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I laughed at the Wayanses' movie, and I don't even hate myself for it.
Philadelphia Inquirer
An extremely broad and sometimes crude comedy.
Almost in spite of itself, Little Man manages to deliver big laughs. It's not enough to make it a consistently funny movie, but this one-trick pony from the Wayans brothers has flashes of humor and sincerity that almost save it from its disastrous ending.
Chicago Tribune
I'd be lying if I said I didn't laugh at some of this--though it's not as funny as Laurel and Hardy as toddlers in "Brats." But I wanted to slap myself whenever I did.
It took a century of innovation in the field of cinematic special effects, but finally the head of Marlon Wayans could be successfully grafted onto the body of a baby.
Little Man only proves that some should just stick to the sketch comedy, and leave the big screen to "Big Daddys" like Adam Sandler who the critics tend to snub, but who know how to make an audience laugh.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Little Man will probably satisfy fans of the Wayans.
The Hollywood Reporter
Once the initial round of breast-feeding and rectal thermometer bits is fired off, the picture starts to give off the funky whiff of unattended Pampers.
Entertainment Weekly
A bunch of gags, most of which you've seen in the trailer, strung together by any means necessary.
New York Daily News
Well, it was bound to happen: The Wayans brothers have made a movie that's even more two-dimensional than a cartoon.

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