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Four Brothers works as an urban thriller, if not precisely as a model of logic.
Preposterous yet solidly entertaining.
New York Daily News
If you can overcome the graphic nature of its casual violence, it is a lot of fun. The banter among the brothers is well-written and has a genuine fraternal feel to it. And the chases and shootouts have a fresh malevolence to them.
What holds us are the actors, including Terrence Howard as a cop who grew up with the brothers.
A faux-low-budget revenge thriller, pure and simple. There's nothing special about it, and that's what's refreshing.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Easily the best 1975 B-movie made in 2005, Four Brothers is a raucously entertaining vigilante film.
Chicago Tribune
Proficiently made trash.
True, John Ford and John Wayne did this stuff a lot better back in the day, but they're not around anymore. John Singleton is, and it's nice to see someone caring enough to keep the tradition alive.
More action directors should include scenes such as the Mercers' extended Thanksgiving dinner, which fleshes out the bond between the brothers without using too many words.
The Hollywood Reporter
If you take any of this seriously, you are not going to enjoy the movie very much. But as an absurd riff on baadasssss gangsta movies, Four Brothers has an undeniable visceral kick.
Entertainment Weekly
Because the script, riddled with verbal ugliness by David Elliot and Paul Lovett, sends the movie to a series of arbitrary nowheres, the final showdown for the Mercer boys and their enemies is just as meaningless and sense-deadening.

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