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Kwaneta Harris

A foreclosure leads police to a concrete grave and a twisted plot of deception, fraud and murder, as one woman goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid justice.

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Notorious- Drew Peterson

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Martha Freeman
Martha Freeman led a seemingly normal life in an upscale Brentwood, TN neighborhood. She was married and had started a successful business. But, Martha's relationship with her husband, Jeffrey, was troubled. She became depressed and started taking a cocktail of anti-depressants and painkillers. She also started looking elsewhere for companionship. In 2004, she met three younger Hispanic men after a fireworks display in downtown Nashville and took them to a hotel where they continued the "party." Martha began a relationship with one of them, Rafael de Jesus Rocha-Perez...
13 May 2007
Amy Bosley
Amy Bosley and her husband, Robert, were making a name for themselves in their small Kentucky community. Together they ran a successful roofing and chimney sweep business. But, tragedy struck on the night of May 17, 2005. Police received a frantic call from Amy claiming an intruder had shot Bob and was still in the house. Police launched a manhunt for the intruder, but the lead investigator immediately suspected something was wrong with Amy's story. Bob had been shot seven times while sleeping, and his gun was missing. Also missing were the shell casings, which should...
Kimberly Cunningham
Kimberly Cunningham had known Coy Hundley for 18 years, and she trusted him. As her sister's longtime boyfriend, Coy was practically an uncle to Kimberly's three children, and he often had them over to his home. He was the farthest thing from Kimberly's mind when she tried to discover why her 16-year-old daughter was depressed. The teenager told her mom that she had a terrible secret that she had been keeping from her mom for seven years: Coy Hundley and his son - her cousin -- had been sexually molesting her since she was nine years old. Furious, Kimberly drove to ...
Margaret Rudin
In 1987, four-time divorcee Margaret Frost married Las Vegas real-estate mogul, Ron Rudin. With Ron's $11 million dollar fortune to draw from, Margaret was thrilled to be able to pursue her passion for buying and selling antique furniture. By 1994, however, Ron's penchant for women and alcohol had put some serious cracks in the Rudin's once rock-solid marriage. Things only got worse when 64-year-old Ron mysteriously disappeared on December 18, 1994. A month later, Ron's burnt body was discovered by three fishermen near Lake Mojave, Nevada. Found with him were pieces ...
Susan Polk
When 15-year-old Susan Bolling's parents sent her to respected therapist Felix Polk, they had no way of seeing the future, no way of knowing that almost 30 years later, Susan would be would be Felix's wife, the mother of his children - and his murderer. Less than a year after Susan's therapy began, the middle-aged psychologist had fallen in love with his young patient. They married when Susan was 25, and over the next 20 years Susan raised their three sons while Felix's career as a therapist, lecturer and teacher flourished. To the outside world, they were a perfect ...
12 Aug. 2007
Vicki Monroe
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15 Jul. 2007
Claire Welsh
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5 Aug. 2007
Mary Krueger
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22 Jul. 2007
Brookey Lee West
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29 Jul. 2007
Daphne Wright
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7 Oct. 2007
Mary Winkler
Matthew and Mary Winkler were well known in the small town of Selmer, Tennessee. Matthew was the popular young pastor of the Fourth Street Church of Christ, and Mary was his cheerful wife, a stay-at-home mom who kept busy caring for the couple's three young daughters. But, the Winkler's 10-year marriage would come to a quick and violent end in March, 2006. When Matthew didn't show up for a Wednesday night service, several congregants went to the Winkler home to check on him. They found Matthew dead in the bedroom, shot in the back. Mary and the girls were nowhere to ...
14 Oct. 2007
Jessica McCord
Jessica McCord and her ex-husband Alan Bates had a bitter divorce, and an even more bitter custody battle over their two young daughters. Both Jessica and Alan had remarried: Jessica to a police officer she met while working as a secretary for the Birmingham Police Department, Alan to a co-worker in a Maryland theater company. In the seven years following their divorce, Jessica had repeatedly tried to deny Alan visitation and contact with his daughters, moving frequently and having her phone number changed so he couldn't call. When Alan flew to Birmingham from ...
21 Oct. 2007
Adrienne Emily Hickson
Pretty, ambitious, 24-year-old law student Adrienne Hickson was looking forward to a career in criminal law, and to spending her life with her college sweetheart, Shawn Washington. After college, she got into a prestigious law school in Washington, D.C. while Shawn got a full-time job in Atlanta. They stayed together despite the 600 miles separating them. But, after a year apart, the long-distance relationship was showing signs of strain. When Adrienne went to Atlanta to visit Shawn in December, 2005, they fought constantly. She began to time him when he went out and ...
28 Oct. 2007
Sarah Brady
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4 Nov. 2007
Elizabeth Reynolds
After nine years of marriage to a Navy man, Elizabeth Reynolds had settled back in the small Texas neighborhood where she and her husband both grew up. While he finished his tour of duty, Elizabeth stayed in Texas, working on the couple's home and finishing her bachelor's degree in psychology at Texas A&M. But the lonely Elizabeth soon became infatuated with a local man, Albert Benitez. Benitez was a former police officer who was teaching law enforcement at a nearly community college. Elizabeth signed up for Albert's class, and it wasn't long before she became ...
11 Nov. 2007
Lynn Turner
Lynn Womack was a 911 operator when she met and married Atlanta police officer Glenn Turner in 1993. But it wasn't long before the two began to have serious problems: Lynn spent Glenn's money as fast as he could make it, and she also spent frequent weekends away from home. In March of 1995, Glenn went to the emergency room, complaining of vomiting, diarrhea and nosebleeds. By the next day, he was dead. The official cause of death was an irregular heartbeat. Four days after his funeral, Lynn moved in with another man, firefighter Randy Thompson. She spent Glenn's ...
25 Nov. 2007
Misty Witherspoon
In 2005, Misty Witherspoon accidentally shot her police officer husband, Quinn, with his service weapon. But, when police learned the grieving widow had also embezzled money from her church to cover the family's debt, it wasn't long before they saw Quinn's life insurance as a motive to kill.
2 Dec. 2007
Cynthia George
Former beauty queen and Akron socialite Cynthia George's life seemed charmed. She met and married wealthy restaurateur Ed George in 1984, raised seven healthy children, and lived in a sprawling 8000-foot mansion. Locally, the wealthy couple wielded power and exuded glamor. In 2000, Cynthia came in fourth in the Mrs. Ohio beauty pageant. But behind her glamorous exterior, Cynthia hid a secret second life. Her secrets would be opened for the world to see when 44-year-old Jeff Zack was shot and killed by a man on a motorcycle in June, 2001. The police investigating ...
19 Aug. 2007
Melanie McGuire
Melanie McGuire said her husband Bill assaulted her during an argument then left. Over the next three weeks his dismembered body is found in suitcases in the bay. Melanie gives authorities theories about her husband's death but what's the truth?

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