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The engraving plates are supposed to date from the time of the Shah of Iran yet in close-up they are the "large headed" modern design.
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In the beginning of the film, the Mexican General Tuco is wearing Oakley Inmate sunglasses. Given the time when the film starts, about 2002, the Inmate model wasn't available. Unless the film starts in 2010 and flashes forward to 2018, that would be unlikely.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

At the airport check in desk, when Murdock and BA have the wrong passports the guard checking Murdock's passport can be heard on his radio saying there is a problem at Station 6. However, when we see the desk from the front, it has the number 4 on it.
During the chase scene with Tuco, when Murdock barrel rolls the helicopter, he yells, "I have never tried this before!" but when the camera returns to his face, you can see he is either talking in a normal tone, or is saying something completely different.

Character error 

Jessica Biel's Captain Sosa, is standing at Parade Rest with her hand behind her back as she is being reprimanded by a Brigadier General. At the end of the reprimand when she is demoted in rank she salutes the General (while still at Parade Rest) with one hand behind her back. Proper military standards require her to snap to attention (with her hand at her side and her feet together) before she can salute (aka Present Arms.)
Central to the plot, the engraving plates, the billion dollars and a machine called "the mint". A "mint" is a facility, not a printing press, where the government produces coinage and only coinage. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing produces all of the paper money.


While escaping in the C-130, the major in the flight center says that the team is stealing U.S. Army property. The crew kicked off the plane were wearing Air Force uniforms. The wings of the plane clearly say Marines.
During the helicopter scene where B.A. falls out, the doors are closed until he actually falls out.
When Hannibal is talking to Face in the shack by the lake, he has an earpiece in his right ear. When the camera comes back to him, it's gone.
After the cop tries and fails to shoot Hannibal in the head he chucks the gun into the pile of boxes to his right. However, when Hannibal manages to uncuff himself the gun is on the floor to his side.
When escaping in Germany, the Hummer's left rear tire is shot out, but after they smash through the airport guard shack, the right rear tire is blown out and the left rear is fine.
When Face is trapped in the tires, his robe keeps changing positions. It's on his shoulders at first but when the camera angle changes, it falls off. When the camera shows his face again, the robe is back in place.
In the mental hospital scene after Howard Little receives the package from "Annabel Smith" Murdock is giving him the 3D glasses to distribute amongst the patients. Howard isn't wearing 3D glasses in one camera angle, wearing them in the next shot, and not wearing them again in the following shot.
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After Face and Smith were out of prison and talking at a seaside (actually Iona Island, BC), mid-way in the conversation, migratory Snow Geese suddenly appeared on the beach. In reality, they do come and go quickly. For those who don't live in this area, it might appear as a discontinuity.
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When Sosa is talking to Face at the kiddie pool, Murdock is right behind them barbecuing. One second later in the next scene cutting to B.A. working on his motorcycle, Murdock pops up behind the motorcycle with his Percy hand puppet. In the next scene one second later, Murdock is still behind Face and Sosa barbecuing.
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When Face is in the stack of tires at the start of the film he is presumably naked, but when Hannibal rolls him down the hill he is seen wearing clothes. Then, when he is stopped by the van he is naked again.

Crew or equipment visible 

When the arrest is made in Germany, a wired crew member is visible when the car stops and Sosa steps out.
When Lt. Sosa and Face are talking about their relationship around the kiddie pool, the crew are visible in her sunglasses.
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Errors in geography 

The German police cars' sirens in the movie sound nothing like the regular sirens used by German police.
There are no mountains near Frankfurt, Germany.
Pike is arrested in Frankfurt and interrogated in a building identified as the Embassy of the United States which is actually located in Berlin. The Consulate General of the United States is located in Frankfurt though.
The aerial shot labeled "Frankfurt" does not show Frankfurt, but Cologne. Major landmarks like the cathedral and the Hohenzollernbridge are clearly visible.
After the mission briefing of Hannibal Smith in Frankfurt, Frankfurt Central Station is shown. It is not Frankfurt Central Station but Cologne Central Station. On the left the famous Cologne Cathedral is shown. (The Central Station of Frankfurt is a dead-end station with five concourses, located south of the bank quarter.)
When the story moves to Iraq by way of an introduction an aerial view of Baghdad is briefly shown. The aerial view here is of Sana'a, Yemen.
During the shot in "Frankfurt," where one climbs down the skyscraper, you can see a building (tower) on the left which isn't located in Frankfurt. Also the bird's-eye view of the street shows several yellow cabs, but Frankfurt has no yellow taxis.
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Scenes supposed to be in the Frankfurt banking district and its office building clearly reveal Vancouver Lookout (Harbour Centre) in the background. While trying to mimic German Mercedes police cars recently well, the bus at the end of that scene (when Pike is arrested) is also Canadian/North American, seems they couldn't find a Mercedes bus here.
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At the end of the shootout in Frankfurt when Sosa corners Pike you see a construction billboard for the Fairmont Pacific Rim. Frankfurt is nowhere near the Pacific Rim but British Columbia, where the movie was filmed, is.
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Factual errors 

To replace a firing pin in a 1911 requires at the very least a punch and a retainer plate. It would have been impossible for Hannibal to simply drop the firing pin into his pistol and have it function, as there is a spring that provides constant rearward pressure and must be put under tension before the retaining plate can be slid into place.
During the trial of Colonel Smith and his men, Smith asks, "Why hasn't Blackforest been brought to trial?" The General on the panel tells Smith that they are not subject to UCMJ action. However, Army civilians and private military contractors on the battlefield operating with the US military are subject to UCMJ and can be brought to military trial.
When the team is re-arrested after they recover the plates, the Military Police officers are shown wearing the 4th Infantry Division crest on their left shoulders. The 4th ID crest is worn with one corner facing upwards like a diamond, not with one edge facing upwards like a square as shown in the film.
When in Iraq, CIA officer Lynch and the Blackforest team are shown wearing body armor. In reality, what they are wearing are simply armor plate carriers, and offer no protection from any bullets or shrapnel.
When putting the airbags on the truck, Face asks "Hey, boss, airbags do deploy on impact, right?" They only deploy on impact with sensors elsewhere on the vehicle, not with built in sensors.
During the initial helicopter chase sequence, Murdock shuts down the turbine of his UH-1 in order to evade heat seeking missiles. While this would not be a practical evasion technique, it would also not "stop" the rotor blades as depicted in the film. The rotors would retain their inertia and continue to rotate. As well, a turbine shutdown at a very low altitude would require a forced auto-rotation landing, and would likely not be recoverable. Finally, the engine starter is on the collective handle, not on the overhead panels as depicted.
At one point Sosa escapes being crushed by an AC130 on take off by reversing a Mercedes G Wagon down the run way. The minimum take off speed of an AC130 is at least 115mph, a speed impossible to achieve by reversing a car.
Commissioned officers are not "Dishonorably Discharged" from the service, they are "Dismissed." While the effect is the same, the terminology is different. Of the four A-Team members, only Sergeant B.A. Baracus - the sole enlisted member of the team - would receive a Dishonorable Discharge.
In Frankfurt, the Arab gets out of a car with Swiss license plates. The plate reads two letters succeeded by two numbers, a letter and a number. However, Swiss license plates invariably contain just two letters at the beginning, which denote the canton, e.g. "ZH" for the canton of Zurich. After that there would be a number with anything from 1 to 6 digits.
AC-130 Spectre gunships can't fire ahead of their position, and don't swoop in on a target. They circle at altitude and fire on a target with the guns on the port side.
Many of the U.S. Army soldiers wearing the digital-gray ACU fatigues are depicted wearing the ACU with the collar up, turtleneck style. The collar is only worn up when wearing body armor, as it was specifically designed to keep the armor's throat protector from chafing the soldier's neck. When the ACU is worn without body armor, the collar is unzipped and folded down, so it resembles a shirt with lapels.
Hannibal demands a civilian trial for the team. They would be allowed to hire civilian counsel, but they could not have a civilian trial even after being discharged from the military. They still committed a crime against the military during a time of declared war and a civilian court would not have jurisdiction.
During a helicopter chase, a UH-1 Huey is rolled, looped, and subjected to fairly extreme aerobatic maneuvers including rolls and loops. While this is possible in specially configured helicopters that utilize semi-rigid multi-blade (generally 4+) rotor heads, the UH-1 is not equipped with anything like that and would saw its own tail off in any such attempt.
Murdock receives ECT (Electroconvulsive therapy) while fully aware of what's happening, but ECT is always administered while the patient is anesthetized and unconscious.
During the foot chase scene in Germany, after Baracus is shot there is a Black Chrysler 300 visible in the background, behind Pike, with a non-European (possibly US) license plate. Parked behind it is a Dodge Neon, also with a non-European license plate.
In a common Hollywood mistake, Captain Sosa is demoted to 1st Lieutenant. Military Law does not allow for the demotion of commissioned officers(Lieutenants, Captains, Majors, Colonels, and Generals in the Army, etc.; Ensigns, Lieutenants, Commanders, Captains, and Admirals in the Navy) who remain on active duty. The worst that would typically happen in the events of the film is a Letter of Reprimand (LOR) for Dereliction of Duty which would almost certainly end the officer's chances for promotion, and effectively her career. Using the LOR and having it torn up at the end of the film would have been a more accurate portrayal of military justice and kept the plot in place. (Note: In rare cases such as Colonel Janis Karpinski (USA, Retired, formerly Brigadier General) or Colonel Thomas Fiscus (USAF, Retired, formerly Major General) senior officers guilty of misconduct may be retired in the highest rank in which they served satisfactorily - usually the next lower grade, however such circumstances only affect those officers eligible to retire. A junior officer below retirement age guilty of serious misconduct would simply be separated from the service.)


In the end credits, the character role Cemetery Chaplain is misspelled "Cemetary Chaplain."
When the team captures the Arab from the Königsbank in Frankfurt, one of Sosa's assistants says that "Deutsche Federal" (or Federal Police/Bundespolizei) is responsible for reacting to shots fired at the bank. The arriving police forces are shown to be from that branch (see the car plates). However, this is incorrect. The state police are responsible for such incidents.
Murdock's Ranger Tab is missing from his uniform during the Court Martial scenes.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

During the trial, Lt. Peck is seen wearing a Ranger Tab and a Special Forces Tab on his uniform. In reality, it is impossible for a 2nd Lieutenant to be awarded a Special Forces tab. Officers cannot attend Special Forces Qualification Course until they have at least reached the rank of 1st Lieutenant and are promotable to Captain. It is, however, possible for a 2nd Lieutenant to have been awarded a Special Forces tab had he earned it while enlisted, and later in his career gone to OCS and received a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant.

Revealing mistakes 

During a conversation in Lynch's office, a German news broadcast with Chancellor Angela Merkel can be seen on a TV set in the background. The lower third reads "Sonstige allgemeine Nachricht" ("Other general news"), which is a very strange term that would never be used on German TV.
In the montage near the end of the film, Murdock's name is misspelled "Murdoch" on one of the military forms.
The German woman at the lake calls her dynamite fishing husband "Schwindler", which is one possible literal translation of the subtitled "Cheater". A real German however would not call someone a "Schwindler" in this context, but rather use the verb "schummeln".
When Face calls Charissa on her private phone, the phone ringing is Nokia E71, and she answers the call by sliding it. Nokia E71 is a "monoblock" phone, so it is not equipped by sliding mechanism.
In the scene when the tank is parachuting from the downed plane, Face climbs out and begins firing the gun at the drones. There are spent shells falling all around him. However, when 2 of the chutes are severed and the tank tips forward, none of the shells fall off, even though there is nothing holding them to the top of the tank.
When Pike is hit by Hannibal in a Mercedes, he runs out to cut them off; on his way, he shoots through three glass panes. Notice the last pane as he shoots: the pane breaks after about 2 seconds of him opening fire and it is two panes right of the one he's shooting at.
When the team frees Murdoch from the psychological clinic in Mannheim, Germany they drive to an airport (probably Coleman Army Airfield). There, the airport vehicle license plates start with FF. This is impossible since FF is used on license plates in the city of Frankfurt/Oder.
During the shootout on the Docks, the gunmen are firing on the second BMW, but as it flips you can see that it has no drive shaft or gearbox.
When B.A., Face, and Hannibal drive a Humvee through the German Prison wall, whole "cinder blocks" land in the laps of Murdock's fellow movie viewers without them even flinching.
When Face leaves Sosa handcuffed in the photo booth, she attempts to unlock them. You can clearly see one of the shackles is not attached to anything
When the team "borrows" a C-130 transport plane, an inertia starter sound as would be common on a radial piston engine is heard. The C-130 uses turbo-shaft engines to drive its propellers, and hence sound quite a lot like any other jet engine when starting, with the exception of prop noise once pitch is applied.
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All of the German car number plates starting F- for Frankfurt/Main were followed by numbers only. This sequence is reserved for official use only (ie. fire brigade). The correct sequence is F-letter (letter) numbers.
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When they capture the Arab there are some "very big" signs in the background at the construction site. One says "Für Fussgänger und Radfahrer gesperr" (Means "closed for pedestrians and cyclists". There are two spelling mistakes though, "gesperr" misses a "t" (gesperrt) and in it's "Fußgänger", not "Fussgänger". Furthermore Signs like the "Betreten der Baustelle verboten"-one ("construction site - no trespassing") in Germany they are not as big as they're displayed there.
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When Hannibal shoots B.A. in the arm his gun does not eject a bullet casing.
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The goof item below may give away important plot points.

Factual errors 

To prepare for the final confrontation, the team prepares a bullet-proof helmet by melting Kevlar. Kevlar, like all aromatic polymers, does not have a melting temperature. Heating the Kevlar would only damage the polymer.

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