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B.A. Baracus bears the tattoos "Pity" and "Fool" on his knuckles, as a tribute to Mr. T's catchphrase from Rocky III (1982): "I pity the fool!". Contrary to popular myth, B.A. Baracus never uttered that exact phrase on "The A-Team".
Sharlto Copley's mom banned him from watching the TV show, even though he watched it at friend's houses, due to its violent nature. The first thing he did when he got the role of Murdock was phone his mom and told her "that I was just getting her back for not letting me watch the series when I was a kid."
Hannibal Smith is famous for smoking cigars. Liam Neeson, who plays Hannibal, is an ex-smoker.
Bradley Cooper became so efficient in weapons training that he was able to reload his M4 rifle in less than 4 seconds. This was actually in the film but was left on the cutting room floor.
Sharlto Copley apparently used to hide a tape recorder behind the TV in the TV room and record the show. He would listen to it when his parents thought he was asleep.
Baracus was a Sergeant in The A-Team (1983), and in this film he is a former (dishonourably discharged) Corporal at the beginning of the movie, after the "eight years and eighty successful missions later" part he is a Sergeant as evidenced by the stripes on his uniform during the trial scene. Hannibal, Face and Murdock retain their original rank of Colonel, Lieutenant and Captain.
Woody Harrelson and Ryan Reynolds were considered for the role of Murdock.
When Hannibal jumps out of the van to rescue Face in Mexico, he is carrying a Ruger Mini-14/F30GB semi-automatic rifle, which was carried the A-Team in the original series.
On the three occasions that subtitles appear in the film (the Mexicans; the German couple; Face screaming in German), they are in different fonts.
The opening credit sequence runs 20 minutes and takes up the entire first reel on 35mm prints. Appropriately, the reel ends with the film's title.
Murdock (Sharlto Copley) pretends to be a cameraman for the South African Broadcasting Corporation while getting items for a mission. Copley is a native of South Africa.
The movie that plays at the Frankfurt psychiatric hospital begins with the original The A-Team (1983) theme music, and its credits contain names that relates to the original Team's careers:
Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson was originally scheduled to face his heated rival Rashad Evans at a December UFC event. Jackson's decision to act in The A-Team movie led to a war of words between himself and Dana White, president of UFC. Due to the conflict, On September 22, 2009, Jackson wrote on his website that he is "done fighting", and would officially retire from the sport. However, now that filming is complete, Jackson and Evans fought on May 29, 2010. Evans won via unanimous decision over Jackson.
A sequel was planned but Bradley Cooper and Joe Carnahan confirmed that it was canceled because of this film's disappointing box-office returns.
When Face sees Lt. Sosa for the first time in the movie, he asks her "Did you take my Steely Dan CD?". Later, when Face calls Sosa's cell, her ringtone is "Reelin' In The Years" by Steely Dan.
The phrase "A-Team" is heard only once in the film, used by the judges at the military court. It's used in its technical format, referring to the United States Army Special Forces unit (Operational Detachment Alpha, "A").
The ship at the end of the movie is called "Die Vergeltung", which is German for "the retaliation".
The red cloth "flash" on the A-Team's green berets indicate that they are part of the 7th Special Forces Group. Although the 7th SFG usually specializes in operations in Central and South America, they have been frequently deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.
Early in the movie, while at the Baghdad HQ, Hannibal refers to Pike as a "cartoon character." The bulk of the work done by Brian Bloom, the actor who plays Pike, is voice-over work for video game and animated characters.
In the scene where the AC130 gunship fires at the boathouse, Lynch says that the footage seen of the explosion on the screen looks just like Call of Duty. In Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, there is actually a AC130 gunship mission that takes place on the screen of the gun operator, strongly resembling the shot seen in this scene.
Dirk Benedict stated in interviews that he regretted making a cameo in the film. He refused to watch it.
This is the third time that Henry Czerny has played a director/commander in a government service. First was as John Ritter, Deputy Director of Operations of the CIA in Clear and Present Danger (1994). Second, he was Eugene Kittridge, director of the fictional Impossible Missions Force branch of the CIA in Mission: Impossible (1996). Then in A-Team(2010) as the commander of CID or USACIDC, US Army Criminal Investigation Command.
When Murdock is in the hospital in Germany, he receives a package from Hannibal addressed as 'Annabel Smith'. While this alias was never used in the original series, Hannibal being referred to as 'Annabel' was used in an A-Team novel. In the 1980s, writer Charles Heath novelized several episodes and did an original story for the 6th book, "Operation Desert Sun: The Untold Story" set in 1972 after the A-Team returned to Los Angeles. In the book, the Team didn't know Murdock was at the V.A. hospital until he sent Face a postcard asking how 'Aunt Annabel and Uncle Baracus' were.
The name tag of one of the judges that sentence's the team reads "Carnahan" a reference to the film's director Joe Carnahan.
Face (Bradley Cooper) wears a Philadelphia Phillies T-shirt twice throughout the film: he is seen in a 1980s blue/burgundy shirt in the beginning, and later when they are planning the big fight at the end he wears a Clearwater Phillies shirt (the Phillies are a Minor League team, now known as the Threshers). Cooper is a native of Philadelphia.
Amber Heard and Olga Kurylenko auditioned for the role of Lt. Sosa.
Bruce Willis was considered for the role of Hannibal Smith.
The gunship that takes the A-Team under fire in their hideout at the lake is a "Lockheed AC-130 Spectre", a modified version of the C-130 cargo plane. It usually carries a medium caliber Gatling and various larger ordnance. The same aircraft is also used in Transformers (2007).
Director McCready bears a distinct resemblance to General Hunt Stockwell, who appeared in the last season of The A-Team (1983) to assign the Team missions in return for issuing pardons (he kept delaying the pardons however, and the Team finally lost patience and went back on the run again).
Brian Bloom, who plays Brock Pike, co-wrote the film's script.
Common, Ice Cube and Game were all rumored for the role of BA Baracus.
John Singleton was the first director on board but left the film when the film went into turnaround by the studio.
Medical equipment used in the movie: the scene where the car is being "jump-started" used a PhysioControl LifePak 7 defibrillator, and where the German doctor Dwight Schultz "zapped" Murdock, the device was a real Mecta SR1 ECT, or Electro-Convulsive Therapy, machine that is really used to induce a very mild seizure under controlled conditions.
Joe Carnahan's first PG-13 film.
In the movie, there are two characters named Lynch and Pike. In the original series, William Lucking played Col. Lynch, he also played a character named Harland Pike in the short-lived '80s TV series Outlaws (1986).
When Lynch directs the UAV to destroy the Boathouse. He says that the explosion on screen looks exactly like Call of Duty. Brian Bloom is a renowned voice-actor for games and has also served as a voice-actor on almost every Call of Duty game.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

When Hannibal fakes his death, the doctor's name on the body tag is Dr Schultz, a reference to Dwight Schultz who portrayed Murdock in the original series.
Jon Hamm has an uncredited cameo at the end of the film as "Agent Lynch."

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