercials. Final word is this movie was a terrible letdown for me. And the commercials looked so promising...
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WATCH THIS FILM!!! Its not as bad as users have rated it
Kris_day730 January 2007
I'll admit that my expectations of "Little Man" were not very high. It seemed as though it was going to be a cheesy movie that had no specific audience. But.... after watching "Little Man" I don't know why everybody seems to hate this film. It has amazed me that it has entered the "IMDb bottom 100". The facial expressions of Calvin are hilarious and the special effects team have spent months creating, editing and finalising his character. there are many hilarious scenarios, they may be predictable but they are better than i would have expected. everybody please lay-off "Little Man" and respect a truly hilarious film.
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Definitely will make you laugh
TezLFC13 December 2006
Contrary to other comments, this is the first comedy film to make me laugh in ages.... and I mean ages. Don't know what state of mind other people were in to give this film a bad comment but, I guarantee this will make you laugh loads. The Wayans work together well and, you can tell they enjoyed making this movie. Great special effects. If you are not familiar with Marlon Wayons, you would actually believe he was that small. Some great cameo parts, particularly Rob Schneider from Deuce Bigalow fame. Certainly not for very young kids to watch and, as for other children... Watch it yourself first then decide if your little cherubs can share the moments.
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One of the ten worst films ever made!
Dan Grant23 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Like some of the other reviewers have alluded to previously, I'd like to know what moron actually read the script and went', "Yea!!! This is it. This is the next film we are going to green light!!" And whoever that person is, should have his or her head examined for actual brain activity. Because whoever is responsible for actually dishing out money to have this made after reading the script, well, I'd love to give you my email address and maybe you'd like to just give away some more money. This film is atrocious in every way.

The Wayans are funny, at least they can be. They have made some good films and had some incredibly funny performances along the way. But in here, not only does the premise defy all logic, not only is the acting terrible, not only is the entire movie offensive from start to finish, not only is the direction as amateurish as you can find, but they actually want you to pay to see this film. Maybe if it was free...naaah, it would still be a waste of time.

Usually I'd be inclined to write some long winded, detailed review about why this film is so bad, but just suffice to say that let my brevity do the talking. This is the lowest common denominator film making and it is about as unfunny as a heart attack.

0/10..makes my top ten list of worst films of all time!
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Only Funny For Retards
darthvader_900027 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Oh my God was this movie bad, first of all I was dragged into seeing this so don't judge me I wanted to leave in the first 5 minutes yes it was that bad. SPOILERS BUT WHO CARES 1)Would it have been better from the crooks to JACK A RIDE other then just running with it? 2)The couple must have been retarded or something cos even I know thats NOT A BABY 3)That blonde chick with big boobs was just here for eye candy 4)The old was such a wuss he got his ass kicked by a freaking midget!!! 5)Mr.W was such a stupid villain even he couldn't tell it wasn't a baby 6)What ever happened to Percy? we just see him getting kicked out of the car at the end 7) What stupid Hollywood "suit" gave this a green light? 8)When is a black man beating up another black man funny? 9)Why does the short guy have e a change of heart at the end? 10)The dad has to be the worse character in the whole movie. end of spoilers Little Man had to be the worst movie of all year and the best part is the end
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Complete rubbish = even the Wayans deserve better than this!
MsMovie21 July 2006
I can review this "movie" (though calling it a movie is a stretch!), in one line: the worst movie of the new millennium - and in case you are wondering how far back I am going I definitely mean the worst between 2000-2006 .

The story seems ripped off from a Bugs Bunny cartoon of years ago, but I can't quite remember all the details. The plot is ludicrous, the characters are completely one-dimensional OR completely UN-likable.

I was in a session that had only 12 people there - 4 people left during the movie - I don't think they even made it to halfway! What really bugs me here is that someone thought this story was worth spending however many millions on it, but was it? No, it was not. Great scripts pile up all over Hollywood EVERY DAY and take years for someone to get to them, if they ever do. Good Will Hunting took several years to get from script to screen - and yet here we have this total dross forced on us as a supposed summer comedy, it's just so unfair! Will someone in Hollywood PLEASE start taking a few risks or we will be subjected to this total garbage time and time again.

This movie is so awful I would not even recommend ANYONE to watch it EVER - not even free on TV (where it will be soon I am sure).

My last comment is for the Wayans brothers - are you ashamed of yourselves and of this torture you inflicted on people? (White Chicks was no Oscar winner, but it was mildly entertaining, this movie could send people into comas all over the world!) I really rated this movie as a 0/10 - but I am not allowed to give it that rating, so I had to give it a 1!
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Very funny movie
stk197527 July 2006
I believe why a lot of people did not like this movie is because they are not used to black comedy. I know that the story is very simple but it has a lot talent and very funny scenes.

When I read most of the reviews it reminded me of the movie called "MY BIG FAT Greek WEDDING". I was dumfounded to find that most people found it funny. What is so funny about a racist and hypocrite father? I was thinking if the groom was a black man her father would shoot him in a blink of an eye. But most people interpreted otherwise.

So as saying goes: life goes on and Hollywood will survive to make another movie.
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