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The story opens with the betrothal of Charles Garvin and Clarice Winslow. They are extremely happy, and Ed Gardner, a wandering artist, in search of lodging, is afforded a pleasant welcome to the girl's home, and greeted by the young cowboy. Charley leaves for the round-up and his sweetheart is amused by the artist. He amuses himself by playing with the heart of the simple Western girl, and when her cowboy lover returns he finds her in the arms of the artist. Leaving the faithless girl, he enters into dissipation and becomes intoxicated. While in this condition he picks a quarrel with the artist, but is interrupted by Clarice, who leads the artist away. Ed Gardner plans a trip to the mountains. He starts on his journey alone. Arriving in the mountains, he beholds a scene of natural, rugged grandeur that would make a beautiful picture. Satisfied, he proceeds to rapidly sketch the scene before him, until the falling dusk warns him it is time to return to the ranch. Gathering up his ...

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