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A young wife finds her husband dead, but police soon uncover a twisted web of lies and murder.

Season 7

29 Jan. 2009
Mechele Linehan
Beautiful 33-year-old Mechele Linehan appeared to be the perfect wife and mother. She and husband Colin met as college students and married in 1998. The couple eventually settled down with their daughter in Olympia, Washington, where Colin practiced medicine and Mechele got her Master's degree in public administration. Mechele was a model of the suburban supermom: active in her daughter's PTA, teaching Sunday school, and volunteering at a rape crisis center. Her friends and neighbors were shocked when, in October of 2006, she was arrested, along with a man named John ...
5 Feb. 2009
Beth Carpenter
Beth Ann Carpenter was a classic overachiever. Brainy and self-assured, she got a degree in international law at a prestigious college in Washington, D.C. Back home in Connecticut, she landed a job with Haiman Clein, a powerful real estate attorney in New London. Beth's younger sister Kim, on the other hand, had been married and divorced by the age of 20, and had a young daughter she frequently pawned off on her parents while she partied with her latest deadbeat boyfriend. In 1993, Kim married Anson "Buzz" Clinton, a hard-partying local who worked odd jobs, but had ...
12 Feb. 2009
Monique Johnson
Growing up on the streets of Memphis, Monique Johnson possessed a no- nonsense toughness that made her a perfect fit for her job as a corrections officer. But her job performance wasn't the only thing that earned the 40-year-old single mom the admiration of her peers. In 2005, she started dating Memphis police officer Tony Hayes. Hayes, estranged from his third wife, was known as a ladies' man, a reputation that led to a rocky relationship with Monique. In May of 2006, Hayes had even filed a police report accusing Monique, supposedly angry he'd gotten a phone call ...
Susan Grund
In 1984, Susan Grund had finally made good. With three failed marriages and a baby on the way, Susan had met and married a fellow native of Peru, Indiana: prosecutor turned defense attorney, James Grund. The 34-year old blond was Jimmy's second wife, and, as wife of the prominent attorney, she now hobnobbed with the town's social elite -- a far cry from the country upbringing of her childhood. Then, after dark on August 3, 1992, Susan called 911, claiming she had just returned home and found Jimmy on the sofa, with a drop of blood coming from his mouth. He was dead by...
Jocelyn Dooley
In the early morning hours of June 6, 2001, 36-year-old casino employee Vol Dooley slipped out the back door of a Shreveport nightclub; it would be the last time he was seen alive in public. The son of a popular former parish sheriff, Vol was trying to avoid trouble with his estranged wife Jocelyn, who had been following him from club to club all evening. After four years and two kids, the Dooleys' marriage was a signature away from being dissolved, but 31-year-old Jocelyn couldn't seem to let Vol go. Their divorce should have been finalized a year earlier, but ...
Nikki Reynolds
Adopted as an infant, 17-year-old Nikki Reynolds had a normal, happy childhood: she was active in church and sang in her high school choir. But, according to her adoptive father, Robert Reynolds, things changed in the 10th grade when Nikki began dating Carlos Infante. Both her grades and her relationship with her adoptive parents deteriorated. So did her credibility when, in 1996, Nikki told her parents she'd been raped by a stranger. The Reynolds immediately reported the incident to police, who determined that the entire thing was a fabrication. Confronted with the ...
Jennifer Hyatte
A doting father is shot down on his doorstep, and police find his killer too close to home for comfort.
Kelly Forbes
A toxic mother-daughter relationship spills over to the men in their lives, with deadly consequences.
Denise Miller
When police officer Wayne Irby didn't show up for work on December 10, 2004, a couple of fellow cops went to Wayne's home to check on him. Inside, they found Wayne lying dead in his hallway, shot in the head. And on the kitchen counter, they discovered a note from Wayne's girlfriend, Denise Miller. The note said, "I did it. I took our lives." But Denise was not lying dead alongside Wayne. In fact, she seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth. The next day, the front desk at a hotel in another town received a call from a guest, saying she had fallen and ...
Tracie Andrews
The British public was riveted when 27-year-old Tracie Andrews' made her television debut. On December 3, 1996, with a bruised and tear-stained face, she appeared at a news conference to describe a road rage attack on her fiancé, Lee Harvey, and herself two nights earlier. Tracie described how, as she and Lee were driving home from a local pub, a car came out of nowhere and started following them. When Lee pulled over on the dark country lane, so did the other driver. According to Tracie, a man got out of the other car and began stabbing Lee, punching Tracie when she ...
Anne Marie Stout
On the evening of June 10, 2007, the tight-knit community of Darby, Montana, learned that craftsman and builder Bill Stout was dead. Bill's wife Anne said she came home from running errands and found her husband's bloodied and lifeless body in the couple's bed. When police arrived on the scene, they discovered Bill dead from a single gunshot wound to the head. Anne told investigators Bill had no enemies in Darby, but suggested that her husband was the target of a former lover turned stalker. The woman, Barbara Miller, lived in Arkansas. She and Bill had reunited at an...
Rhonda Glover
Rhonda Glover and Jimmy Joste met in 1989 and there was an immediate attraction between the two. Rhonda was a former beauty queen who had started her own staffing business. Jimmy, 15 years her senior, was a Texas trust fund baby who'd made millions in the oil industry. It wasn't long before the two began dating and moved in together. While the couple was raking in the money hand over fist, they were spending it almost as quickly. Together, the two were high society regulars in the Texas oil crowd. In 1994, the couple had a child together, yet they continued on their ...

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