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Kwaneta Harris

A foreclosure leads police to a concrete grave and a twisted plot of deception, fraud and murder, as one woman goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid justice.

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Tracy Fortson

A body is found encased in concrete, which leads to questions about a former sheriff's deputy and what her boyfriend's ties are, to law enforcement.

Season 9

1 Apr. 2012
Sarah Pender
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8 Apr. 2012
Joanna Hayes
A woman goes to deadly extremes to help her son win a custody battle with his ex.
15 Apr. 2012
Ellen Snyder
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Jun. 2012
Jennifer Bowen
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20 May 2012
Regina Williams
Was the driver in a hit-and-run death an abused woman or woman scorned?
3 Jun. 2012
Tyonne Palmer
A love triangle between a preacher, his son and his girlfriend ends in the death of the preacher's wife.
10 Jun. 2012
Tracy Richter
After a deadly fight, a mother's secrets are exposed but she has a few surprises for the jury.
17 Jun. 2012
Raynella Leath
A widow and her stepdaughter accuse each other of murder - but only one goes on trial for her life.
24 Jun. 2012
Marni Yang
One woman methodically exacts her revenge by ambushing the girlfriend of a former Chicago Bears star.
15 Jul. 2012
Shannon Baugus
A wife refuses to watch a Star Wars cartoon with her husband, so he strikes her -- and she strikes back.
29 Jul. 2012
Nanette Johnston
A beautiful blonde soccer mom has a history of manipulating men - but does that make her a murderer?
5 Aug. 2012
Rennie Pratt
An Oakland hairdresser claims her boyfriend's death is an unfortunate accident.
9 Sep. 2012
Nicole Abusharif
A lesbian love triangle turns deadly when one woman disappears and police look to the other two for answers.
16 Sep. 2012
Jessica Hill
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23 Sep. 2012
Taylor Marks
A mother responds to her estranged daughter's call for help and walks into a deadly trap.
30 Sep. 2012
Stephanie Lazarus
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7 Oct. 2012
Rachel Wade
A love triangle pushes two teenage girls into a deadly confrontation.
14 Oct. 2012
Brittany Norwood
A brutal attack in a yoga shop leaves one victim dead -- and the other...a suspect.
21 Oct. 2012
Kara Lounsbury
When a beloved businessman's daughter is accused of his murder, she makes a terrible accusation of her own.
28 Oct. 2012
Velma Ogden-Whitehead
A mother schemes to save the expense of a divorce by recruiting her 16-year-old son to help end her unhappy marriage.
11 Nov. 2012
Sandra Jesse
A single slip of paper in a grandmother's purse reveals a murderer's identity seven years after a case goes cold.
18 Nov. 2012
Jennifer Womac
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2 Dec. 2012
Shanterrica Madden
A popular college basketball player's clash with her more studious roommate ends in tragedy.
9 Dec. 2012
Mary Beth Harshbarger
A wife shoots her husband during a family hunting trip and authorities question whether it was an accident - or something more sinister.
16 Dec. 2012
Mia Gonzalez
A quiet California cul-de-sac becomes a crime scene when a couple's domestic drama reaches a deadly climax.
20 Jan. 2013
Tonya Ford
A popular police officer is killed, and the motive may be payback - by a woman scorned.

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