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How does this movie have a user rating of 2?
I took my daughter 5 and son 8 to see Aquamarine yesterday after school. I didn't go in expecting to see an Oscar worthy movie as many who rated this movie must have. Both of my kids really enjoyed the movie and I did as well. I thought the plot was good and the acting was pretty good as well. I liked the magical feel that this movie had and at least it lets kids use their imagination instead of just the same old boring stuff. How Aquamarine could ever have a lower user rating than Ultraviolet is a crime against humanity. I am glad that several of the user comments that I have read appreciate this movie for what it is, a movie for your kids and that the parents will enjoy also.
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"A really, really good movie" says a 9-year-old
lstanziola19 March 2006
As a parent, I found this movie an enjoyable way to spend time with my 9-year-old daughter and her friend. Here are her comments: "I thought that Aquamarine was a great movie! I could really compare it to the Little Mermaid. You know, the parts where she had to leave before sunset. I thought that the cast did a really great job acting. I really liked the end, too." Back to mom's thoughts: All in all, the friendship theme is very positive. Also, the "love" theme is appropriate for young viewers, in my opinion, because it was somewhat idealized but not over the top unimaginable. The feeling in general was of a pleasant escape where friendship is reaffirmed.
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It was much better than I expected
luv2laugh76594 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I was really surprised at the potential of this movie! I went expecting it to be another stupid poorly done fairy tale, but left thinking that it was so much more! The chemistry of Emma, Jojo, and Sarah is incredible, and it really is brought out in their acting. I never expected to see great acting out of emotions from them, but they made their feelings so real - which I never would've expected from them. thought a lot of any three of these actresses until now - but it was very good. If you go see this movie, expect to leave hoping that maybe one day you'll find a mermaid - it gives everybody a little taste of magic. Well done! Great for kids of all ages, I'm 12 and I liked it as much as my 7 year old sister.
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Two teenage boy crazy best friends discover and befriend a mermaid
dawsonsfreak334 March 2006
I wanted to hate this movie. Everything from the constant squealing of "Oh My God", the stream of clichés and the sheer ridiculousness of some of the dialouge pointed in the direction of a complete waste of time. Somehow however, Aquamarine managed to win me over through charm and its child like determination to please. The movie centers around two teenage girls (Emma Roberts and JoJo) who are spending their last summer together before Hayley (Jojo) moves away to Austrailia. Their summer takes a surprising twist when they discover a mermaid (Sara Paxton) in a pool after a terrible storm. They spend the rest of the summer trying to help her find true love. Both Emma Roberts and Jojo are newcomers to the screen and do a surprisingly good job at playing bubbly girls without making the audience want to wring their necks 10 minutes in and though each have yet to develop their skills especially at showing a wide range of emotions, they certainly are charming and enjoyable to watch. Sara Paxton looks and talks the part and though this role wasn't one to exhibit any real acting abilities she embraces the part full on. Yes, Aqaumarine features a mean blonde girl and yes there is the "hot" guy but if you watch this movie for exactly what it is, a fluffy escape from life, then it shouldn't bother you. So if you are ever in the mood, wait until it comes out on video and don't pay 10 dollars on it, it is definitely a rental.
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It wasn't that bad
peppermintbuddi5 March 2006
Even though I was forced to watch this with younger siblings, I actually enjoyed myself. Besides the movie Splash which was made years ago, I don't think there has been many mermaid movies. This one, although a little bit on the cheesy side, had a pretty good underlying message. Graphics were not extraordinary, but they weren't terrible. Jojo turned out to be a sarcastic, funny actress and Sara Paxton did a pretty good job on being the clueless mermaid. Emma Roberts was a little bit rusty on acting, but she can sure tear up. Yea it was cheesy, but what'd you expect, at least it wasn't unbearably cheesy. It was really just cute and I enjoyed watching it with my siblings.
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This movie is very stylish and spectacular!
astro_9212 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie yesterday and I thought that it was very entertaining. Aquamarine is a truly excellent family flick! Even though I'm a 24-year old young man, this film appealed to me a whole lot. I am often very fond of films that revolve mainly around female characters. The girls featured here are all very cute, especially Sara Paxton, the actress who portrays the title character.

The movie is about two teen-aged girls, Claire and Hailey, who form a strong bond with a mermaid. The mermaid is very gorgeous and they decide to name her Aquamarine. As the three gals hang around each other Aquamarine explains that she must show her father that love exists all around. She meets and falls for a lifeguard named Raymond and tries to get him to fall for her. However, she is reluctant about telling him that she is a mermaid. Fortunately, during the daytime when the sun is out she has legs like an ordinary human being. Once the sun sets though she has a tail again. The movie also features a rival girl named Cecilia, who is the daughter of a local news reporter. Cecilia is very arrogant, dishonest, and greedy. She wants everybody everywhere to treat her like a queen. In the end, she gets what she deserves!

I recommend this movie to everyone that I interact and communicate with! Aquamarine is an interesting movie that will make you glow with happiness!
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Way better than 2.5
iisabelle8 April 2006
This story is mixed with romance, love, and friendship. I really enjoyed this movie. Its actually quite funny too.

Aquamarine (who is played by Sara Paxton is a fantastic actor i reckon)is a mermaid who needs to find love in 3 days or she will be forced to marry some she doesn't wanna get married to. She decides she wants Raymond who is extremely popular and all the girls are after him including the two best friends who found aqua.

The endings are very sweet and aquamarine is just so funny cause she doesn't know much about boys and life on the surface.

Good Movie!
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JoJo Surpises Me
hollywoodgirl-118 March 2006
I promised my sister I would take her to a movie for her birthday and buy her popcorn a few weeks ago, and today was the day we settled on. I was pushing for Failure to Launch or She's the Man, but my sister was determined to see Aquamarine. So fifteen dollars later we were all nestled in. The movie starts off extremely slow and was, in my opinion, painful to watch. I must admit I was much more entertained with thinking of ways that I could sneak in to The Hills Have Eyes, which was playing at the theater across from ours. But in the end I stayed for the movie, giving me plenty of time to think over my criticisms. I think Emma Roberts (timid and diminutive Claire) may be a rare star who started out acting fairly well and is getting worse. I thought her early Unfabulous days were good, but now I can barely stand to watch the show. Her over-the-top mugging drives me insane. I wasn't expecting much out of JoJo (bold and strong Hailey) at all. I knew it wasn't exactly fair writing her off for being a singer, but that's what I did. And I was extremely, pleasantly surprised. She did a great job, I thought. I wasn't expecting much from Sara Paxton (the titular mermaid Aquamarine) judging by the painful "I see we're going to have to take this slow: Mer Maid" in the trailers, but she ended up doing okay. All in all, it wasn't a great movie, but it picks up in the second half and finishes well, so it was a pretty decent way to spend almost two hours on a cold Saturday afternoon. Although next time, I think I'll pick the movie.
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A great girl movie!
xxAcademyxx10 March 2006
I went to see this movie with a few friends. Lets just say, it was unanimous, we loved it! All the actors and actresses in the movie were portraying their characters realistically, even Sara Paxton's character as a mermaid! And, dang is Ray FINE! Haha. The movie just had some certain quality about it that really appealed to me and my friends. Although some people gave it a review saying it was childish, its for KIDS! WE loved it and it also had a similar message as The Princess Bride. True love can mean more than anything else. It was funny, sweet and light-hearted. You might not want to bring young kids though. it was really fun to watch, and we had a great time, and if I saw this movie as an adult, it might have been a bit girlish, yeah, but girls will love it like heck!
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