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Lookie, I found some lint in my bellybutton. Let's make it a Reality TV show!
Pepper Anne6 February 2005
I laugh my ass off every time the broadcasters bitch when the FCC wants to pass must-carry provisions that require them to carry some sort of educational programming or set aside time for politicians to discuss issues when they waste no time on using the public spectrum to air cheap, mindless garbage like this. And Reality TV is the pinnacle of cheap mindless garbage because, essentially those cheapskate broadcasters and network owners will come up with any situation, no matter how stupid, and turn it into a television show. And believe me, VH1 and MTV, are the king of crap networks, passing up no chance at the smörgåsbord of terrible "Reality TV" programming.

The "Strange Love" is an expansion on the "Surreal Life," as it brings you more of life's weirdest, if not altogether scariest celebrity couple: a giant named Bridgette Neilsen and her lover, Flavor Flav, two people who don't seem to exist in any sort of reality. Basically, the half hour show is just the two of these morons trying to figure out how many ways they can say they love each other (well...mostly Flav does that, who knows what the hell Neilsen wants half the time). And they lounge around in hotel rooms being as much the exhibitionists as possible with some incoherent babbling and rather nauseating pet names spattered throughout. After watching 'What Not to Wear' or the show where they clean people's closets, I never thought television could get any worse. That is, until I saw this god awful piece of crap.

Well, at least I have a good reason not to buy a television ever again.
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Is this reality?
barnettj4 April 2005
Admittedly, I am a fan of many reality TV shows, but sometimes I find myself wondering if they are increasingly becoming nothing more than a source of income for the participants. I suspect that it is true, but I still can't tear myself away from shows like Strange Love. Whether or not Brigitte and Mr F are truly in love, I like them and I like watching them, and loving them, and hating them, and cheering them on, and yelling at them, and ragging on them, and, well, who knows HOW they are going to make me feel next week! In spite of the excitement they may experience and the money they may have, their lives are just as crappy as mine, and I am glad to see it. I love getting to know the reality celebs on these shows, as I have Brigitte and Mr F after following them from their stint on Surreal Life (another of my fave shows along with Survivor, Amazing Race, Apprentice, Next Top Model, Contender, Bachelor,........OK, I'm not just a fan, I'm totally hooked!)
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Weird Show; Weird Guy and Girl, but still Entertaining
dlermajr200310 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I liked watching Flav and Bridgette on the surreal life. I think it is cool that they got their own spin-off show. However, Flavor Flav still annoys the hell out of me.

What is with that guy? Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or take him seriously, especially when he gets mad. That episode where Flavor Flav loses lots of money andhe says "Yo(echo), (crooked mouth), everybody listen the #$%^ up."--That just makes me laugh my ass off. He looks like a moron most of the time.

Bridgette Neilsen is the perfect woman for him because she looks like a moron most of the time as well.

All-in-all, it's a good enough show to watch. I just wouldn't own the DVD if there ever is one.
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