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27 Feb. 2005
Rita Gluzman
When police discover garbage bags full of body parts being thrown into a river, Rita Gluzman becomes the prime suspect.
19 Aug. 2007
Melanie McGuire
Melanie McGuire said her husband Bill assaulted her during an argument then left. Over the next three weeks his dismembered body is found in suitcases in the bay. Melanie gives authorities theories about her husband's death but what's the truth?
20 Jun. 2010
Amanda McGhee
A young widow blames depression, but was her husband's death more sinister than a suicide?
20 Feb. 2011
Tausha Morton
A Missouri man goes missing, and his ex-wife holds the key to the mystery.
3 Apr. 2011
Courtney Schulhoff
A modern-day Romeo and Juliet story has a killer ending.
20 May 2011
Kelly Ryan
Kelly Ryan and her husband Craig Titus are accused of killing their personal assistant Melissa James in December 2005, then disposing of her body in a burning car in the Las Vegas desert.
2 Jun. 2011
Wendi Andriano
The premature death of a cancer victim leaves his wife facing lethal injection.
4 Sep. 2011
Amber Trudell
A yoga instructor's death reveals his girlfriend's secret double life.
2 Oct. 2011
Obsessed: Lind Pedroza
Forced to choose between her mother and her boyfriend, a Florida teen makes a deadly decision in West Palm Beach, FL.
9 Oct. 2011
Michelle Hetzel
A young girl's death is complicated by her lesbian lover -- and her lesbian lover's husband in Easton, PA.
8 Jan. 2012
Dallia Dippolito
A beautiful young woman is caught on tape plotting to kill her husband -- but was it real or an audition for reality TV? (Boynton Beach, FL.)
29 Jan. 2012
Courtenay Savage
A businesswoman seeks revenge and ends up a fugitive. Clearwater, FL.
19 Feb. 2012
Nancy Seaman
A multimillionaire's wife plots with her brother to put a permanent end to her husband's philandering.
25 Mar. 2012
Ashleigh Pechaluk
A Canadian woman gets caught up in a love triangle... and a murder investigation. Toronto, Canada
8 Apr. 2012
Joanna Hayes
A woman goes to deadly extremes to help her son win a custody battle with his ex.
20 May 2012
Regina Williams
Was the driver in a hit-and-run death an abused woman or woman scorned?
3 Jun. 2012
Tyonne Palmer
A love triangle between a preacher, his son and his girlfriend ends in the death of the preacher's wife.
17 Jun. 2012
Raynella Leath
A widow and her stepdaughter accuse each other of murder - but only one goes on trial for her life.
24 Jun. 2012
Marni Yang
One woman methodically exacts her revenge by ambushing the girlfriend of a former Chicago Bears star.
29 Jul. 2012
Nanette Johnston
A beautiful blonde soccer mom has a history of manipulating men - but does that make her a murderer?
5 Aug. 2012
Rennie Pratt
An Oakland hairdresser claims her boyfriend's death is an unfortunate accident.
9 Sep. 2012
Nicole Abusharif
A lesbian love triangle turns deadly when one woman disappears and police look to the other two for answers.
23 Sep. 2012
Taylor Marks
A mother responds to her estranged daughter's call for help and walks into a deadly trap.
7 Oct. 2012
Rachel Wade
A love triangle pushes two teenage girls into a deadly confrontation.
14 Oct. 2012
Brittany Norwood
A brutal attack in a yoga shop leaves one victim dead -- and the other...a suspect.
21 Oct. 2012
Kara Lounsbury
When a beloved businessman's daughter is accused of his murder, she makes a terrible accusation of her own.
28 Oct. 2012
Velma Ogden-Whitehead
A mother schemes to save the expense of a divorce by recruiting her 16-year-old son to help end her unhappy marriage.
11 Nov. 2012
Sandra Jesse
A single slip of paper in a grandmother's purse reveals a murderer's identity seven years after a case goes cold.
27 Apr. 2014
Episode dated 27 April 2014
When a young Marine goes missing, police uncover his troubled marriage and a deadly plot.
1 Mar. 2015
Pamela Phillips
A woman is attacked and her wealthy lover killed, but police soon question her story.
9 Aug. 2015
Heather Horst
A young wife finds her husband dead, but police soon uncover a twisted web of lies and murder.

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