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Season 3

Bowersock Family
Jo meets the Bowersock family where parents Jenniffer and Thad are having trouble with their three kids: 7-year-old Madeline "Maddie," 6-year-old Hayden, and 4-year-old Lily Grace. Jenniffer's form of discipline is smacking, spanking, yelling, and even washing her kids' mouth out with soap which shocks Jo. Thad works as a juvenile corrections officer and when he gets off of work, he heads to the gym leaving Jenniffer with the kids. The Bowersock kids disrespect their parents and show Jenniffer no respect whatsoever. Jo discovers Jenniffer's abusive childhood and ...
11 Dec. 2006
Weinstein Family
Chia and David have a seven-year-old girl called McKenna, a six-year-old girl called Christina, a five-year-old girl called Julia and a two-year-old boy called Robert.
18 Dec. 2006
Fager Family
Jo helps out Stacie and Joe Fager and their six kids: 8-year-old Sarah and 7-year-old Andrew [from Joe's first marriage], 6-year-old Chelsea [from Stacie's first marriage], 4-year-old twins Benjamin & Zachary, and 2-year-old Jacob [Stacie and Joe's children together]. With Joe working as a truck driver and going to school full-time, Stacie is left alone with the kids and they hardly go anywhere. Sarah and Andrew haven't spoken or seen their biological mother in a year and they feel as if they don't have anybody to talk to about it with Joe's busy schedule. The family ...
8 Jan. 2007
Swanson Family
Jo visits the Swanson family where parents Ken and Vania are struggling to discipline their 5 sons: 9-year-old Alex, 8-year-old Dawson, 5-year-old Myca, 4-year-old Brendon, and 3-year-old Christian who are out of control with their aggressive behavior. Because of Ken and Vania's disagreements with their form of discipline, they are on the verge of divorce. Can Jo help this family out?
15 Jan. 2007
Mihalik Family
Jo helps out widowed mother Donna Mihalik, who has been through so much in 4 years. After her 8-year-old son, Cole survived a 2-year battle with leukemia, her husband, Steve suddenly passed away, leaving Donna to raise Cole and her three other children: 11-year-old Blake, 3-year-old Aiden, and 1-in-a-half year old Stephanie. The older boys are out control: fighting, cursing, and disrespecting Donna completely. Blake runs off to hang out with older kids in the neighborhood and comes home whenever he wants to. Donna's worried that Aiden and Stephanie are picking up on ...
22 Jan. 2007
Smith Family
Jo visits Hawaii to help the Smith family. While parents Will and Michelle are bright marine biologists, they're completely clueless when it comes to raising their two toddlers: 3-year-old Nate and 2-year-old Ari. Nate is not potty-trained yet and is still in diapers while Ari still drinks from a bottle and throws a tantrum when he doesn't get it. The parents admit the kids run the house and have no idea what to do. Can Jo help this family out?
29 Jan. 2007
Haines Family
Jo helps out Suzanne and Shane Haines, whose 4-year-old son, Sean is ruling the house: crying, hitting, swearing, kicking, and biting his parents along with his big 10-year-old brother, Seth, who is resentful because of Sean's behavior, so he talks back and antagonizes his parents in order to get their attention. The parents are passive and allow the boys to get out of control. Can Jo help get the Haines family more lively?
5 Feb. 2007
Nitti Family
Jo helps out single mom Lisa Nitti who can't control her four out-of-control sons: 10-year-old Darren, 8-year-old Matthew, 6-year-old Devin, and 5-year-old Jared, who act physically aggressive towards Lisa. Lisa's boyfriend, John helps discipline by yelling at the boys. Can Jo help Lisa control her wild boys?
12 Feb. 2007
Bruno Family
Jo visits the Bruno family where parents Denise and John need help with their four daughters: 15-year-old Mariah [who suffers from cerebral palsy], 13-year-old Taylor, 6-year-old Isabella "Bella", and 4-year-old Samantha "Sam." Because of Mariah's cerebral palsy, she gets physical therapy from her mom, but longs for the affection from her dad. Taylor is at odds with John because of her punk goth-like style and as a result, their relationship is strained. Bella has terrible outbursts and fights her mom, leaving Denise feeling physically and emotionally drained. Sam ...
19 Feb. 2007
McAfee Family
For the first time, Jo is helping out a single divorced dad, Brian McAfee with his 4 children: 9-year-old Eliana "Ellie," 7-year-old Silas, 5-year-old Kaia, and 3-year-old Anna. Brian has a hard time relating to his daughters because they want to do "girl things" with him and he's not into it. Ellie has mood swings and disrespects her dad. Silas not only acts out at home, but at school as well. Kaia throws a lot of temper tantrums, and as the baby of the family, Anna gets away with most things and also throws tantrums too. All the kids don't respect Brian and there's ...
26 Feb. 2007
Goins Family
Jo visits the Goins family where Karolee and Jay need help with their 3 children: 6-year-old Khalin, 5-year-old Kolben, and 2-year-old Kadance. Khalin was diagnosed with ADHD and tends to be very aggressive with his parents. Kolben is also aggressive like his big brother and Kadance is learning bad behavior from her brothers which Karolee dislikes. The kids also constantly snack throughout the day. Because of Khalin's ADHD, Karolee has a hard time disciplining him and with another child on the way, she is physically and emotionally exhausted. When Jay gets home from ...
2 Feb. 2007
Williams Family
Jo helps out Jency Williams, a single mother of three kids: 12-year-old Bradley, 10-year-old Kelsee, and 5-year-old Hagan. With Jency working two jobs, she relies on her grandparents to take care of her kids while's she gone. On her own, the kids are out of control: Bradley starts fights with his siblings, Hagan is physically aggressive towards his mother, and Kelsee backtalks & disrespects her mother. The kids fight with each other and don't listen to Jency at all. The grandparents also worry about what will happen when they're unable to take care of Jency's kids. ...
12 Mar. 2007
Walker Family
Jo visits the Walker family where Alice and Anthony need help with their 3 kids: 12-year-old Anthony Jr, 6-year-old Naleila "Leila," and 17-month-old Alyssa. Alice's 17-year-old nephew, Marcus also lives with the family. Anthony Jr. is disrespectful towards his parents, Naleila refuses to sleep in her own bed and has been sleeping in her parents' room for six years, and baby Alyssa is constantly attached to Alice. Alice runs a home daycare and is at a loss of how to discipline her kids. Can Jo help this family out?
28 May 2007
Cantoni Family
Jo meets the Tsironis family. Elizabeth and Bob's 3-year-old twin boys, Nicholas and Teddy were born premature and weren't expected to survive, but they beat the odds and became healthy, strong kids. But Nicholas and Teddy run the house with their aggressive behavior, fighting, and they even throw their food on the ground. Because the parents are so happy their twin boys are healthy, they let them get away with everything. 4-year-old big sister Kate is left out because of her brothers' rambunctious behavior and fakes foot cramps in order to get attention from her ...
6 Aug. 2007
Amouri Family
Jo visits the Amouri family where parents Tamara and Michael need help with their 4 children: 4-year-old Hailey, 2-year-old twins Jianni and Julian, and 1-year-old Ashton. Hailey is stubborn and bossy towards her parents, the twins get into everything in the house, and the house is so unprotected, baby Ashton nearly gets into a light socket. The kids also sneak out of the house and run out on the street unsupervised. Tamara spends most of her day cleaning and Michael works many hours every day. Jo is also shocked when she discovers that Hailey has been listening to ...

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